My grandpa

Exhausted.  Took a day trip to Penang to see my grandfather who isn’t doing so well. When I hugged him goodbye I was so aware that this could be the last time…


Here he is, chilling with an ipad and a portable speaker I brought down from KL. He was dozing in his armchair, and my mom turned on the music – a song recorded in the 1950s. Immediately he lit up, his face softened, and his eyes fluttered close again. But he put his hands up and started clapping softly. When he tired of clapping, he continued to lie there with a smile on his face and his right hand curled loosely into a thumbs up sign.

He told my mom, “I’m very happy.”

I wonder what memories he’s connected with this song. A lost love? Friendships as a young man?

The biggest mistake we make with old people is forgetting that they were once young too.


Just checking in because I miss my blog.  Also also sorry to bebipolar here but I gotta announce the winners of the passes to the Herbal Essences neo gal party. They are:

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  • ahlost

    “The biggest mistake we make with old people is forgetting that they were once young too.” <– very meaningful quote. thanks for reminding us with this 😉

  • Shia Lynn

    This post and the quote is profoundly beautiful, Audrey. =)

  • misshermes

    OMG I won! Thank you so much hehehehe! nnMy email is ^.^ <3

  • Flora C

    My email: 🙂

  • dandelion

    Hi Audrey. I am quite moved by this post simply because my grandparents have passed away when I was young and I was at a stage where I don’t know how to express my emotions the right way. Old songs and old people clothes and old Nokia phones make me think of old people a lot and this sad feeling always swells up in my heart.nnMay I know what is that app/site that can play those old 1950’s songs that you mentioned above? I would like have a look at it and relive some memories of my grandmother =’)

  • dandelion

    Okay, I think I can roughly make out from the ipad screen that it’s actually from Youtube.nnHmm….I guess too bad for me because I don’t know song titles of my grandparents era =/ Sigh…Anyway, thank you for reading, Audrey.nnYour baby is getting mighty cute, by the way, but I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot already 🙂