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Why I get snubbed at expensive stores

When I was in Bangkok with Bobo and Huiwen we randomly went into Saint Laurent in Siam Paragon.

I saw this wallet and fell in like.

I’d been thinking of getting a new wallet and this one was cute and hardy looking.  Best of all, it was on sale so I think it came up to about RM1300 after VAT returns.

But it was the last piece, and the leather was weird.  Uneven and bumpy cos maybe the stitching was too tight or something.  That was probably why it was on sale wtf.  I didn’t want to pay for a lousily crafted piece so I didn’t buy it.  Also wanted time to think about it because…. even though it was discounted I still felt like drowning thinking about the price wtf.

Anyway when we got back I went to Pavilion to check out the YSL there.  And they had the same wallet.  In many different colors!

The hot pink one completely stole my heart but it was going for full price.  BUT! The helpful sales assistant said, “We’ll be having a sale in June!  The wallets will probably go for 30% off plus you get 10% off again if you’re a Mastercard member.”


Left my number and asked her to call me when the sale starts.

Then it was June already and one day I realized I never got a call about the sale.  So when I was in Pavilion the other day for KLFW I dragged Bobo with me to the store.


I said, “Eh Bobo, teman me to Givenchy, I wanna see if their sale started.  The SA said she would call me but until now didn’t!”

So we went to Givenchy.  Outside the shop I was like, “wow I didn’t come here for just a few weeks but they completely renovated the store! It looks totally different, they’re so efficient!”

And there was a sale sign in the store window.

I said, “Shit!  Sale started already but nobody call me!!!”

Went in, accosted a sales assistant, and asked to see the wallets.  She led me to a corner with a tray of a few measly wallets, all also not nice and didn’t include the one I wanted.

Disappointed I asked, “Do you have the one with a zipper and like shiny leather with lines?”

The SA said, “Oh you mean the XXX?” (Forgot what she actually said)

Me (thinking this must be the one): “Yes! The XXX!”

SA: “Oh it sold out already. It’s very popular.”

Me: “WHAT! Sold out so fast!? When I came a few weeks ago there was still quite a few pieces! Your colleague was supposed to call me when sale started!!! Why nobody called me!!!!!!!”

SA: “I’m so sorry.  Who did you speak to?”

Me: “This tall Chinese lady!” (looks wildly around shop) “She’s not here but it’s a Chinese lady! Haiya why you all do things like this I would have totally bought it…….”

And I dejectedly walked over to Bobo who was browsing other things and said “Haih sold out already let’s go.”

Bobo said, “Which wallet were you looking at?”

I said, “There…. the one we saw together when we were in Bangkok.”

Bobo said, “I don’t really remember…. But have you gone to Saint Laurent yet?”



And that is why we get snubbed whenever we go into expensive shops.


  • Revel in Me (hui wen)

    Hahaha why you like that!! Halfway reading also I was like, “woman, you are supposed to go into Saint Laurent la” hahahha

  • Swissmokka

    So did you manage to get the wallet at saint Laurent in the end? XD