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Estee Lauder Micro Essence giveaway!

Update: Winners have been chosen!  Congratulations to the lucky ladies:

Jill jill_clp[at]

Eve eve6691[at]

Jean yjiunnn[at]

Sharlini sharlinin[at]

Hanis Shahilla hshahilla[at]

Your prizes will be making their way to you soon.  Hope you like the Micro Essence!!!



Posted this on my Dayre the other day – an early Christmas present from Estee Lauder!  Thank you Estee Lauder. I love trying out new products so I can find the best for myself. <3

On the right is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum.  And the bottle on the left is a new product, the Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, which is the focus of this blog post. 🙂



Complete with personalized note.  I feel so loved hehehe.



When I met up with Estee Lauder, I asked them was this a toner? Serum? Essence? The answer is none of the above, it doesn’t fall into any of the usual product categories.  While it can be considered a treatment lotion (a “watery” lotion that delivers skincare benefits and is usually the first step in a skincare regimen after cleansing), the best way to describe it is Essence-in-lotion, because it works like a serum/essence but in watery lotion form.

It’s like a high performance treatment lotion because it works like a serum/essence but in watery lotion form.

It helps strengthen skin’s foundation and reduce imperfections – revealing a youthful glow/radiance from within.  And it’s called Micro Essence because it micro targets skin to reach where hydration is needed most, micro nourishes, and micro activates pro-youth skin function to “reset” the look of the skin immediately and long term.

I show you how to use!  It should be the next step, after cleansing.  Which means you use it in place of toner or other lotions.

(face is bare except for eyebrows.  Because nobody wants to see me without eyebrows.)



You can either soak a cotton pad with Micro Essence or pour 5-6 drops into your hand straight.  I usually pour into my hands because I find it wasteful to let cotton pad soak up all the goodness.  The good stuff is for my face!!



Rub both hands together gently.


Starting from the chin, gently press into skin from the center out.



Move upwards to cheeks..


..and forehead.

Immediately skin felt quite refreshed!  The lotion absorbed very quickly into my skin and immediately my skin felt supple but not sticky.

Micro Essence has serum-like properties but it’s not meant to replace serum in your skincare regime.



A serum like the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair should follow.Untitled


Pour out a few drops..


Again do the same, by gently patting it on my face.



Then continue with your usual moisturizer and finish up.


How? Got look prettier younger or not? Hahahaha.

I’ve used this product for two weeks now. While there’s no sudden change like wah wake up next day my skin is as smooth as Fighter’s bottom (because that is magic which doesn’t exist in Muggle world wtf), I have noticed subtle differences.

For example, my skin can be quite patchy and uneven toned. I don’t use foundation so I normally use a lot of concealer to hide dark spots or red patches.  I can’t tell specifically but now I can do without the concealer on my face – just dab under the eyes, apply sunblock and go.  The biggest difference to me is how my skin feels when I touch it actually – supple and smooth.

Still wanna see more reviews?

Watch this transformation video on the Estee Lauder website here.

Micro Essence was developed specially for Asian skin and is only available in Asia!  So if you go to Europe or the US, you won’t find this there.

It was tested out on Asian women and 96% saw a significant improvement in skin texture and clarity, 95% felt skin was more hydrated, and 91% felt skin was more even toned.

I am the 91%!

Here are the 9 characteristics Micro Essence improve on for a youthful glow.



You also want?


UntitledI am giving away 3 bottles of Micro Essence (RM320 for 150 ml) to blog readers!

Leave a comment about what your skin issues are and how you think Micro Essence can improve your skin. Put down your email address in the comment form itself, not the email form. If I don’t see your email I can’t pick you. :X Good luck!

If you don’t win, you can also register for a product sample on the Estee Lauder website.

May we all have awesome skin!

(comments up to Saturday 18 Jan 11.59pm only will be considered)

  • Joanne

    Hi Audrey,nnI was never born with good skin. Used to have lots of pimples when i was younger and as i grow older, i started having really dry skin and enlarged pores…Used to use makeup to hide the imperfection. Im still searching for a suitable skincare and hopefully by winning the Estee Lauder Micro Essence, i finally can have the confidence to go out without makeup!nnThanks!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Audrey,ni have been suffering in looking for a hydrating skin care product that suits my skin, every time i have to spend a huge amount of money to buy those products but it never works. My skin is so dry that my makeup i put wont stay 🙁 since 95% of asian women felt skin was more hydrated after using Estee Lauder Micro Essence, im hoping to win this so i can give it a try and change my skin condition for the rest of my life. 🙂 thank you for the giveaway.

