Foruchizu part 2!!!

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Got my package from Hishop finally! Got a makeup case, something I’ve wanted for years. Finally decided on this one from Hishop (Malaysia’s No. 1 Online Beauty & Cosmetics Store) and it doesn’t come in boring black but silver and white florals.  Love that it comes with long straps for easy transport.

For Fourfeetnine readers, Hishop is giving a RM20 cash voucher for any purchases above RM99.  Voucher expires 31 Dec 2013.  Just key in the exclusive voucher code: FOURFEETHS

For more info, can also go to their FB page here.


So!!! 29 November which was last Friday was the launch of the Foruchizu popup store 2013 at Isetan KLCC!

Fed Fighter and put him to nap (because I don’t think he appreciates fashion yet hmph) and charged over to KLCC to have a look.



Foruchizu popup store will run from now until February and there will be new arrivals every week. So you need to keep coming to visit us! Hehehe.

Some of the key trends we picked out this year are the color burgundy, knit fabrics…


… and houndstooth!  Houndstooth is so in now that if it’s any inner it will come out the other side wtf.

This year we also put a bigger focus on “sundries” or accessories and bags.  Accessories dress up an outfit; you can wear a simple tee and shorts but if you put on some makeup and then some earrings or a whole stack of bangles, your whole look is made.  The whole vibe has completely changed.

Plus accessories and bag trends are more lasting which is why we wanted to focus on them more!  We worked with Smir Nasli, a Japanese bag brand to bring in their sundries and they are very loveeeeee ok.

I already chop the blue houndstooth backpack above hahaha.


Makeup also another one!  Wear like sai never mind, as long as your face is well groomed you can always say “what? This torn shirt is purposely one, you never hear of shabby chic?” hahaha.

Koji is the cosme company we’re working with. <3


Cheesie and I love cropped tops and tees so we designed a whole range of cropped tees for Foruchizu actually!  The above is our What The Foruchizu shirt, same design as our WTF iphone cases we sold on our web store.

Hehe quite fun for us to come up with random slogans and designs. You’ll see more designs if you go to Isetan!


Don’t worry our knits are very wearable in Malaysia. ^^ Cos sleeveless hahaha.  Wear em on their own or with a shirt inside for a preppy look.


Acessories!  Even though I lecture about accessories earlier, I myself am guilty of not wearing enough.  So I’ve been making an effort lately and my favorite is this kind of earrings!  Studs, not the dangly kind, but bigger ones like these.


More Smir Nasli bags and pouches.  I already more or less chose what I wanna grab already haha.


I’m a fashion victim wtf.  Another of our cropped tees! Royal blue bijou necklace is also from Foruchizu.

We have two main streams of styles  This coordinate is considered #casualrock.

This is #stylishelegant.  Which one are you?

(whole coordinate except shoes are Foruchizu)

Anyway, the whole point of this blog post is to let you guys know what we have coming up!

InstaForuchizu Contest

Pick a style #casualrock and #stylishelegant (or bothhh), wearing at least an item from Foruchizu current FW 2013 collection. Post on Instagram and hashtag #casualrock or #stylishelegant to win RM500 goodie bag!! Follow @lovetokyofashionisetankl and our Instagram (@fourfeetnine and @cheeserland) for more info and inspiration

Love Tokyo Fashion Show (Pt. 2)

And this Saturday 7 Dec, we will have our customary Love Tokyo Fashion Show (Pt. 2) to showcase Foruchizu (along with the other Japanese brands under Isetan). Cheesie and I will be part of it!

We’re very grateful for our readers’s support last year so we’re doing it again this year and would love to see you there!


Number76 Christmas Hair Styling Workshop

On 14 Dec Number76style will have a hairstyling workshop!  Bobo is one of the models and Cheesie and I will be there too. ^^

All this is happening at Isetan KLCC so… see you there!


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  • Omg! I super love the Smir Nasli blue bag (medium size)! But I think it will be super expensive (out of my budget) T_T

  • No they’re pretty affordable for a Japanese brand!

  • Keep up the great work!! ^^

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