Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

How did I spend New Year’s Eve?

How I spent most every night of 2014. ^^ Which is by eating at home, putting the critter to bed, watching a movie and just nuah-ing around.


We’re so old now that Fatty even wanted to sleep first and set his alarm for midnight HAHAHA.

Can just imagine him staring blearily out of the window to see if got any fireworks remnants we can catch, then muttering “ok goodnight” and trudging upstairs to bed again hahahaha.

That was our New Year’s Eve! At first I was wondering if we should do something but New Year’s is just the first day of the rest of the year.  And I honestly don’t mind doing this every night the whole year. <3


Anyway I think 2015 is gonna be fun! A lot of things to look forward to.

1. Fighter is going to be two!!!

I cannot believe it la two years!!! I remember the day after he was born I was visiting him in the NICU.  And on his incubator there was a sign that said, “1 day old” lolol it felt so surreal that this human has only been in this world for a day.  Like I can literally tell him, “what do you know, you were born yesterday.” #trollmother.  And he’ll be two this year.  My baby is growing up too fast. D: D: But issokay cos we have another one coming to relive those newborn fatty baby days.

2. Bump is coming!!!

Very excited for her arrival!  Even though it means my life (and sleep) will officially be over.  And my title will change to “mother of two” omg sounds so advanced wtf.


All’s good on the blood pressure front so far so hopefully although I can’t wait, she won’t show up so soon.  I’m 26 weeks now and the preeclampsia hit at 28 weeks last time so I can’t help being a bit nervous.  If it comes at 28 weeks or later I’d feel like never mind, I expected it.  But if it came before I’d collapse. T_T So every day with normal BP is an additional win. ^^

3. My birthday is coming too!!!

Actually I rarely get excited about my birthday wtf.  But it’s my big 3-0 yo.  So maybe I should have a party this year for the heck of it.  Count it as one last bash before two babies suck the life out of me wtf.

Speaking of which….I delivered Fighter at exactly 31 weeks right.  Bump at 31 weeks exactly is on my birthday itself. O_O So who knows, my party may not even happen what if I’m in the hospital then. O_O

Also thought of doing a baby shower cos last time’s baby shower got canceled on account of me being hospitalized.  So if do also should do earlier on to avoid the above.

Never mind!  Still a lot of things to look forward to!

Erm what else ah.  Actually that’s about it la hahaha.  Just feels like a lot to me cos everything is happening earlier part of the year.

But I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year!  And lemme tell you, I never feel like this for any other years wtf.

Ok just realized this blog post is very rubbish.  Lemme tag it as AudRubbish wtf.



  • Ugly baby

    Please la, your baby so mad fugly. Xiaxue’s baby Dash is much more cuter than yours. Yuck

  • Ugly baby

    And you are ugly as fuck. A pig breeds ugly pig.

  • Ugly baby

    Please la, we all know you are mad fugly. nobody cares about your baby, not exciting at all. you look like pig so your kid confirm look like pig. mad fugly disgraced creep.

  • fourfeetnine

    Wow you must care a lot about this to comment twice. Lol so what ah if you think I’m ugly or my baby is ugly? How does your opinion matter? Still happy 🙂

  • Sherlyn

    Reply to Ugly Baby

  • XiaXue


  • XiaXue

    Ugly baby

  • XiaXue

    Ugly husband

  • XiaXue

    Ugly Timothy

  • XiaXue

    Mad fugly family. HAHA

  • Jane

    Why are you doing this?? LOL. Go spend the time baking a cake or something. At least you get to eat a cake.

  • Natalie

    What the hell is your problem! Your eyes are really failing on you and perhaps your brain too! Go take a long walk off a short pier you idiot.

  • gaejihyo

    OMG turning three-o?? Don’t even look like one. You can still pass la as college student! Have a great year ahead! (and hopefully Bump comes in full term! ^-^)

  • Lisa M. Babler

    Glad to hear you are doing well at 26 weeks! Best wishes for a safe delivery and also hopefully not being in the hospital on your birthday (fingers crossed)!

  • Karen K

    Sick people with sick mind doing rubbish things like this. Don’t like don’t read, TROLL.

  • Kathleen

    This shows this fella have too much time on his hands. And most probably doesn’t have anyone to love. This fella just wants to piss you off.. Don’t listen to haters. You are beautiful and Fighter is so adorable! 🙂

  • troll fcuker

    hahahahaha all the replies. lol sorry i am just trolling. 😛 UGLY

  • Nadia Nurazleena Azman

    Ehh I’ll be turning 3-0 as well this year..and I’m pregnant too! Going on 22 weeks now..what a coincidence! Happy New Year Audrey and family!! I’m sure 2015 is going to be magnificent for you after all the hardship you’ve had to go through. Keep us updated please?

  • fourfeetnine

    If you need to explain you’re a troll, you’re not a very successful one to begin with. 😛

  • fourfeetnine

    Congrats!! We hit milestones together hehehe

  • tehtarikmemoirs

    Here’s to a great year ahead with you, Tim, Fighter and the little one coming!

  • Toro

    I’ll be turning 30 this year as well T__T I’m starting to eat well, hopefully delay the signs of aging. lol

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