  • suatkuan

    Hi Audrey aka Fighter’s mighty mum, nnIt’s 2014, which means this is the last year of my 20s. nThis is the time to let me glow in my final year of 20s.nFor the past years, I’m always troubled with sensitive skin, uneven skintone. I’ve tried various producte, however it was futile or only with minimal result. Therefore, I always ended up going out with my BB cream.nAudrey, please be my late santa or early santa.nI believe Estee Lauder Micro Essence can make me be one of the Asian women with hydrated, clear translucent skin. This is definitely THE product that can give me a youthful radiance in my late 20s.nI’m waiting for your email at suatkuan@gmail.comnnThanks =)

  • Cynthia

    Hello Audrey =)nMy major skin problems are fine lines, pimple scars and unstable skin condition.nBut my skin is combination oily so i cant really use products with too much oil base moisture.nTherefore, im really looking forward for a product which cn solve my skin problems but feels not too heavy for my skin. Estee Lauder seems to be the right product for me,so i was hoping to win this and taking the chance to have good skin ( like you xD). nnThank you so much!

  • jiaminnn

    Hello Audrey <3 nnMy big big problems of my skin is that I really have bad texture and I have been looking for a product to solve this issue of mine ( which my mum says that it can’t be solved ugh) nnSo i was hoping if i could try this out and make my skin looks better and (prettier) younger hahahha, nnThank you aud! nnStay strong and fight. :)nnxoxo

  • Melissa Ting

    I have combination skin type so acne used to be my biggest problem. Currently my face problem is skin texture and dullness. I really hope I can get this because I believe that it will improve my face condition! Honestly, your skin condition is so good! It look so shiny and natural. You no need make up! I hope I don’t need make up when I go out.

  • Cammy Lim

    Hi Audrey,nnI have a combination skin,acne scars,oily skin,sensitive skin and my skin is dry. I’ve already consulted skin doctor,tried so many products, but the result is not visible. I’m so sad,after all the money spent but still no visible result. I hope you can pick me as one of the winner. Hope this product can do magic on my skin.nThank you.nRegards; Cammy

  • Anonymous

    Hi Audrey, i sincerely believe this world should have magic so people can zap away their problems by just a wand flick, and also so that i can clear away my uneven skin tone like tada~ or at least have a real life photoshop la, just a click and gone is the ugly uneven skin tone and annoying wrinkles, right right?! But the cold harsh truth is that in reality there is no magic nor real life photoshop, so boohoo to that. But hey! The closest thing to magic is Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence, and i really do hope i can get it to even out my skin tone! I’m only 25 leh why la that uneven skin tone curse on me == so yea, it will be my life-saver if i can get it hehe! Thank youuuuu!

  • Jia Leng

    Hi Audrey, I have combination skin and i have uneven skin tone. I tried many other products neither hydrating base or whitening base moisturizer, both can’t solve my uneven skin tone. And my skin always look so rough even when i regularly do my face scrub. I really hope to try this Estee Lauder Micro Essence as mention above with all the similar symptoms that this product can help. I want supple and smooth skin like yours! Thank You very much!!!!!!

  • Chiruyo

    Dear Audrey, nnI have sallow and uneven skin tone. Whenever I try to selfie or look at myself in departmental stores mirror, my face would be reflected to be very yellow. Almost minion-like. LOL. I also have the occasional zits and quite many acne scars. The Estee Lauder Micro Essence would help me even out my skin tone and also to give me a clear translucent skin like yours! Thanks Audrey :)nnqingx@live.comn

  • Yin

    Hi Audrey,nnMy skin issues include dull complexion, dehydrated and uneven skin tone and I think Micro Essence can improve my skin by plumping it up and gives it a bouncy feel on my face and generally improve my overall complexion. I want to be pretty for once during Chinese New Year. Thanks!

  • Singjiat

    Hello Audrey.. (and fighter!!)nnHappy new year! 🙂 I don’t know if it is hormonal or not, but recently i have been having really bad skin. huge pimples on my forehead and chin and my face has become very dry despite using the usual toner and moisturiser :(nI hope this two bottles would bring as much changes to my face, as it did to yours.nnPs. I love the necklace! :)

  • Cynthia

    as getting older, will wish to have bouncy skin like baby. having problem like uneven skin tone, fine lines and dark eye rings. hope this essence can helpnto improvise my skin

  • Iffa

    Hi Audrey.nI am 25 years old and I am having problem with my skin starting a year ago. I have a dull, acne spot and uneven tone. My pore starting to get bigger. I have never use essence before until I read your blog that say the importance of essence for the skin . I hope this essence will improve my skin texture. I have read that this micro essence is designed for asian women that make me really want to try this out. I am at my prime age so i really hope this essence will work out for me . I am sure that after i try this essence it will solve my skin complextion and can boost my confident level when I perform my daily routine outside. Thank you so much Audrey.nMy email:

  • Christine

    Hi Audrey,nnI am turning 30 this year and just realized that I now have quite visible crow’s feet! Only realized this when I see the results of some photos that my husband took a couple weeks ago! Hope to win this to prevents wrinkle and all before I turn 30. Thanks!!

