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Being bimbo this time

Haven’t done a bimbo post for a while! Means all vapid vain photos only. So here’s one.  You know, to counter all the auntieness going on in this blog.

Our last event for Foruchizu this season!  The Blogger Personal Shopper event at Isetan KLCC.


Signs wtf.

Photo from one of our readers Elle.  Thank you!

We talked about… fashion wtf.  Hahaha. Tips for styling and coordinating, dos and don’ts.  Also styled coordinates for the New Year and discussed them.

I was thinking quite fun if next time we could individually style readers!  Like put them in outfits that they normally wouldn’t wear and show them how they look!  Cos Cheesie was saying that a lot of people say they can’t pull off this and that but the truth is, you can if you open your mind to it. 🙂

Maybe next event.

Thank you everyone for coming!! So good to meet you guys. <3


Me and Cheesie!  We’re both wearing full Foruchizu (except shoes)

Bitch doesn’t even look pregnant wtf.

Foruchizu launches new items every week at Isetan actually!  These are the new spring and CNY stuff (less black and knit items).


Hello!  Our accessories (headband on Cheesie, necklace on me) are Foruchizu too.  Love the necklace so much I got one for myself hehe.


Another picture hehehe.

Then I changed clothes cos I actually got the mint striped outfit for CNY WTF.  Cannot waste wearing it hahahaha.


Iz me!  Same day.

After the event… Cheesie and I went grocery shopping. :X #auntiehood



Last time go 109 to shop, now go to Isetan supermarket section wtf.



Then met up with Sherlyn!


To go to Kate Spade.  Very specifically to buy a bag I saw there which was on 50% off.

This clutch!!! It’s New York themed – the white polka dots are actually shaped like little white apples (Big Apple, not Steve Jobs) and the clasp is a yellow cab!

I was flipping through a magazine at 76style the other day and saw a picture of this clutch.  Fell in love instantly and when I went to KLCC, I saw it on sale!!!!

It was a sign wtf.

Told Sherlyn about it and she ended up following me there and we bought the last two in the shop.

Oh and I’m wearing burgundy Audrey Hepburn dress from Twenty3!

UntitledWith Fatty at our friend Edwin’s wedding!

The end of bimbo post.


  • LihLih

    eh, how come my comment on this post at this morning disappeared ? T___T n

  • LihLih

    my comment earlier today :nnSuppose to have the chance to meet you on that day 🙁 I didn’t sign up for the event because I actually not really good in fashion and normally I just wear black white clothes.. >.< However, was planned to go KLCC to see Audrey aka Fourfeetnine!! Wanted to see you so much but I estimated wrong timing and you already left to grocery shopping with Chessie .. I’m so sorry T__T nnNext time if you have Foruchizu event again I MUST sign up no matter my fashion sense level negative 99.!! nn

  • TenshiChn

    As much as Cheesie don’t look pregnant, you also don’t look like a married woman or mommy fashion figure la.. (compliment) ;Pnn

  • Anonymous

    Hi Audrey, may I know where did you get the white shoes from?