Big Bump decisions

edit: Wrote this while Fighter was sick. He’s all good now!

Super quick post cos Fighter is still sick.

He was down with diarrhea and a fever which turned out to be roseola so the fever has broken but now he has a rash. *takes deep breath

Already updated about it on my Dayre here so not gonna do it again.

But today Imma talk about… baby decisions!

First up, transport systems.

We have a Bugaboo Bee and a Maxi Cosi baby carrier (that doubles as a car seat) so when Bump comes, the Maxi Cosi will go to her and we’ll get a new front facing car seat for Fighter.  Decided on a Britax Safe n Sound already…

But stroller leh?!

God I swear to god buying a stroller is more stressful than getting a new car.  Why unlimited options one!?!?  We have 4-5 months to go (if preeclampsia doesn’t hit) and Fighter hasn’t started even standing on his own.  He’ll probably be walking when Bump comes but there will definitely be times I’d want a double stroller to pop them both in when we’re out.

So I’m looking at a double stroller, and then possibly getting a skateboard to attach to the Bee for when he’s older and would prefer to stand.

But wah so many options!  Plus more expensive than normal strollers some more wtf.

(We also have a Ergo baby carrier but Fighter hates it and I’m not really a baby carrying person either  – cannot withstand weight for a long time wtf so I prefer to dump everyone in the stroller and push.)

Here’s my shortlist.  Please feel free to share if you have experience with any of these, and if you know where to get them in Malaysia!

Phil and Ted’s Promenade.  Can seat a newborn and a toddler in 28 different ways wtf.  Can choose to fix a baby carrier or use the bassinet/seats that come with it.  Can’t find what colors the hood comes in though wtf hahahaha I’m hoping there’s pink and not just yucky black.

Not sure where to get it in Malaysia though haih.

Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller.

Looks too cool!  Some more got white which is pretty and elegant yet not too girly. *refuses to think how to keep it clean

Unfortunately this looks crazy expensive la (USD559 for just the stroller base, haven’t add the seat or sunshade yet -_-).  Also no idea if it’s available in Malaysia.

Bugaboo Donkey!  Can sit one baby, one newborn + toddler, or twins.

Also mad expensive although I know its readily available in Mothercare.  Also dunno if I wanna get another Bugaboo since we already have the Bee.

Mima Kobi Tandem.

Wah this one nice until I wanna punch something wtf.  Seriously why don’t pram makers make prams in more colors rather than black/grey/red/silver/dark purple/duck shit green???

I know Mamours has the Mima but Michiekins (who has a Mima) said they only have the Xari (which is a single stroller) so not sure if the Kobi is available.  Does anyone know where to get!! Or how much it is!!! *big shiny eyes

Contours Tandem.  Definitely available in Malaysia (they have a MY website), price less than RM2K so it’s quite affordable.  Design-wise…. okaayyy la hahaha but just not as exciting as the Mima. T_T

A lot of people have been recommending the Joovy so I guess it is available in MY.  Above is the Joovy Ergo Caboose – good for a baby and a toddler can sit or stand in the back.  Again, the price is probably reasonable but god it’s so ugly wtf.  All the photos on Google Images show it only comes in black yegads.  The babies will look like they’re riding in a hearse please.

But then again, maybe I shouldn’t even get a stroller and just change the canopy of my Bugaboo to pink. T_T Cos this stupid Fighter absolutely refuses to sit in his stroller now and screams the place down whenever we even lower him to it.  I bought a detachable snack tray to hopefully distract him enough to sit in it but haven’t tried it out yet. T_T

If Fighter still doesn’t wanna sit in a stroller by the time Bump comes, he’ll just have to make sure he learns to walk before that.  Either that or he’ll just be dragged along on a leash WTF ok jokes.

Ok that’s all for strollers.

Next big decision – baby names!

OK so I really wanted to name Fighter Jude so I reserved rights to name him and told Fatty he could name the second baby.  He wasn’t coming up with any and even suggested a name like ‘Betty’ at one point to my horror.

