Preparing for solids

Today was Fighter’s third set of immunization jabs.

Are you ready for the heart wrenching pictures?

Yea neither am I. Every time it gets worse and worse.  It’s as if he’s older and smarter so the betrayal gets bigger each time. T_______T

Thankfully this is the last of his jabs for a while. Next one is at 15 months so yay 8 months of reprieve!



Fatty wasn’t supposed to come with us this time but changed his mind at the last minute.  He said he didn’t want us to suffer alone hehehe.



Excuse me Fighter the needle hasn’t even touched you yet.  Dr Ananda was just listening to his heartbeat and squeezing his limbs to check the muscles I guess, and already he cry like this wtf.



Here comes the needle.

At this point I notice I’m usually hopping up and down next to the doctor and not daring to look at the needle myself wtf waiting for the moment I can get past the doctor and pick him up. T__________T



Then the doctor sat him up to check his back strength.  Quite funny la cos he’s still crying at this point but still obligingly let doctor sit him up and keep crying hahahaha.




He cried all the time we stayed in the doctor’s office.  Then when we went out to the waiting area, he stopped instantly WTF.  But then he’d be all calm but occasionally burst into tears again, as if he suddenly remembered his horrible fate wtf.

For record’s sake, Fighter is now 5 months adjusted age, 7 months actual age.  He’s 61 cm, 6.6 kg and his head is 43 cm in circumference wtf.  Apparently his weight gain slowed a bit but doctor said it’s completely normal cos he’s more active now and probably lost some energy that way.  Also more distracted, so he may not focus so much on drinking now.  Which is true! Now he damn annoying if I’m feeding him and Fatty talks to me, he stops, pulls away from the nipple and stares at Fatty. Hahahaha. It’s like there must be TOTAL silence when he drinks.  Dictator wtf.

His length grew quite a bit though! End of January he was 55 cm and now he’s 61!  Thank Buddha for Fatty’s genes wtf. I’m so relieved hahahaha.

Anyway the biggest news of all!  Doctor said he’s ready for semi-solids now!

If you read my Dayre, lately I’ve been fretting over getting him started on solids. I never considered it actually (*shamefaced wtf) only I wrote about Fighter waking up at all times of the night now to feed when he used to sleep through 5-6 hours at night before this.

I thought it was a growth spurt he was going through but it’s been going on a month or more. Wiser and more experienced mommies said he could be ready for solids and they were right!

So I’ve been reading up on all sorts of baby solids literature – websites and blogs and even weaning sites for preemies.  All say quite contrasting things at times leh!  So I wrote down all my questions and cornered Dr Ananda with my checklist wtf.

To cut it short, Dr Ananda told me that usually pediatricians recommend starting solids from 4 months onwards but the WHO set the minimum at 6 months to ensure that parents would continue to give babies breast milk for longer.  Therefore at this point, solids should not be a replacement for milk (which is still their key nutritional source) but rather an introduction to adult food.

He told me Fighter was all ready but I strongly suggest you ask your own doctors hor if you’re not sure.

In terms of menu, he said:

Start with rice cereal for a week, once a day, earlier in the day

He said rice cereal tastes the most similar to milk so it would be less of a surprise to baby.  At this point Fighter’s swallow reflex is automatic after he sucks so he needs to learn how to actively swallow first.  So the rice cereal is to get him accustomed to maneuvering his tongue then swallowing.  Then try to feed earlier in the day in case he got allergy, can fasterly go get help (as opposed to allergy in the middle of the night and all clinics are closed)

After a week, move to fruits and vegetables

Try only one type of food at a time, and for three days.  This is so he doesn’t get confused, and I’ll know if he’s allergic to anything. Soft fruits like papaya and banana just mash up and feed, harder ones like apples and pears, stew and mash up.  Vegetables go for soft ones like potato, sweet potato, squash, pumpkin etc.  I asked how about spinach wtf cos I hate all of the above except potato.  He said uhh maybe later wtf.

I wasn’t really looking forward to solids cos uhhh it sounds like a lot of work wtf. But I’m quite excited now! So many things to buy and try!


Starting with this booster seat. There, happy photo of Fighter to make up for the above.

I was wondering if I should get a high chair but then I remembered my aunt got us this when Fighter was born.  Can’t believe we can put it to use already.  This one’s from Fisher-Price.

Actually doctor said he cannot support himself yet so don’t put him in an upright seat like this. >_> These pictures were taken before we saw the doctor la aih.


“What? Time to start solids already?” *suspicious*


“Well no time like the present!”


*gnaw gnaw* “Hmm… kind of bland.  Can’t say I like solids much.”


Hi Trouble.


Okay the truth is I was super impatient so an hour before we went to the doctor I already tried to give Fighter rice cereal!

No pictures cos I was holding the bowl wtf.  But I think it was quite decent for a first attempt!  I slowly fed him two teaspoons and he’d stick out his tongue and lick at the spoon a bit.  That way I think  he managed to swallow about a third of everything!

UntitledRandomly bought this for him from Parkson the other day.

