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Eyes on me


I posted this on Instagram asking to guess what product I’m reviewing today. Guess guess?

Quite obvious la, but someone actually said acupuncture points HAHAHAHAHA.


Somebody actually guessed it exactly right though. :O It’s the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum, from the Estee Lauder ANR range.

Comes in two versions – serum and gel.  The one I have here is the serum which I think would be more lightweight than the richer gel.  ^^

I’m 29 this year (*hyperventilates) and a MOM.  Not only do I have to deal with age wtf, there’s also sleepless nights and the usual stresses that come with parenting to contend with.

Cos my eyes are big, I always feel like the flaws in the area around my eyes is extra visible. 🙁  Eyebags, fine lines, crow’ feet, dark circles, puffiness (thanks Fighter) all also got.


Here’s a close up look at the lines under my eyes.


Skin and fat under my eyes also sagging already, creating double eyebags. 🙁

Aging is inevitable but it doesn’t mean you need to succumb to it! Which is why it’s imperative to take care of the eye area from young to prevent and minimize premature aging.   The eye area has the thinnest, most sensitive skin on the body so age and whatever problems show up there first. D:


Eye serum comes in handy pump bottle form.


My eyes big but eye area not so big so I usually use a teeny amount of eye product only.

As expected, the formula is light and not sticky.  Cos it is so light it’s actually quite refreshing.


There’s a very faint fragrance to it too but not noticeable if you don’t sniff hard hahaha.


I usually apply eye products by spreading it on my ring fingers, and tapping on my eye area gently.  Ring finger cos this finger is the weakest of all, therefore ensuring no unnecessary force is used on the eye area.

Also, never pull the skin there!  Gently tap can already.  (Same goes for removing makeup; pulling skin will stress it and create more fine lines)


Okay so as expected, the serum is pretty light.  It goes on watery and very quickly absorbs into my skin, leaving a very clean feeling!


There are no miracles of course – in fact I’d be wary of a product that gave instant results – but it’s a matter of ‘insurance’ for my eye area.  I do like the feeling of it – not too heavy or oily.

CIMG2947Goes well with my Estee Lauder Micro Essence. 😀

CIMG2946Who wants a piece of this?

You can either click here to redeem a free trial sample of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum…

Or answer this question and I will give 3 lucky winners one Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel Crème (worth RM220) each!

How do you take care of your eye area?

Since I have Facebook comments, we can message you on FB now if you win, no need to leave emails!  Just make sure you check your inboxes.  Contest ends this Sunday, 31 Aug 2014.