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edit: Written some time ago before I changed my hair!


Ohai. Iz me and my straw hair.

The thing is, I don’t want to stop coloring my hair.  I’ve done it for ten years and colored hair has become as much a piece of my identity as being 4’9 is. 😀 My hair is more or less a fashion accessory to me, so there’s nothing else to do but wait for technology to advance more and more so that dyes and treatments will be healthier for the hair. 😀

In the meantime, I just need to minimize and repair the damage done.

Really no choice!  Nearly everything we do affects hair health.  Don’t say perming or coloring la, even blow drying, combing, brushing or going under the sun can spoil your hair. Unless you are okay staying indoors away from UV rays forever and never brushing your hair, your hair will be exposed to some sort of damage – it’s only up to the individual to decide to what lengths they’re willing to go for their hair without getting ridiculous about it.

I am vain so it’s super important that my hair stays as ah lian as possible. Lolol.


Sadako why you come out of my toilet!!!!


Even though Number76 uses some of the best products in the market, the frequent dyeing and bleaching has taken its toll. 🙁


So luckily I stocked up again on Dove Intense Repair products!


This is the complete range.  From L-R: Shampoo, conditioner, All Day Repair cream, treatment mask (and pink tumbler wtf)

A few years back, I already wrote a post on the Dove Intense Repair range!  This is the same range but with a new formula to it – the Keratin Repair Actives Formulation.

A big part of human hair is made of keratin and when damaged, the keratin strips away.  The Keratin Repair formula works by replenishing the keratin at the cellular level of the hair so it becomes stronger and more resilient to damage.


So I tried it out!  The ends of my hair are the most damaged so I decided to test it out on the ends first.  No photos of the process because it’s impossible to hold a camera and wash hair at the same time please lol.

I wet the ends of my hair and shampooed and conditioned it.


Then I blowdried.

Can I say A for awesome?

Even with conditioner usually, I need to give my hair a comb through before I dry it because while it’s not tangled exactly, the hair won’t be in a smooth sheet but stay in tiny little knots and clumps.  And if I blow dry it like that, it becomes super frizzy and weirdly takes on the texture of pubes WTF.

This time I misplaced my comb so I was praying it wouldn’t stay in micro-knots… and….

mother of god

My fingers just slipped through my hair.  Like it was water.

At the Dove launch, we heard about a new Microsheets technology used in the Intense Repair Conditioner which coats hair to detangle and make it damn damn smooth.  But this was my first time experiencing it myself and it’s really quite shocking what a big difference it makes even compared to other conditioners.








Less frizzy than before. But it’s quite spectacularly smooth and silky to touch. So much more manageable yo!

Usually even after wash and conditioner when I run my fingers through my hair, my fingers meet little snags which slow down movement.  But now it just passes through like silk. :O


Style and ready to go!


Another one hehehe.


This is my favorite product of the range – Overnight Treatment.  I usually wash my hair at night and apply this to damp-dry hair ends then go to sleep.  Works wonders! Next day super soft one.

I should note that I find these products quite rich though.  So you could try to apply to hair ends and not your scalp!


Dove is love. 🙂

  • TenshiChn

    I keep looking at your dress instead. So pretty! Haha..nn

  • Cynthia

    Do you sleep with your wet hair ?

  • mary

    Hi Audrey, may I know where did you purchase your lovely dress?n

  • natasha87

    may I know where u get the bathrobe?


    i dyed my hair 4 times already since last year. ive been using that shampoo and condition for about 3 weeks now. and my hair used to be so dry, now its really soft!

  • Fourfeetnine

    it was a wedding gift!

  • Fourfeetnine

    nope never

  • Lokman

    The dress is so lovely. May I know where you bought it from?