  • Joanna

    Hi Audrey, Thanks for having this giveaway contest 😀 nnMy skin, i wouldn’t say it’s too bad or too nice. I’m happy that I do not suffer from acne/pimple during my teenage year, oh i’m 21st this year by the way ;D Im having a combination skin type, so my face gets very oily if I use something very creamy, or thick texture. I’ve tried one of the brand in the markets which states it has the highest hydration level, but it also didn’t work for me. It just make my face gets really really sticky. 🙁 Sometimes worst, whiteheads will come out if my skin is too oily 🙁 So I would love to try Estee Lauder Micro Essence, as you mention it’s watery-based lotion, pretty sure it’s combination of both water + lotion. And i hope it’ll suit my skin and reduce imperfection and improve skin complexion and also, a brighter and bouncy skin 😀 Thank you:)

  • Shar

    Hi Audrey,nI have dull skin,whitehead around my nose, dark spot, and acne. I am suffering a bad cyst acne about a year ago. This really stress me out. This Estee Lauder micro essence is the solution to my all skin problem. This essence will soothe, calm and pamper my face since it is formulated for asian women so I am sure it will not give me any break out on my face. To have a youthful and angelic face is a dream for every women. I hope I can achieve that dream. Thank you.

  • Grace

    Dear Audrey, nnI’ve always had problems with my skin; my skin is often dull, acne prone, oily on T-zone areas and dry when I’m indoors. It was really bad until I started taking medications from a dermatologist. My skin is clear and pleasantly good now. I’ve been taking them for more than 4 years already and I really wish I could stop consuming these meds. Unfortunately, I can’t because as soon as I stop popping my pills, my skin problems resurface. I hope Estee Lauder’s new Microessence will be able to do this trick for me so I can stop relying on these pills and still look pretty! nnLooking forward to see this

  • Lorraine

    Dear Audrey,nnI have always wanted porcelain skin but could never afford those products that costs so much these days that could help me with my uneven and dull skin-tone. This Microessence you name of could be the ‘cure’ but then again, it burns a hole to my wallet.. So I guess I’ll never have that porcelain skin I’ve always wanted, until this giveaway which I could cross my fingers on! :xnnsynyi_wong@hotmail.comn

  • Syikin

    Hello Audrey, nHere is my share of story of why I’m in dire need of this lotion. Once, I was beautiful, optimistic girl who was very confident about my skin. I never have any problem with it and then *thunder!* I got posted to a place where all factories and trucks are roaming like rats, and the air is so polluted, my skin immediately was infested with aches

  • Syikin

    Acnes I mean, so I’m hoping this lotion will perform a miracle on my skin and make it turn into the way it was before. Thank you Audrey

  • Syikin

    A minute too late 🙁 why, wifi, whyyyyyyyy 🙁

  • Nichole N

    I have very dry patchy skin this would be a great solution!

  • Annayein

    Hi Audrey,nnI supposed this is like the SKII Essence, which I used, but noticed that it has lost it’s effectiveness on my skin. I am a mom of 4 young kids and guessed that changes my skin too (Im sure you face the same). Wouldnt mind trying this if I am a lucky winner! 🙂

  • mariewsy

    Hi Audrey,nnHave you announced the winner yet? nnThank you

  • Candice Ho

    I think it can help me as it can even out my skin tone, i have dark spots and hoping this will reduce the pigmentation of it. Thank you for the lovely giveaway! ^^”

  • Sharlini

    Hi Audrey, here I was checking your comments section when I should have checked your post for updates. Thank you for choosing me as one of your winners. I look forward to trying out the Micro Essence. Great start to the new year! Xin nian kuai le to you and your family. 🙂

  • Honeybee

    Pretty face! Looks like the vlogger Sasakiasahi here. 🙂

  • Siaukau369@edmw

    your boobs is supple and huge!!!

  • Fish

    Hi, Audrey. Your blog is really helpful for me since I was looking for this item review from google. I have a combination skin with uneven skin tone while a lot of small lines under my eye area. This is killing me!! I tried many eye gel but still the same. From your blog, I found out that this essence will really help me on my skin problem since it will help in reduced fine lines and uneven skin tone. It also create translucent skin like your’s which every girl dream to have. I hope to have awesome skin like you & thank you for your lovely give away session! Hope I can be the winner. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ohhhhhh it is really a very good product. I’m an Estée girl myself. My first lipstick was Estée (unfortunately my color was discontinued) my moisturizers are the same. Now I have the nutritious set….you really could see the difference…