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Hello everyone!

I know recently I’ve done a lot of ads (and some opinion pieces – which are the ones I really like actually! I wanna do more, just let me get more ideas first wtf) so here’s one of those posts where I open my Add New Post page without any inkling of what I want to say, only that I wanna write an update of what’s going on with me.

Fatty is part of EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization) and at every forum meeting, they update each other on three aspects of their lives, and listing the highs and lows of each one.  I think it’s a great way of taking a step back and reflecting to see what’s good and what’s bad that’s happening and really put things in perspective.  The three aspects are Work, Family and Personal so it also works very well in categorizing and sometimes you see things aren’t as complicated as you think it is.

So today Imma update in that fashion! Actually only about Work wtf cos I have a lot to say!  I rarely talk about work okay so let me.


Work is really good right now! (see told ya.) In a professional sense, I’m doing two things right now – blogging and working part time at a digital/social media agency.

I’ve never dared to let go and let blogging be my only source of income so I still choose to juggle two jobs.  Although blogging now is a bigger career for me than it was before!

Blogging is going very well for me!  As you can see I post plenty of sponsored posts recently wtf (sorry ah they really all just came at once) and I feel like I’m really coming into my own as a professional blogger.  Before I’d always felt that I was never the first choice for advertisers but I hear more and more clients are happy with my work or ask for me specifically which is awesome because …. it’s awesome la wtf need reason ah hahaha.

Actually the other day it occurred to me that… Blogging is such a narcissistic career wtf.  Especially for someone like me who doesn’t blog about a niche interest but…myself and my life only.

Not narcissistic meh!  It’s not even like being an actor or a singer.  An actor assumes another identity so he’s selling you his performance, which he created.  A singer sells you his music which he also created.  I am selling my personality.  I am literally making money from being self centered and talking about myself. Wtf you tell me ten years ago I’d make money talking about myself I’d think you’re mad hahaha.

As for the other work, I can’t remember if I’ve said before but I work n a part time basis with a small digital agency called Sashimi (hahaha) started by my old boss Desmond.  Our whole team from my previous company joined us wtf so it’s very lau juak wtf.  Anyway before I’d only taken on one account (to manage my time better) but recently the team needed more manpower and I volunteered to take on a new project.

So we’ve been brainstorming and creating presentations and then going to present it to the clients (who love it hehehe yay us) and… I’m loving it.  I do miss the vibrancy and energy and camaraderie that comes with working in an ad agency (although not the hours wtf) so I really enjoyed being back in a team and producing something good together.

And when there’s more work there’s more money which is always good. ^^

So those are the highs.

The low for work is that I sometimes still struggle to juggle work and Fighter, although I really am getting better at this.  Even something like styling coordinates and taking pictures I consider work (albeit fun work) cos it takes me away from him.  And don’t say la, meetings if drag too long I start getting antsy wanting to go home to my baby.

But nothing to complain about really.  I’m already super lucky I get to work from home, and do things I enjoy.  Then I get to take care of Fighter myself and spend time with him.  Nearly as much as a stay at home mom but can earn my own money at the same time. 🙂

Update about Family and Personal another day!  Now it’s picture spam timeeee.



Birthday lunch with the Oois! Again there’s someone ruining the picture by closing his eyes and this time it ain’t Fighter. *stares at Fat Her.



Just the Oois (and one Tiah).



Hehehe Fat Her took this lovey dovey shot of me and Fatty which I love.



It’s my birthday and I’ll show my teeth if I want to!



My event partner and I at the launch of Elle Malaysia.

UntitledWith the girls who went!  Bobo, Michiekins, Jane, Nana and Nat.

Sucks la this photographer managed to make everyone short.  And everyone there (besides me) is very tall one!



My audfit!  Dress from Nasty Gal, shoes are JC Litas, clutch is Kate Spade.



OH yes Fighter scored himself had a hot date for Valentine’s. We were at dinner at Desmond’s place and put him on the baby mat next to Desmond and Jojo’s baby Arissa.  He managed to roll himself closer and grab her by the mitten. HAHAHAHA damn cute.



Big Fat and Small Fat. <3



We took Fighter to a baby spa the other day hoping to let him have a swim and then a massage.  He cried the entire place down, god knows why. -_-  There was another baby crying there so maybe he got a bad vibe wtf.

Didn’t even manage to get him out of his clothes, no need to say into the tub.

Sigh see how la maybe try again this weekend.  Although the way he cried (very loud, very frightened, very upset) was quite traumatizing for us too. :X

Actually all these stories were already written on Dayre!  Go download it and follow me (@fourfeetnine) there please so I don’t need to repeat myself hahaha.



Fighter trying to stand.  And being quite ecstatic about it.  Uhhh hello Fighter you don’t feel two hands holding you up meh it’s not your legs that’s doing the work okay. Lol.



Fighter succeeding in holding his bottle (albeit for three seconds before it dropped).  He’s actually quite independent and bossy in that he always wants to hold his own bottle and pacifier to make sure it goes into his mouth like so. Sometimes he even pushes my hand away while attempting to hold. -_- Lolol big boss this one.



Just more cute pictures of him!







  • Lih Lih

    I want to see your company’s adv!! Let us know which project please..nHappy to see you can do stuff you like and after years, you still are the same Audrey..same fourfeetnine…

  • Kenji

    let’s get this right. social or media agencies are not advertising agency… thery are very much different.

  • Fourfeetnine

    wtf are you serious? this isn’t a post about introduction to marketing for God’s sake; I just used the terms interchangeably for better flow. why don’t YOU write your own blog on advertising since you’re such a smart ass?

  • amy

    Fighter is such a kutie(: luv all the pictures u take of him. He’s as photogenic as his mommy!

  • Fatty

    How does this post have only 3 comments huh? HOW ?!?! HOW?! TELL ME HOW?!?!

  • Tomofuji

    You are so rude. Just because one comment you regard ppl as ass?? Rich/people people like this?

  • Fourfeetnine

    your comment has no flow, logic or grammar. I regard that person as a smart ass because his comment sounded like it. trying to show his knowledge in a condescension way. you on the other hand I regard as an ineloquent waste of time.

  • Fourfeetnine

    kenji could have made his point nicely but instead chose to be condescending and abrupt.

  • Beanie

    Fighter is soooo adorable! Cutest baby I’ve seen on blogs in a long time. Also, social /digital media are indeed considered the most up to date form of advertising and is extremely important and effective in getting a company’s message out to their target market. This is why bloggers are sitting front row at fashion week and are now being tapped by companies to bring awareness to consumers about their products.

  • elaine

    not sure why kenji’s comment warrants such wrath. it could have been responded or rebutted in a nicer or less defensive way with supporting rationale. but i guess the author chose not to. and when one resorts to attacking another’s grammar later, then that’s when it’s clearly not addressing the point here. just some food for thought.

  • Lisa

    I almost cannot believe how cute little Jude is (he’s definitely won the genetic lottery here!), and to see how far he’s come. Unbelievable!nnHave a happy, happy day ahead Audrey! 🙂

  • DIno

    I wonder how did your 21st birthday go? Have you had a post on it? 😀

  • TenshiChn

    You have one of the dream jobs n life around ^^nnWishing you a continuous happy and awesome life ahead! Like cny suddenly… lol.. nn

  • Tina Beanie

    You should take Fighter for a baby model audition. He is very good with the camera and of course very, very adorable! Best of luck with all. 🙂