Anyway to preempt any naming disasters I came up with a whole list of baby girl names.

Trawled name websites for this but most of them is just cos I like the sound of them la wtf.

  • Sloane – Fatty likes this and Quinn cos they’re both hot TV characters -_- (from Entourage and Glee) but I worry they’re too… unheard of for Malaysia
  • Quinn
  • Clover – I think Clover is adorable but it’s a weed. -_- Also Wendy said it’s a cow’s name wtf :X
  • Chloe – used to want to name my future daughter Chloe but it’s getting increasingly common nowadays so no
  • Clementine – I really like this! But Fatty doesn’t
  • Cecilia – Like this too but Fatty says he knew an unpleasant Cecilia wtf
  • Penelope
  • Pixie – cute but too outlandish, will probably have no friends in school
  • Lux – loved this name from the Virgin Suicides but later everybody call her “Soap” wtf
  • Ayla
  • Lola – like the rabbit in Space Jam lolol. Fatty rejected it on account of it being part of a Barry Manilow song
  • Sage – probably unacceptable in Malaysia too
  • Clea – I thought this was special but on second thought what if kids call her “Clit” FHL
  • Cecily
  • Cleo
  • Cosette – from Les Miserables! I actually thought it had a nice meaning cos Cosette is so beloved in the story
  • Lilou – Er I just like names starting with L but later everyone call her “Stitch”
  • Leonie
  • Axelle – Very prosperous sounding right? Like she’d excel at life lolol.  But then people might call her Microsoft Excel. -_-
  • Ariadne – super love this name! Can call Ari for short which sounds cute.  But Malaysians will probably mangle this name
  • Alva – can call Alfie for short.  You can tell I like short boyish nicknames
  • Athena
  • Alix – still rooting for this but Fatty finds it weird
  • Aria – nah. Too many Game of Thrones fans around
  • Lacey – like this too but too similar to a friend’s name
  • Primrose – ya from Hunger Games hahaha
  • Alisa – I loved the name Alyssa but my aunt took it for my cousin hahaha. So Alisa is a variation but the spelling doesn’t look as nice

What would you name your daughter?

  • fancypants

    Audrey here are my list of suggestions!!!! I work at a childcare centre and these are some of the more *unusual* and nice names hahahaha (or maybe because they are quite well-natured one lol biased teacher on the rise)

    1. Kalel
    2. Kaela/Kayla
    3. Raeann
    4. Anellie
    5. Andrea/Drea
    6. Janel/Janelle
    7. Jill
    9. Alexis
    10. Janie
    11. Xenia

    Hope this helped!!!!

  • fourfeetnine

    Nice list! Where do you live?

  • fancypants

    Bukit panjang area! Hahaha ulu ulu one

  • fourfeetnine

    Haha if we don’t use Cosette you can definitely take it!

  • fourfeetnine

    Haha we thought of doing the Disney thing too. And yeah Artemis is nice!

  • fourfeetnine

    Evening primrose oil fhl hahaha

  • fourfeetnine

    Haha I never say she will only have one name ah

  • fourfeetnine

    Omg I know a guy called Celestine

  • chris_all

    Arwen (lotr), Aurora, Ava, Bella/Belle, Charis, Dawn, Eleanor/Ellie, Emmeline, Esme, Iris, Jules, Scarlette . enjoy:) ~~~~~

  • yanling

    Hi Audrey, you might consider getting fighter a fisher price walker. It helps toddler to learn walking in an easier way. Hope it helps! Cheers!:)

  • asdfghjklx

    My friend’s name is Odelia, I think it’s super cool 🙂

  • Jasiminne

    Cleo is my favourite girl’s name ever! I’ve loved that name ever since I saw it on a cartoon. Clementine, Cosette, and Clover are super adorable too! It’s all about da Cs!

    Also, I have a friend whose last name is Lux and everybody just calls her Luxy instead of by her first name, it’s super cute!

