Rosie the Riveter for Christmas

Last week, Fatty’s company threw a Christmas party for their clients!  The theme was Jingle Bell Rock so the dress code was 50s style/rock and roll.


Here’s what I wore!  Bandanna in my hair, checked shirt, a big skirt, bobby socks and pumps.  Haven’t dressed up for theme parties forever (and I used to loooove doing them with Angela!!!) but I decided to give it a shot and it was soooo fun!  Apparently I won best dressed but then I wasn’t around so they gave the prize to someone else wtf.  But that person was very deserving also!  As was Bobo who also super fit the theme.

Anyway I thought I’d do a makeup and hair tutorial for my 50s take that night.  Sorry if photos very half assed cos I took all these in the 45 minutes that Fighter was napping. :X

Start with the usual basic skin routine.  For me, this is BB cream and eye concealer.


50s style brows are all about being dark!  But I don’t have any black brow pencils so I made do with my usual brown one that matches my hair.  I normally draw them pretty straight but 50s eyebrows have a very distinctive arch so I also try to follow.

My brow drawing skills. T_T I bet you can do better wtf.


Then using a very light shade of eyeshadow, I dusted my lids.  I’m using Virgin from Naked I palette (which is a very soft sheer metallic beige.


See cannot see anything which is good cos 50s style makeup doesn’t focus on eye shadow color.


Next up is eyeliner!  Eyeliner in the 50s was the bolder the better so must use dramatic black.


My black liner can be super jarring if got mistakes so I took my brown eyeliner first and lined my eyes as a guide for the black liner.


Then I took my black liquid eyeliner and ran it on top of the brown.  Remember to do the cat’s eye flick at the end!


The longer and thicker, the better.


Finish up with mascara.  I opted not to put falsies cos I thought it’d be too much with the signature red lip of the 50s.  But actually I think can!  In fact I’m pretty sure 50s housewives wore fake lashes all the time wtf.


Put on some light pink blusher just for a bit of color.



Get the biggest, boldest red lipstick you can find!



Paint the town red wtf.  I purposely emphasized the cupid’s bow. 😀



Then curl your hair!  Doesn’t matter how the curls look as long as your hair is curly so it’s easier to style.  Your hair will be put up anyway.



I have bangs which reach my eyes so I also took some longer pieces of my hair from my crown and brought them to the front.  This is so the front pouf of hair is easier to make.

Curl the bangs and the long pieces of hair too.



I stuck my bangs into a roller while I worked on the back hair.  Back hair quite simple, just take the hair from top and create a small beehive on top by pinning like above.  The rest of the back hair I put in a (curly) ponytail.


The trickiest part for me was making the bangs into a pouf.  I did this by using hair pins underneath to secure the hair into a roll but it took a few tries.  Be liberal with your hair spray to make the hair roll stay up.



Finish off with a bandanna!



Change clothes and hello Rosie the Riveter!



Another view of the side to show what the hair looks like.


And yes that is a fake mole HAHAHA.  I actually have a real mole in that spot but I used black eyeliner to enlargen it.



The makeup I used!

Full list coming up…

2014-12-22 05.49.56 1

Base -Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin
CC cream – Chanel Les Beiges All-in-one Healthy Glow Cream
Concealer – Magic Concealer (got from Japan and I dunno the brand! But it’s THE best concealer I’ve ever used)
Loose Powder – Givenchy Prisme Libre, Rose

2014-12-22 05.50.02 1

Brow pencil – Lancome Le Crayon Sourcils
Brown eyeliner – Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner pen
Black eyeliner – Sephora

2014-12-22 05.50.06 1

Blush – Dior Rose Tahiti Paradise Glow
Lipstick – Sephora, The Red


Very simple right?  Maybe I should try doing more themed makeup looks. 😀  If you do, leave a comment and show me!!!


  • v v n

    Super pretty!!! You look like a pin up girl heheheh! Audrey do you usually do your makeup then change your clothes or change clothes then do makeup? Super random question LOLOLOL.

  • Noppi Neko

    I LOVE THISSSSS! More more more more! Hehehe

  • fourfeetnine

    Hahaha ok any suggestions?

  • fourfeetnine

    LOL. I usually do my makeup only change. And I do my hair last hahaha