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Of high tech beauty



Me! My first time at a Panasonic Beauty event!  And I got it right first time by wearing pink *smug

Geometric top from American Apparel, shorts from Topshop, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.


Take two, with Bobo and lipstick.

Bobo angry at me cos of the sign I was holding HAHAHA.


More and more people join us. With Povy!


Then Nana, tallest person in the world.


Panasonic has a huuuuge range of beauty products.  From hair care tools to skin to face to even nails. D:CIMG2883

The set up of the Panasonic Beauty Cafe.  Because there’s so many different sub ranges, there was a station set up for each sub range, and we were all given a ‘passport’ – when we explore each station we get a ‘stamp’ on the passport.

The first station I went to was Body Care!


Featured product was a Panasonic epilator.


Panasonic girl explaining with great gusto hahaha.


To use, must wet it and pour some body wash on to create a lather, so the epilator will run smoothly over your skin.


You can also change the top of the epilator and turn it into a foot file for dead skin too!

Next up was Face Care.


The device featured was the Facial Ionic Steamer.  In layman terms… it’s a mini home spa! The steam and ions released not only moisturizes skin but also helps to lift dirt and oil off your skin.

To show me how, they swished some waterproof liquid eyeliner over my hand.



Put my hand above the steamer for a few minutes…


Then when she wiped with makeup remover, the makeup vanished!  We redid the experiment without using the steamer, and it took a few swipes of the cotton pad to remove all the eyeliner.


Very tempting to get it!  The only thing is I don’t trust myself to steam my face often enough because I am lazy taking care of a baby takes a lot of time. Hahaha.


Hair care and styling!  The hair range is extensive – ranging from hairdryers to curling tongs and straighteners.


The new Panasonic 2000W hairdryer!  Matches my lip color! 😀  Hairdryer is an essential item cos without it, my (thin) hair will dry and stick to my forehead. -_-

Always on the lookout for new better hairdryers and this one is pretty great!  Cute color, foldable handle so it’s compact, yet it’s 2000W so it’s powerful enough to blitz hair dry fast.

Other products! So many omg so fun playing around with them.


Electric toothrush!


Wah this one cool.  Do I look like Cyclops.  It’s an eye massager and vibrates gently so you feel damn shiok hahaha.


THIS ONE!  One of my favorite products – the head massager.  It also vibrates and comes with little rubber tentacles that massage your head WAH DAMN SONG AH.  Maybe I should get one for Fatty.


This one also feels damn comfortable.  It’s a face massager to make fats disappear and face smaller!  It warms up when turned on and you rub it on your jaw/cheeks.


This was the Mobile Beauty station.  Tiny devices that you can bring ‘on the go’ for everything from nails to eyelashes to shavers.


Electric nail file! Also buffs nails. D:


Eyebrow trimmer!


Lemme try! #kiasuauntie

CIMG2894I had a lot of fun learning about all these new products.  May look very bimbo but it wasn’t! Cos we got the chance to learn about all the new products and technology Panasonic has invested in furthering the beauty industry.

Thanks Panasonic for having us!

You can see their Facebook or their website for more info on Panasonic Beauty.