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This year’s birthday

Yay another picture heavy post!

Like I’d mentioned the last time, I was sick (and still am) on my birthday so I canceled plans for the day (Fatty was gonna take me for Japanese food) and declared the day my un-birthday.

So we just had simple homecooked food.

Birthday celebration #1



Fighter joined us for dinner!

Taken with my Xperia Z1.  I just realized one noticeable feature of the camera is that when taking pictures of babies (who are inadvertently moving or wobbling or something), the camera doesn’t snap immediately; instead it focuses and sometimes in a split second Fighter’s smile disappears and I cannot catch it.  But the clear upside is that because the camera really focuses, it auto adjusts the light so every picture taken with it confirm clear one!



You all eat dinner I also eat… my hands.












Oh well I tried.

His pajamas and bib are a gift from Ginny.  Thanks Ginny they fit perfectly so he can continue wearing some time more hahaha.



Fatty and his boy.  Wah Fighter’s stomach I cannot. Hahahahaha.

Anyway earlier in the day Fatty told me he was gonna go get me a cake cos even if I didn’t celebrate, I should at least have a cake.

But halfway during dinner he told me he had back to back meetings and forgot to get a cake.  I wasn’t too fazed la but cos Fatty ALWAYS tells me how he’s the best husband ever (which I have to agree, I have no complaints) so I said “there, something lacking.  You forgot my birthday cake” wtf.




He silently walked over to the freezer, whipped out a cake box and looked at me in triumph wtf.

Okay la you win Fats!!!!

Some more this must be the stupidest looking cake in the world hahahaha I love.  A pink…moose?  Reindeer?

I don’t eat cake so he got an ice cream cake.



Family photo attempt #1

Fighter: “ooh cake. om nom nom nom”


Family photo attempt #2

Fighter: “LEMME AT THE CAKE!!!”


Family photo attempt #3.  Third time’s the charm except Fighter’s stomach is showing again hahaahha.

Fighter: “ok fine one more picture.  There’ll be cake after right?”

If you realize, Fatty’s wearing a long sleeved tshirt….as opposed to a..uh regular tshirt.  Cos he thought we were going out so he ‘dressed up’ wtf.

Birthday celebration #2

Then over the weekend Suet and Jam took me out for karaoke!  We used to do this ALL the time as (younger) kids especially me and Jam.  Some more called ourselves A2J cos we always sang M2M’s Pretty Boy and by george we were good at it wtf.


Suet: “everybody do stupid face!”

We all ignored her.


Then we said okok next one do stupid face.

Then please look at Suet wtf.  Always never get the memo wtf.



This picture super cute hahaha.Untitled

Jam’s face and pose here damn annoying wanna punch her hahahahaha.







Jam, singing with the concentration of a…. camp wtf. *bad joke


Suet said “do emo face!”

Must always one is it!Untitled

Um there may have been some dancing involved.


Then Ooib called and dunno why I was talking into the mic hahahaha.

Then at night they both came with me and Fatty to a #CNYChurpout event with Tesco!


So cute the shopping cart as a prop!


With Brian, the most fashionable guy in Malaysia.  I always feel damn underdressed around him.Untitled

Ooh my #audfit!

Top from Twenty3, lace skirt from Younghungryfree, necklace from Foruchizu Isetan KLCC.

Birthday celebration #3


My makeup turned out very nice so must take picture!



Went for birthday high tea with Sherlyn, Hui Wen and Bobo.

The four of us are the ones with the most flexible schedules so we always wanted to go out and pretend to be taitais and have high tea.  Then we always plan to dress ladylike and shit wtf.

But always fail one!! Someone last minute cannot make it la, get stuck in a two hour jam and end up eating potato wedges at Ben’s la (NOT a high tea place) or like this time… call up Grand Hyatt Thirty8 to book their afternoon tea which is supposed to be fabulous only to be told NO HIGH TEA wtf.  Then why all the blogs say got!?

Got redirected to another place in the hotel which apparently serves high tea, and their high tea/afternoon tea definition is nasi lemak and chicken rice WTF.

Anyway. *deep breath* Their chicken rice is very nice anyway, rice very smooth wtf.


All the failures had something in common – we always dressed up sweet.  Next time we be goth la wtf.


Me and Sherlyn look quite similar that day!  Similar off shoulder outfits, similar nude wedges with ankle straps, hair color also same.  Except she has more hair wtf and also more height.



Sit in the cafe for hours and never take pictures until come to toilet and take wtf.



When Bobo held her camera like this and took our picture I was secretly impressed wah can take picture like that one ah!  So I tried myself and dunno what this Hui Wen is doing la hahahahaha.



So funny to think that we met in Melbourne all those years ago when I was there on holiday and became such good friends until today! *wipes eye shit nostalgically




I’d normally caption this photo referencing twins again his picture not so alike la her makeup and hair very different this time hahaha.




Oh then came home to this funny baby.  I need my social time with my friends but when I’m out I become the Moffatts and miss him like crazy wtf.



I think he misses me too.  Changing him into pajamas and he started laughing hahaha.Untitled

#Audfit!  Dress from Twenty3.

Thank you everyone who made my birthday so fun and special!  Didn’t plan on doing anything much but … you all make me so happy! Hahahaha.

Still haven’t celebrated properly with Fatty or my family. *rubs hands

  • Ebonykeys

    The Ritz-Carlton for high tea!

  • Cherie

    Hi Audrey, I’ve done lasik and I’ve perfect eye sight now but too bad I can’t wear contact lenses now..I will get blur vision and feel uncomfortable everytime I try to put them on. Do u ve problem with contact lenses too?

  • KY

    fighter’s got some nice hair style!

  • TenshiChn

    love d pink polka! you look so gorgeous in it ^^nnhow is the cake?ni never relly liked baskin robbin cakes though.. they were super sweet!!! nn

  • Felicia chai

    happy birthday gorgeous mamanwishing u have a great year & great life..cheers

  • Lih Lih

    not yet celebrate properly with Fatty or your family then can we assume there will be another “coming soon” birthday post ? Hahaaaaa

  • Elisabeth

    i really really love to see you in the pink polkadot dress combine with boy bag, nude shoes, that particular hair and make up! so gorgeous please wear more pleasee ♡♡

  • annie

    Hello audrey. I think most hotels don’t do high tea on sunday. Did you went on a sunday? Anyway, the high tea set in 38 is vastly overrated. It’s not nice at all. Ritz-carlton and majestic serves really nice high tea though!

  • LingLing

    I think Sherlyn is trying to be you, from hair, bags, heels.. you look so pretty Audrey!! <3

  • ahlost

    so pretty…

  • yingxia

    hi audrey! family photo attempt #1 was really nice although fighter was looking down hahaha. you look really great! 🙂

  • Jill

    Happy belated Audrey! Awh, Fighter looks sooo cute with his bear bib…

  • Fourfeetnine

    thanks! ya he has a bear on his butt too hahaha

  • Fourfeetnine

    hehe thank you!

  • Fourfeetnine

    you also hahahha

  • Fourfeetnine

    no leh she told me since I decided on the theme and it was my birthday she decided to dress how I like. and she totally got it right!