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With great power comes great responsibility.

And with great responsibility comes shitty skin.

When I say great responsibility, I mean motherhood. Lolol.

Although I may look like I’m super unaffected by motherhood and still look glowing and slim and whatever, I assure you…it’s only my Casio TR15 magic camera doing its job well. Hahaha.

The truth is, my skin has gone downhill after having Fighter.  I didn’t realize before this but besides some occasional breakouts during my pregnancy, my skin was awesome. Glowy and supple and definitely not dry.

Not anymore! When the pregnancy hormones leached out of me, so did whatever made my skin awesome then. Haih.  These past few months I struggled with dry and flaky skin, especially around my mouth, sallow looking skin, and worst, fine lines ALL OVER MY FACE.  Not just in the usual spots like eye area, but on my cheeks also got WTF. I was damn worried cos I suspected my skin’s age was now older than my actual age. FML.

I guess it’s also made worse because sometimes when I’m rushing in the morning (always my busiest time of the day) I skip steps in my skincare routine wtf.  Skip here a bit, there a bit, I think eventually it built up and turned into a monster wtf.

Anyway I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin now! So a few weeks ago I went to DRx and talked to Dr Jason (the resident doctor) about my skin dryness.  He said I had a few options – blood facial (Kim Kardashian did it and I googled it and nearly fainted wtf) among others, and cryorejuvenation, a much less extreme option.

Cryorejuvenation is the use of a special cryo-iontophoresis machine to push active ingredients (in layman’s terms, serum and other good stuff) into the skin via electrical currents.

It results in a brighter and more hydrated complexion which is exactly what I needed.

Here’s how it went.


As like all other facials, first the beautician cleanses my face.

(wah without makeup why my mouth look so big)


Then!  This part is really interesting. Taking this thing which is like a metal stamp with many tiny sharp needles, the beautician gently presses it all over my face!

Like this. It doesn’t hurt at all because she does it really gently, and besides the needles are too small to penetrate the skin’s pain receptors. It even feels a little ticklish.

The reason she does this is so the needles will open up microscopic holes in my face – channels for the ingredients/serum to penetrate into the skin.


Then with one hand she slowly applied the serum onto my skin while her other hand, holding the cryo-iontophoresis handpiece to spread and massage the serum so it’ll be absorbed into my skin.



Feeling very shiok! The handheld probe is actually super cold! (temperature on its surface is -10 to 0 C!!!) It felt like she was using ice to massage my face, but without the wetness.

It’s somehow very soothing though.  The coldness is to allows a more powerful electrical current to deliver the active ingredients into my skin while preventing burning or any discomfort.

So it was just this cold thing gently going over my face.  When the serum absorbed in, the beautician would apply more and use the device to go over again.  She did this for like 20 minutes and it was so soothing I nearly fell asleep.

UntitledRight after she finished!

The active ingredients in the serum are hyaluronic acid (for hydration and brightening), peptides for collagen synthesis, vitanin C and anti-oxidants.

Love love love my skin after it was done! No more tightness when I smiled, and my skin felt soft and supple to the touch. Really rejuvenated!

This is really one of my favorite facials because of how soothing and painless it was, yet with drastically obvious results. Can’t wait to go back and get it done again. 😀

You can do cryorejuvenation as often as you want but DRx recommends it about once a month.  Anyone can do it but probably not if you have oily skin. In fact they recommend it for patients with dry skin or who are in their 30s or 40s (FML).  Cryorejuvenation however will not treat skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines and blocked pores.  It simply brightens and rehydrates skin, albeit with a huge difference. ^^

UntitledMy readers can take advantage of a promotion for Cryorejuvenation under DRx. Normal price is RM500 but you can try it for RM188 first time first trial. Readers also get to redeem RM50 voucher (to purchase products only) which can be used instantly.

Quote “Audrey Cryo RM188” for the promo!  Call DRx at (603) – 6201 3088 for an appointment.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Audrey. Can you recommend any good place for hair removal laser treatment here in malaysia? Wish we have a Datsumo Labo here:(

  • ahlost

    argh.. normally i would skip the skincare part too when i’m in rush or when i am too tired and i just feel like sleeping O.o

  • Anonymous

    is it like micro-needling? looks like its micro needling + iontophoresis! 🙂

  • KY

    that metal thingy reminds me of the gadget you use to crush bawang putih

  • rai

    I first read it as Cry of Rejuvenation, and went like, woah very epic. Got like angels singing in the background

  • TenshiChn

    Your skin always have the healthy glow!nn

  • Fourfeetnine

    no its the camera lol

  • Fourfeetnine

    hahahaha so funny hahahaha

  • Fourfeetnine

    I dunno what micro needling is but sounds like it!