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Mayfair Lady



Did you know there’s a newly opened Beauty Hall in Pavilion!? My mother’s dream come true hahahaha she really likes facials fyi.

I went through those gilded doors…



Wow.  This is like Hogwarts.  But for beauty salons.



Instead of Gryffindor, I went to Mayfair. Lolol.

Mayfair is a beauty salon specializing in beauty, slimming and spa services.  They’ve been around for 29 years!

I was invited to visit to check out their services.  It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it. *flexes muscles #jokes

Inside I was ushered into a cosy consulting room.


And given tea!  Tea makes everything better!  Also pink products and mirrors are a big bonus. Hehehe.



Since it was a taitai type of thing to do (going to salon) I also dress tai tai la.

The Mayfair ladies asked what my problem areas were.  I wanted to say height but nothing to do about it wtf.  Second biggest problem is the stretch marks I got after pregnancy. T_____T

Actually my whole torso is a problem area after I had Fighter.  Throughout the whole pregnancy, I diligently applied bio oil and the Clarins stretch mark oil on my tummy – I even brought the oil to the hospital – and didn’t get one stretch mark on my stomach.

But what I didn’t bank on was the severe water retention that came with the pre-eclampsia.  Let me show you a diagram.

Learned my drawing skillz from art class at Moho wtf. Anyway this is a crude drawing of my torso la hahaha. That spot in the middle is my belly button. Dotted lines are where my hips are normally.

The two moneybags on the side were pouches of fluid hanging off my hips literally like a spare tire.  These eventually went away after I delivered Fighter but because of the rapid water gain and loss, I was left with horrible stretch marks all on my sides and back.  Cannot wear bikini ever. T__________T

Besides that, my tummy also has the usual loose skin and sagging pouch that comes with being pregnant and having a C section.  So I told Mayfair about these problems and they recommended some treatments to target these areas.



My therapist brought me into the room where I’d be doing my treatments.  So luxurious one!



Like a hotel ah!  Complete with very luxe looking bathtub some more.


First treatment was Intensive Frequency Treatment.

The therapist explained that the device, applied to the problem area, emits radio waves that penetrate the skin that helps improves blood circulation.

I was also told that it also stimulates the dermal layer to produce more collagen so skin is tightened… and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.



Like this!

It’s warm and massage-y thus very shiok hahaha.  Nearly dozed off.



Okay to be honest I was really surprised with the result! I went in with no expectations and didn’t really expect to see any obvious results.

She did my right side (the reddish one) only to show me the difference.  And suddenly I had half a waist!  (As opposed to looking like a tube of toilet paper normally).  See how my waist curves in on my right?

My hips are normally a bit fleshy too but she asked me to feel them and they were suddenly smaller as well!  And… softer.  A bit funny to touch but she explained that the fat inside was zapped away hence the softness and ’emptiness’.

(Btw I apologize for the stretched out belly button.  That also happens with pregnancy. :X)


Next, the MediJet  device was applied to my torso that delivered a  painless electrical current. The current would stimulate my core muscles and flex them and tighten them that way. D: It’s like exercise but for lazy people hahaha. The oil that the therapist gently applied would also help with skin tightening and my stretch marks.

The Mayfair staffs were really professional, they even shared the benefits of this treatment which actually helps  boost metabolism and cell regeneration, and rejuvenates the skin. The device also makes the nutrients in the oil absorb faster.

It felt so weird!! Not in a bad way, but the current really stimulated my muscles and… my hips were spasming WTF. Hahahaha.  Like how when you knock your knee, your leg jerks up? It was like that!

Suddenly I was Shakira wtf.  My hips didn’t lie. HAHAHA.


One side done. Visible difference to my stretchmarks!



The side that’s not done yet, to show the difference.

Third treatment was Heat Circulation!

First, Detoxification Oil is applied on my skin.  The benefits are detox obviously – eliminating toxins and water retention in the body system.  Together with the heat treatment later, it helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


After oil is applied, they wrapped me in cling wrap and then placed me a heat blanket on me.


Hi!!! From my own personal sauna!  I didn’t wrap my upper body and arms cos I don’t feel like I have a lot of fat to lose there hahaha.


Besides I need my arms free to take more pictures.

It was really warm but bearable.  I could feel myself starting to sweat under the cling wrap, exactly like a sauna but without the suffocation wtf. (I have a slight phobia of saunas; once I went into one and couldn’t breathe and when I tried to exit someone accidentally locked the door from outside T____T)


And then after the Heat Circulation treatment was done, I took a nice shower and washed off the sweat and residual detox oil. ^^

I was feeling quite guilty about leaving Fighter for a whole afternoon to do pampering but quite glad I did it! The overall experience was very soothing and because of the second treatment I actually felt healthy and like I worked out (doing situps hahaha). Therapist was also careful and very gentle in her work and made sure I felt very comfortable throughout the whole treatment.

And best of all I could see an obvious difference for my love handles and stretch marks, which is really something!

I felt like the treatments Mayfair provided and the overall service were really suited to my needs as a new mother so mommies do it for yourself and your sanity! Hehe.

Mayfair is currently having a promo – just pay RM 29 for any 5 treatments of your choice! You can find out more at their website and Facebook page or contact them for a consultation.

And and! Giveaway for my readers. 😀 😀 Thank you Mayfair!

Please comment (again leaving your email address) and tell me what would you like fixed about yourself physically (Sorry plastic surgery not included) – it could be your skin, your face, body, anything.  What you’d like to change about yourself and why.  You can be as elaborate as you want, and story me how you came to have such condition or what you’ve done to fix it before… anything!  The TEN most interesting answers will win a customized treatment each at Mayfair. ^^

Giveaway ends 27th July 2014. Shortlisted winners will be contacted personally through email!