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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Last post so emo nemo about stomach flu.  And then in real life I was also emo nemo about my blood pressure (maybe another post on this later) so this post is all about happy things!

Last Thursday I was supposed to meet some of the #laksamoms for lunch.  But since Fighter hadn’t fully recovered from his stomach foo (still diarrhea-ing), I told them I probably can’t make it and asked them to go ahead without me.

Then suddenly this Omamee messaged me privately and said “you sure you cannot come? Cos uhhh it’s actually a surprise baby shower for you.” :O

Never had a baby shower and always wanted one!!! Actually last time with Fighter my friends planned for me but I kena hospitalized FTS.  They wanted to bring the shower to my hospital room but it wasn’t allowed so end up they just delivered the cupcakes to me there wtf.

Mummy Ooi was staying at our house and she told me to just go and that she had Fighter covered.  So I went!

2015-02-07 10.05.25 1


2015-02-12 10.55.01 1

Very very simple but soooo pretty! I nearly melted hahahaha.  I totally didn’t expect this and I was so touched that everyone put so much effort into it. T_______T

Balloons were by Notaitailife…

2015-02-12 10.55.20 1

The collage photo frame behind is by Omamee.  She customized the picture designs in the frames so well I’m not even gonna bother putting photos la just hanging up straight so pretty already!

Also got a special card for me and Bump. <3

2015-02-12 10.54.38 1

And cupcakes by Twentylittletoes why she so superwoman. T_______T I at first thought they were store bought but she stayed up until 1 am making them and they look so perfectly made lo please.  Since I started baking I really think it’s damn hard making baking goods look so pretty but she did it.

And Jigglypuff decorated them with all the little signs and flags. 😀

2015-02-12 10.54.47 1

And the diaper cake!!!! Everyone contributed to it and Chileng was the one who made it.  These people can start a business already!

2015-02-12 11.15.52 1

Complete with a Shelly Mae on top holding a pink milk bottle. <32015-02-12 11.15.32 1

Thank you so much guys!!! From next to me clockwise: Yuetchitan, Omamee, Jigglypuff, Notaitailife, Kimcun, Twentylittletoes. (Wendy and Chileng who were also part of it couldn’t make it 🙁 )

Super loved it but hor…. that was the day I developed stomach foo myself FML.  So the minute I arrived at the restaurant I rushed to the toilet to puke WTF.  Then simmered in cold sweat the entire time before puking again and going home FML.  And then hospitalized that night double FML.

So I didn’t get to properly enjoy it.or everyone’s company ;( But it’s the thought that counts and a very countable thought it is too. Hahaha.

2015-02-12 10.55.34 1Came back after my stomach foo ordeal and happily opened presents hahaha.  Clothes for Bump, bibs, blankets, towels, diapers, bottle and pacifier, a teddy, a photo album for documenting baby days… Even Fighter got a present!  And I also got…in the shape of baking tools yay hahaha.  <3

And then on Tuesday it was my birthday!

Normally I just go for dinner for my birthday but since it’s my 30th Fatty organized a whole proper birthday party for me.

And then fifteen minutes before we were due to leave for it……….. he vomited.  Twice.

And then he diarrhea-ed twice.


And that’s how I ended up going to my birthday party without my husband wtf.

I thought of canceling it already cos how to go when husband + organizer is sick!? T____T But it was fifteen minutes before the party, guests were already there and the restaurant (which was actually closed on that day had opened up specially for us).

Fatty insisted I go while he stayed at home and nursed his stomach foo.  And there I was in the car on the verge of tears and in totally no mood to have fun.  And feeding Fighter his porridge at the same time cos he hungry wtf.

In the end, I did have fun.  From his messages Fatty sounded like he was a bit better and it was so nice seeing friends new and old all in the same place. ^^  Normally I don’t like having parties cos I always scared different groups of friends cannot mingle but… I think KL is a very small place and everyone sort of knows everyone else.  Either that or my friends are all very sociable and can get along with anyone hahahaha.


Did the party at Myburgerlab in OUG!  Fatty’s choice really cos we both like their food, plus the venue was spacious enough to accomodate everyone and family friendly too.


Hui Yuan and a very distracted by necklace Fighter.