If anyone has any recommendations of good storebought baby food please share!
Also does anyone know where to get the Little Bean food processor wtf.

That’s about it.  Can’t wait to bring on the food experiments. 😀



    Hi Audrey, try Babyland at SS2. I bought my Little Bean food processor there. My boy Luke was born 3 days after Fighter was born. 🙂

  • thelilingtan

    Hi Audrey! Fighter has so few jabs! My daughters have one every month up until they’re 1 and it gets less frequent after that. If you’d like, lemme know and I’ll email the list of immunisation for you to have a look (wouldn’t wanna spam you in case you’re not interested lol). It’s a checklist from Loh Guan Lye in Penang. My doctor follows the list.

  • Zhiwei

    Your doctor is very right!! Have fun with solids!

  • Fourfeetnine

    isit cos they take one jab at a time? Fighter takes two at one go!

  • Adeline Chee

    Hey Aud! what abt the thrust reflex? still have also can feed? i’m wondering whether to start semi solid anot lol. fighter’s adjusted age is e same as my girl’s 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Audrey & Fighter! Ready for solids! Try to make him more from fresh food instead of packet baby food okay. I bought some as backup cos I know I suck at choosing avocado. Those are all expensive organic brands somemore which I read up all the ingredients. One time I open a pack and tried, was horrified by the very strong sweet taste though it says no sugar!!! Gosh! Those maybe for later lar! Now don’t intro shocking taste first ya! Fighter is so handsome 🙂

  • Lishia

    Ya I agreed with mummy below saying about the packet baby food is way too sweet.. I tried once for my baby it was some kind of dried powder (vegetable) baby food and it was really too sweet… If baby gets used to food tastes this strong scare he might become picky eater later… So if u have time, make baby food from fresh ingredients is best!

  • Lils

    Hi Aud!! Do you miss me hahaha!! Dunno anything about babies but recently saw my friend who bought this for her friend’s baby: She said it’s really good. All I know is that it’s easy to clean cos the blades are attached to the cup caps as opposed to on the machine itself. Hope this helps from a non mommy perspective lolol

  • xq

    for baby food actually u can get them at Justlife shop.they have outlets in the gardens and ikano.they provide organic cereal and infant formula 🙂 here goes their fb page hope it helps!

  • Cline

    Try avocado. It’s one of the best baby first food from everywhere that I read. Furthermore, the taste is milder compared to banana or papaya (my daughter gagged when I tried to introduce these to her >. <). Best thing is that it requires minimum preparation. Just cut the ripe avocado into half and spoon the flesh out directly and feed! However, it’s so much fun trying out different kinds of food to your baby, but of course one at a time like ur doctor said. Have fun and happy weaning!

  • joanne

    Baby led weaning is better

  • Emi

    Lol the photo of the dr checking Fighter’s back strength actually quite funny/cute for some reason! And all the ones in the booster seat awwwww 🙂

  • Jacintha

    Hi aud. for the food processor you could try browsing sites like or Bought some of my baby bottles from there, would’nt be surprised if they carry food processors as well. Would also like to recommend a FB page that i’ve been following to get ideas for when my baby comes of age. Hope you’d find it useful too 🙂 – healthy food for my baby.

  • May

    Just sharing my experience here. No spinach until older as it has got high nitrate contents which is not good for bubs. Same for if u cook carrots don’t use the water to purée it as nitrate content is high. As for pureeing food any hand held blender is good enough. I use kenwood triblade. Avocados, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato are great. I will hold off banana for awhile coz the texture too slimy for them. It’s healthier pureeing your own. Very easy and just put in ice trays or small pots n freeze them.

  • Kristen

    Yup! Your doc is right that’s exactly it! Haha sooo much fun! I use the baby bullet to prepare everything once a week and then I freeze all ingredients in freezer trays (similar to ice cubes) and then I defrost the night before by putting it in the fridgennWow! 2 spoon is very good!! It’s normal that he only takes a few in the beginning. I also give my son some commercial food on the go. I just use Heinz.

  • Karen

    For baby rice cereal, I recommend nurture inc – happy bellies organic range. Instead of buying from stores which cost more than RM20 per small tin, I bought online from Cost USD4.99 per tin. Free shipping for orders above $20 and first time customers get $5 off. It’s quite value for money. Downside is it may take at least 2-4 weeks to arrive from US.nnFor baby equipments, I recommend buying online from Great selection and price is the same as other physical stores. They are having sale now, by the way. Another site I frequent is I’ve been buying from both sites for 6 years already and am still buying stuff from them cause my youngest is 20 mths old and am still needing baby stuff. Do check them out!

  • mars

    I started solid for my boy with this brand too. You might want to join fb group – healthy food for my baby. Lots of mommy share baby food receipe.

  • Fiona

    I first saw the meme proposal, and now I see you aleady have a child. 🙂 Great! How everything can progress in such a short time, is it?

  • sgrmse.

    his bibs are absolutely adorable!! where did you buy em, please & thanks.

  • sophie

    great informative post.. thank you for sharing..