    Worse case scenario if you can’t decide just let the baby choose—write all those names and put them into a hat, whichever one baby grabs is hers haha


  • Zoey Trang

    When I met my Boyfriend we kind of agreed to name our daughter after his Mother Lilia and after my late aunt Ly which is russian and vietnamese for lilly 😀 I still think it’s a beautiful name in most languages!

  • Eileen Ang

    How about the following?
    – Scarlet
    – Junie
    – Luanna

    Ps: Axcelle sounds like a name for brilliant child. Two thumbs up for it!

  • Jing

    I like the name Kayleigh, or Leia. 🙂

    Here’s a list of suggestions too (names i had troubles pronouncing haha)

    Siubhan/Siobhan.. sounds like chinese char siu pa to me. It took me so long to have the courage to pronounce this name. (pronounce as Sher-vonne)
    Caoilainn… the name looks rude to me haha i feel like i’m swearing when I pronounce that the Malaysian way wtf but it’s actually Kee-lan
    Caoimhe.. Kam-he? lol (Kee-va)
    Saoirse.. they should totally add another “u” into it. (Sher-sha)
    Sorcha.. haha like sor-cha (ser-ka)
    Muireann, this name not bad but sounds more like marine to me
    The worst has to be Saidhbh pronounced as “SAI” i’m not even joking. I was so tempted to explain to my friend the meaning of her name in my country but I don’t have the guts to say it to her, scared she’ll get offended lol

    These are all girl’s name, you’re very welcome Audrey. xD

  • Lisa Steele

    My son had roseola too. I suspect he caught it at the airport. Thankfully, it didn’t last long.
    Your baby names are cute, but I think these are way better:

    But seriously, the Joovy is the best for recreation. I have the Graco Sit-n-Stand, which is like it. If you’re bringing a toddler and baby to places like the park or zoo, the option of getting out quickly to run around and run to the restroom is really handy. Mima and Promenade are good for going to stores and other places not toddler-safe. They are compact, which is important. So it probably can fit in your car, and who wants to manipulate a tank around town? Neither are #1 in my book of double strollers because they block the view of 1 (the lesser loved… Jk) child.

  • Peggy Liaw

    how about josslynn, katelynn, lynnz ?

  • csthia

    Rooting for names in the As and Cs! Alix, Alisa, Axelle,Clover, Cleo are awesome girl names 😀 Quinn is a very unique one though. A variation for Alisa maybe can be Ally or Alicia ?

  • thelicious

    I think Jill is nice! Jude and Jill! 😀

  • Angelou Christine

    Adeline/Adelina? but sounds like adrenaline wtf hahaha or how about Alexine? //ps your blog is cute 🙂

  • Lj Aldea

    Eh, my bad, tehehe, I was just curious, I’m not sure if its a middle child syndrome but till now I still asks my mom how come I had the shortest name out of us siblings, while the others has two and three, like she didn’t had time to think about it, xD and lol at celestine guy

  • auricca

    I’d love to name my daughter Norah! like Norah Jones! hehe.
    my husband likes Bella but it’s a big no-no coz his surname is Chang.. :S

  • me

    I know an unpleasant Quinn who thinks and acts like a Queen !

  • Lee Sze Yin

    If you like Alyssa, how about Aleesa? 🙂

  • Cheryl

    How about Joelle? 🙂 (Oh she should definitely have middle name too!)
    Jude and Joelle Tiah 😀

  • keurimu

    allison or abbey!

  • Alynna Catherine De Costa

    I would suggest ‘Lily’ perhaps? I always find it a very beautiful name. Because when I think of lily, it reminds me of the flower lily that grows and blooms on a pond. So serene and beautiful.
    ‘Amelia’ is a nice name as well. =)

    Just pick a name that pulls your heart strings when you think of bump. =)

  • Nicole

    Nowadays kids don’t know who Lilo and Stitch are so I guess the name is safe!

