Balm for the soul

Remember this?

Lol.  This was six months ago… and Fighter’s biggest enemy is still the mosquitos. T___________T

For some reason, mosquitoes are a terrible hazard in our apartment! Every single time it rains, the next day swarms of mosquitos invade our house and ONLY BITE ME AND FIGHTER WTF.

I get so mad whenever Fighter gets bitten cos one mosquito bite is like the entire width of his arm or leg and it’s just pitiful. T___T



Fatty kena dengue before and I’m terrified Fighter gets it.  Seriously what chances does a baby have against dengue!?!

I’ve checked our house and balcony over and over and still cannot figure out where their stupid larvae is. There’s regular fogging but still the mosquitoes don’t die. Used all sorts of things from electric mosquito pellets, mosquito coils, electric mosquito traps, citronella oil burners, and insect sprays but while some are effective, they’re also very unhealthy, especially for Fighter’s baby lungs.

(Once I went crazy and lit mosquito coils all over the house and it worked! But then later found out it’s just bad for us humans. We ended up opening all the windows to get the smoke out.  Then mosquitos came in again FOL.)

I tried mosquito patches too which are effective cos the smell is very strong and concentrated locally but always worried if the chemical smell was good for Fighter.  So I ended up sticking them on furniture near him instead which can be inconvenient when we move him.


Saw this in the pharmacy and decided that to give it a try.  Tiger Balm is a reputable brand plus it uses Citronella oil which is natural and obviously safe. ^^

I know Citronella oil works but I find it messy so I like that this comes in a clean, no fuss form.  No DEET or any other harmful chemicals used.


Inside the box are sealed strips like this one.


The patch!


Behind is an adhesive for easy sticking. The backing comes in two pieces for easy removal.


Then just stick on clothes! I put it on Fighter’s middle so there’s equal coverage top and bottom hahaha.

For babies, it’s enough to use one, but for adults two is recommended.



Fighter’s like “No moar moskeetos?”



For more info, go to Tiger Balm’s website.


  • shannen

    aww… the last 2 pics. Fighter is so cute!!!

  • Aicha

    Ugh pls don’t put pictures of fighter BEING SO CUTE AND SO FLUFFY AND SO SWEET AND GRINNING CUTELY because I might just DIEE!!! <3 I’m so in love with babies this cute!!

  • Audrey’s lover HAHAHA

    I don’t know about Malaysia, but here in Singapore whenever there’s a lot of Mosquitos around my house area and in my house I remember my dad calling up some hotline of the government and the next day there will be people coming to get rid of the Mosquitos!

  • My Melody

    Fighter looks so innocent and cute! his cuteness is beyond words already.. Why diapers or baby product company hasn’t started to hire him to advertise their product huh?? would love to see him more :))

  • Fourfeetnine

    HAHAHA why your name so stupid!! Malaysia don’t have I think. they just do it periodically or maybe after many complaints fol

  • Fourfeetnine

    yea lo! I’m also waiting hahahaha

  • Callee

    Hi AudnnHave you tried those bug zapper device? it is like a lamp that you plug to the wall..and it attracts and zap them

  • ning

    Aud! the last 2 pics are just picture perfect <3<3<3

  • Windy

    Hi Audrey, bring fighter for casting! He’s the cutest baby ever! Don’t wait any longer cos baby grows super fast. Many big agencies accept walk in or u can just send them photos 1st, they will call & make app for casting if they find him ok. Go for those big agencies (genuine one).. I did that for myself and I had done few TVCs & Prints before I moved to Sg. I moved to Sg few yrs ago n I miss working with them! It’s fun experience n good money lol

  • SY

    Maybe can try planting lemon grass? It contain natural citronella oil and you can roll the blades of the lemon grass on the skin for natural repellent. Anyway… Dunno if it’s true cus I never do research on it. My experience is people with higher body temperature tends to attract more mozzies because of the sweat and all.

  • anne

    hi audrey! i hate mozzies too! found one remedy through internet and it really works. poke a lot of cloves on a lemon, the scent will chase the mozzies away 🙂

  • Isabellxiaolin

    Hi Audrey. Thanks for recommending this product.. it really works!!

  • CL

    OMGGGGGGGGG Fighter is the cutesttttttt <33333333333

  • weisemo

    be careful tat fighter doesnt reach for it n put inside his mouth. my son did tat when he was 6-7mth. crying non stop n we didnt know why, until we decided to go a&e . apparently he put the mosquito patch in his mouth n got stuck at his upper gums. i dunno if its a relief tat its stuck at his gum cos it could have been worse if he had swallow it. for safety reason, we did blood test n made sure the chemical didnt harm him.

  • Fourfeetnine

    omg thanks for telling! usually I’ll put it on his back where he can’t reach la haha

  • Fourfeetnine

    but I never sweat hahaha. and we live in an apartment so nowhere to plant 🙁

  • weisemo

    Actually the one that he ate was pasted outside of the cot. I have no idea how he even got hold it. No matter what, just be careful and make sure it’s disposed of everyday. May mosquito stay away from fighter!

  • Amily

    good to know about the tiger balm patches! nbut just to inccase any accidents happen there’s this product I myself been using over the year, as I am always the one kena bitten:(. It’s called Bug’s Lock, imported from Korea(if I am not mistaken), and this adjustable bracelet will last you to about 10 nights use. Just seal it when you are not using, and it last longer than the patches did. 🙂

  • Crystal

    You can also try Johnson’s anti-mosquito baby lotion if Malaysia has it. (I’m in sg) I find it works for me but I slather it on.

  • Esther

    To stop mosquito from going into the apartment you can actually put mosquito netting on windows and the sliding door .. that’s how we keep the moquito away unless they follow us when we walk in the door

  • jerseycow

    Since you are in Bangkok, maybe you can stock up on Johnson & Johnson mosquito repellent! It works for me! :p but i dont knw why it is not sold here in Malaysia! I usually stock up when i go Thailand or Singapore! The bottle is green in color 🙂

  • Joanne

    Lemon grass does work. My mom planted tons all over my house to solve our mosquito woes. Even my sister who somehow attracts lots of mozzies, doesn’t get bitten much anymore. Perhaps you can try getting potted lemon grass? But do be careful because lemongrass leaves can cut.

  • Jessica

    Fighter is so cute!

  • TenshiChn

    He looks so crazy fair! Like a princess! Haha..nnI was gonna ask you to try citronella oil. Can rub all over fighter.. I attract mosquitoes like crazy too. Last month I was at Langkawi having dinner and that place is full of mosquitoes! Can’t even have a decent meal. they tried burning citronella oil but doesn’t work. I wonder how strongly does citronella works against Mosquitoes,nnAnyway, I just saw on tv a moment ago. They mentioned that nice smells attract mosquitoes as well.. Sweat* Takkan we have to make ourselves stink. Lol. But I guess staying away from fragrance stuff will help?nn

  • Tim

    HAHA!!!!! He looks so cute with the patch!!!! Patch? Patch!

  • Ayn

    Fighter’s too cute not to be in commercial! I can imagine him with the Evian baby dancing hehe

  • Em

    Can try using those racquet zappers (i bought mine at pasar malam)? We love using those to catch mozzies. Zap zap, burn!

  • Smart Dad

    Wow, very good patch especially for babies and toddlers! Thanks!


    so cute…so sweet baby….

  • jacklyngan

    I need one for Henry boy <3

  • Anonymous cute a baby smiling 🙂 fighter of mosquito..huhu

  • asiah

    geramnye tgok baby tu…sweet sangat senyum camtu…;)