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Stand Still

Somewhere along the way, Bobo, Huiwen and I started what we call our taitai tradition (although I’m probably the only one closest to that title, in that I don’t have a full time job wtf) where we meet up and have high tea or lunch.

I also dunno why!  We’re all the same age (OLD), and married (or in Huiwen’s case nearly wtf) so maybe we got auntie identity crisis and are trying to make the best of auntiedom lolol.

But our high teas are chapalang one, not proper high tea, just yumcha in aircon surrounding FOL.

Anyway that day we attempted a proper taitai outing!  A Tous les Jours opened near my house so they planned to come over and see Fighter and then go out for tea.



Taitai means must wear dress!  And must have neatly coiffeured hair (and carry structured non-slouchy handbags) but dunno why my hair damn messy here wtf.  Oh ya I think it’s cos I didn’t wash it HAHAHA.


Us!  This Huiwen also failed taitai because she didn’t get the memo and wore shorts.  Speak to the hand Huiwen.  She said cos she thought she was going to play with baby and crawl everywhere that’s why she came in shorts hahaha.  She thinks Fighter is a corgi.



Dunno what I’m doing.


Accidentally pressed the shutter instead of turning it off wtf.  I approve of this photo…because my nostrils are damn clean here.

Anyway the reason why we took so many photos in the car was because we were stuck in the mother of all traffic jams.  Stupid public holiday!!!

It normally takes me five minutes to get from my house to Pavilion.  That day it took us 1.5 hours.



Luckily we were together though!  At least can conduct some of our gossip and heart to heart talk in the car with each other.

Ended up not going to the intended high tea place because we couldn’t take one more minute of jam and detoured to Pavilion, to some generic restaurant with no high tea options.

And by then we didn’t care cos we were too hungry so we just ate non stop and forgot to take any pictures thus ends our taitai experience wtf.



Came home to this little guy.  He was going through his 2nd developmental leap here and was extremely difficult. T_T Oh yea I wanted to blog about this ok next blog post.

So difficult the only way to calm him down was to put him in a sling and walk around.

I wanted to take him out for a walk around our apartment actually.  Went downstairs, walked three steps and it started drizzling.

So I said brightly, “that was fun huh Fighter?  Walk over now, time to go home.” Told myself that he wouldn’t know the difference, time must seem super long to a baby.Untitled


Just wanted to show my taitai dress!  Pass as taitai or not? It’s from Isetan X Foruchizu, available only at Isetan KLCC.



Fatty’s 5th year anniversary present to me. T____T  He says it’s for our anniversary, and for beating preeclampsia (and giving him his firstborn I’m guessing) hehe.

It’s so light it looks white but it’s actually a really really pale pink.

Quite heart pain about it though!  I wanted one, but somehow after having a baby I find it so difficult to justify paying so much for a bag anymore. :X Aih be still my guilty heart.



More outfit pictures since I recently took a lot!  Top from Twenty3, high waist jeggings are from Isetan X Foruchizu (super love it I got one for myself), cardigan is from Zara.



Also love this cropped checked shirt from Isetan X Foruchizu!! (also reserved one for myself) Matched it with a Topshop necklace, Egoist pleather leggings and Nasty Gal sunglasses.



Hehe I’m wearing Foruchizu a lot these days (obviously). Today’s Coordinate cropped tee is also Foruchizu while skirt is from Topshop UK.UntitledEntire outfit is Isetan X Foruchizu!! Cropped neon yellow knit top, necklace and pants.  The bag is also available at our Foruchizu popup store but it’s from Smir Nasli, the Japanese bag brand we brought over to Malaysia. ^^

I’m obsessed with it hehehe.  Houndstooth and backpack style – what’s there not to love?  I find backpack style bags damn convenient now cos it leaves my hands free to carry more things e.g. Fighter, his diaper bag, etc.  A mommy on Dayre mentioned cross sling bags for convenience but I think backpacks are equally that and fashionable too!!

Oh and we have a special gift for every customer who spends RM150 or more at the Foruchizu pop up store at Isetan!  Get your Christmas and CNY shopping done!!!! While stocks last yo.


  • T. Mc

    You have some great style. Especially the last outfit. Very chic. The necklace seems made for it. I tend to not wear jewelry, especially large pieces like that, because it seems so hard to coordinate with outfits. But you’re really good and making accessories look like they were made for the outfit. The necklace in the last outfit is the sort most would think to be too gaudy, but matched with that outfit, it looks perfect. nnYou should think about being a stylist. There are loads of people who will pay a lot of money to wear coordinates like yours.

  • Duke

    Bobo is married???

  • Lexy

    Not quite the tai tai because tai tai no pink hair. You are not old lah. nAlso, something wrong with the blue pants… got an open hole in front of your crotch. nThe black pleather leggings also not quite flattering cause camel toe-ish. nn

  • Bobostephanie

    We are repeating the same taitai hightea on Thursday! This time sure work one *positive!

  • ahlost

    i love the backpack but I guess it will be dangerous to carry around in Malaysia T__T

  • Fourfeetnine

    haha just carry it like a normal side sling bag then

  • E

    Eh the high waisted jeggings! Dunno whether meant to look like that or not but the ahhh part just below the buttons looks like either burst seams or forgot to zip xD Dangerous leh!

  • LihLih

    T___T My iphone sent to warranty, I’m not able to read your Dayre updateeeess..nLuckily you update your blogg… nice outfit you have there, so pretty..n Tous les Jours’s bread is nicer than the own opinion la..but environment super nice…kindly go with the taitai-s and take more pictureee~

  • Michelle

    You look nice in all the photos!nAnd you’re tiny, even post-baby, you lucky thingnWas Fighter tricked by you only taking him for an extremely short walk LOL

  • TenshiChn

    Lovely dress but woud love it more it the top part fits perfectly so that it shows the waistline ^^nn

  • Fourfeetnine

    ya! it was a little big for me

  • Fourfeetnine

    he didn’t look impressed hahahha

  • sgrmse.

    honestly, after all of this time, i STILL am not over the things that you write because you just write with such candid-ness and say the most hilarious things like “my nostrils are damn clean here” (bahahah!!) and “dunno why my hair damn messy here wtf. Oh ya I think it’s cos I didn’t wash it” (double bahahahaha) and you just have this awesome (unabashed) ability to laugh at yourself. I LOVE YOU! :’D i genuinely think if i ever met you irl, i’d be gushing so badly like a fangirl, i’d probably freak you out & you’d probably feel super “omg, what’s wrong with this girl – so paiseh, stahhhp” nnyou’re amazing, fourfeetnine aud <3