  • esther

    Hehe of course! So excited for you two! :))

  • Joanna

    Chloe is awsome but I think Mila and Zoe are nice too

  • sushichan

    Sloane is also the name of an extremely bratty American tennis player (sorry, totally out of context but first thing I thought of, hahaha)

    I like Ayla and Athena from your list. Are you not thinking of J-names to match Fighter? Like Jasmine or Joey or something like that…

  • ayrazalia

    How about Juliet? Jude & Juliet. hehe

  • Hock


  • Annisa Steviani

    my son’s name is Xylo (from Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto) so I thought if I had a daughter someday, it will be Coldplay related too. in your case, you don’t want Bump’s name to be The Beatles related? Lucy? Eleanor? Lizzy? Sadie?

  • Elie

    Hello Aud! So happy when I knew Bump is a girl because *hehehe* always better with a boy and a girl. Anyway just uhm name suggestions with no explanations whatsoever because…names really need explanations meh? :/

    Reyne (Pronounced similiarly to Rain)

    Skye (Uhm yeah Sky)

    Peyton (From One Tree Hill wan!)

    Haley (Also from One Tree Hill wan!)

    Louisa (Okay la I purposely go Google and it says: Meaning of Louisa: “renowned warrior” so maybe Warrior then got Fighter so…got link right?)

    But really whatever Bump’s name will be, surely it’ll be a beautiful one. Praying that you’ll have a safe pregnancy all the way to your EDD! 🙂

  • Kavi

    Hi Audrey.. Pls check this link, there are some beautiful names there..

  • Cherry

    I like the name Quinn because she is so hot in Glee! <3
    How about:









  • disqus_oq6exmi8hS

    how about the name Jade?

  • Christyn Lee

    Rachel just because i’m a fan of FRIENDS wtf

  • Jacqueline Chang

    I really like the French name Adeline (Ballade pour Adeline is one of my favorite songs). That or the French name Elodie! Kind of like Melody but without the M haha!

  • Tenshichn

    I like Quinn! Peyton.. Alex..

  • purplelux

    You should name her Evangeline, I think it sounds nice and a bit Marie Antoinette ish lol kind of royal almost but not sure if it’s too unheard of for Malaysia

  • judy

    I like Arissa and Fleur! : )

  • Belinda

    Once I was at a food court eating and happened to see this primary school girl’s name badge. Her name was “Bliss”. I thought it was sweet and rare.

  • stef

    how about, rayna or cheyanne?

  • girage

    One of my friend named Quinn 🙂

  • girage

    Clare? Adela? Emerentiana? Agnes? Anastasia? Gwen? Belina? Isabel? Laura? Lea? Delphina? Lydwine? Edith? Elizabeth? Mildred? Rachel? Veronica? Olivia? Sonia?

  • Anthea O.

    Hello Audrey! Just wanted to drop some baby name ideas. Feel free to turn them down if they’re no good!

    1.) Avery – a modern, unisex name
    2.) Alexa – modern and feminine
    3.) Eloise – like the children’s book
    4.) Hadley
    5.) Hazel – it’s become more popular because of The Fault in Our Starts, though
    6.) Maisie – recently more common because it’s the name of a Game of Thrones actress
    7.) Meadow – the daughter from The Sopranos, she was kinda bratty and it sounds like a hippie 60’s name, but it’s unique
    8.) Naomi
    9.) Violet – reminds me of the girl who turned into a blueberry in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (“Violet, you’re turning violet, violet!”), but that’s an obscure reference
    10.) Samantha – like the witch from that old show Bewitched, and it has a bunch of nicknames

  • Guest

    Hey Audrey 🙂 There are so many names on your list that are also on mine (Aria being my favourite❤️), how funny ! Also did you know that ‘Cosette’ is actually a nickname and that her real name is Euphrasie ? Lots of love to you and your family xxx

  • Guest

    Hey Audrey 🙂 There are so many names on your list that are also on mine (Aria being my favourite❤️), how funny ! Also did you know that ‘Cosette’ is actually a nickname and that her real name is Euphrasie ? Lots of love to you and your family xxxP