Mummy Ooi and a distracted by cup Fighter.  >_> I am sensing a pattern wtf.IMG_0485-Watermark

Me and a distracted by flash Fighter WTF.

BTW Fighter’s OOTD is super cute can.  Je’taime tshirt from Baby Style Icon, skinny jeans from Osh Kosh and sneakers from Melissa.


Then suddenly Fat Her appeared with a cake! I knew Fatty had ordered a cake and was very surprised why is it Fat Her bringing it in.

I asked him how come you know got cake! He smiled smugly and said, “Ahhhhh….”. >_>

Obviously Fatty called him la hahaha.


Me and a doubtful Fighter and the very beautiful cake!

Let me show you how beautiful it was.


Gorgeous or what!

On top is the three of us underneath a banner with my blog header printed on it. ^^ Not sure if Bump is there under my dress…

And then the cake itself is a timeline of my life!


Fatty’s mole very accurate but why Fighter’s nipples so high up HAHAHAHA.  Also I am taller than in real life.  😀 Good job, bakers!


From birth… to school.

I swear I wasn’t this cute as a school girl so again, good job bakers!


Started blogging in 2004 and also went to Mount Holyoke.  Love the MHC emblem!


Married in 2012, and 2013 (aiya no picture) Fighter came into the picture!  There’s a super cute photo of him printed out but not visible here.


Me looking like a single mom with the critter.  We missed you Fatty!

2015-02-12 11.02.18 1

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

Singing birthday song!

Super cute, when everyone started singing, Fighter started clapping his hands.  With a very serious expression on his face lolol. Then when people laughed cos at him, he stopped and looked even more serious.

Babies know how to be embarrassed one meh haahahaha.


Asking suspicious baby if he wants to blow out the candles.IMG_0503-Watermark

Nope, so okay I blow them out myself!


Haha Fighter super happy with Aunty Joanne.  Industry friends – Joanne, Brenda, Janice, Fayth.IMG_0529-Watermark

With Jojo! My boss’s wife nyehehe.IMG_0544-Watermark

Hey girlfriend *head toss wtf.  With Tze, Bobo, Lay See and Hui Wen.IMG_0551-Watermark

Mummy and Fat Her Ooi!


Playing with Rina’s baby.

Fat Her carried Rina’s baby and Fighter got jealous and shrieked. O_O I fear for Bump.


And Tze!

2015-02-12 11.01.54 1

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

Suet. <3

2015-02-12 11.01.41 1

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

And Carol who helped me take all the DSLR photos. <3

2015-02-12 11.01.28 1

Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

And the Nuffies, thank you for coming!  Adele, Rachel, Rina + family, Lilian, Angie, and Tim 2.

With my aunt, uncle, and his brother who came down for Chinese New Year.

Didn’t manage to take pics with a lot of others. 🙁 But thank you everyone for coming and for making my birthday so memorable.

2015-02-12 11.16.18 1

And thank you to the best husband ever for putting together the party (even though you couldn’t even enjoy it) and for always being there.

2015-02-12 11.02.49 1

Hehe presents!!!

2015-02-12 11.03.41 1

Aftermath of ripping them open like a dinosaur.

I don’t think there’s one present that I didn’t love!?!?  I loved how everyone put in so much thought into getting me things that I’d actually like/use.

From lots of baking supplies and tools to cookbooks, to fabulously girly tea sets, to a set of Roald Dahl books omg, to skincare suited for pregnant ladies and stuff for confinement, to matching outfits for me and Bump.

Super emo and touched cos…. everyone knows me so well and I cannot believe they all love me enough to figure out what I’d like hahahaha.

Didn’t take photos of all but here’s some random ones.

2015-02-12 11.03.12 1

OMG adorable Disney macarons from Lils, Rina and Angie HAHAHA too cute to eat laaaa2015-02-12 11.03.26 1And part of the tea set from Bobo, Hui Wen and Jo!  And dunno who is that porcelain spoon measuring set from but too cute to use. 😀

Thasss all folkssss


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  • awh~~~ ur hubby and ur frens are so sweet lah!! ^^ between, ur birthday cake is the best ever birthday cake i ever see 😀 so nice and meaningful!

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