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8 differences between the first and second pregnancy

Wow who knew I’d have enough pregnancies to write this blog post!

So I’ve had four months plus experience of being pregnant the second round so I feel pretty qualified writing about this.  Here’s what I noticed has been different this second pregnancy.

Baby bump showing

First pregnancy: I think it took me a good five months before I started to show really obviously.

Second pregnancy:


Tadah!  16 weeks yo.

Until some people on Instagram started asking if it was twins WTF.

The risk of Down Syndrome

First pregnancy: A Down Syndrome test in utero although highly accurate is not 100% definitive (like most things).  But the test can tell you your chances of having a DS baby.  The lower the chances the less likely it is to happen.  For my last pregnancy, my chances was something like 1 in 8000+ which was very unlikely.

Second pregnancy: Just two years later at 29, my odds had dropped to 1 to 1000 or 2000 I forgot.  Still very unlikely but it was pretty shocking. Why so fast one my body become inhospitable! In a way it’s good that I’m getting the babies out of the way earlier before the risks pile up… *comforts self

Nobody cares… sad but true!

First pregnancy: The slightest hunger pang, the teeniest wave of nausea and family members will fawn over you.  Trust me.  Everything will be handed to you… on a silver platter.  You will be treated like a precious jewel (or the casing of a precious jewel HAHAHA). Kidding!  It will be a wonderful time.

Second pregnancy: You can be vomiting with your head in the toilet for maybe half an hour then only your husband will remember to call from the next room (far away from the puke), “Eh are you okay?”  You will then have to quickly finish puking, wipe your mouth and run over to a wailing toddler to see what he wants.  If toddler bounces on your stomach, HOLD YOUR PUKE IN.  Or else you’re gonna be wiping vomit off and changing your kid for the bazillionth time that day.

And if porridge makes you nauseous, you just gotta suck it up (ok not literally, by suck it up I mean hold your breath for half hour or however long it takes) cos that’s what you need to sit there and feed your first baby with.

Carrying heavy weights

First pregnancy: Life is a breeze!  It’s literally weightless.  People open doors for you and give you their seat lest you exert your uterus.  If you’re buying groceries, people run out and help you carry shopping bags!

Second pregnancy: Oh bag of rice?  That’s lighter than your 7 kg baby right? OK see you later!

Feeling tired

First pregnancy: It’s totally normal to feel tired or drained when you’re pregnant – your body is making a new human being after all!  Take as much rest as you can and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Second pregnancy: Rest? Okay I’ll try to get some in the car in between trying to entertain my first child and fishing out different snacks to keep his mouth busy enough so he’ll stop screaming/trying to get out of his car seat.

Dressing the Bump

First pregnancy: In anticipation for the growing belly, go out and buy tons of stretchy leggings, baggy tops and empire waist dresses.  Fret because nothing is flattering and resign yourself to a year of looking frumpy.

Second pregnancy: Good news! After nine months of looking frumpy, you don’t care anymore how you look. HAHAHA.

While I’d always loved dressing up, my outfits were never super elaborate to begin with and now they’re even simpler.  I dress down all the way to Chinatown yo wtf.  I used to take really good care of my hair, curling and styling it.  Now it’s lucky it gets to see a comb wtf.  Luckily it’s always bobbed and I don’t have much hair anyway so not much daily maintenance required.



It’s only recently (i.e. last week) that I felt comfortable enough with my schedule and juggling Fighter to decide to grow my hair out and start styling it properly again.

But the real good news is (and this is my personal experience only of course) is that while the first pregnancy I struggled with trying to dress in my usual style, this time I’m more confident in what flatters the Bump and me.  It’s like pregnancy #1 was a trial run so pregnancy #2 runs a lot smoother in terms of fashion.  Plus I’ve got a bunch of leftover maternity wear from before so I don’t need to shop for more.

Being chill

First pregnancy: We were paranoid about everything.  Every new food item on my plate we’d be Googling to see if this was safe for pregnancy.  Can go for manicures?  Dye jobs? Can paint the house while pregnant? Doctor appointments were forever seared in my brain and up to a week before I’d be hopping up and down in excitement over getting to see our baby again.  I even rushed to the hospital once to have an emergency ultrasound because I “didn’t feel pregnant” anymore.

Second pregnancy: I forgot my last doctor’s appointment. -_-  Got a call from the doctor’s office asking if I was coming in and drove like a madwoman to the hospital.  Then the doctor was surprised because this was the second time in a row Fatty didn’t come with me, whereas he came every single appointment the last time. :X :X

The anticipation

First pregnancy: We couldn’t wait to find out the baby’s gender so we could start shopping.  So much excitement over furnishing the nursery and getting the cot and stroller and other baby essentials.  The pregnancy was a countdown to meeting our new baby and falling in love!

Second pregnancy: I still can’t wait to find out the baby’s gender, although more out of curiosity’s sake because Bump is gonna be using most of Fighter’s things.  Unless she’s a girl hehehe then in that case let the shopping begin wtf.  Nevertheless, this pregnancy is still a countdown to meeting Bump and falling in love. 🙂