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Second baby shower for Bump

So…. this happened on Monday. 2015-02-23 10.13.53 2*hearts in eyes wtf


The second baby shower for Bump!  Fighter didn’t even have one hahaha.

My friends were always talking about throwing one for me and Bump since we didn’t get to do it with Fighter.  But since the past few weeks I kept getting scares and we also dunno when Bump would make her appearance, we decided no need la. Instead we were just going to have a baking session at my place (which was what Bobo and Hui Wen had been talking about forever) to make use of my Kitchenaid mixer (birthday present from Fatty hehe).

Or so that’s what I thought wtf.

So the day came and Bobo and Suet arrived first!  We planned a whole tea menu so I was gonna make my usual butter cookies, Suet was making scones and Bobo would make sandwiches. IMG-20150223-WA0042   The prettiest mixer in the world!  Mixing the dough for the cookies.  And yea my apron is Totoro wtf Fatty got it for me together with a whole other bunch of miscellaneous baking/cooking stuff too. Some of the Nuffies (Adrian, Melissa, Denise) got me a very canggih looking cookie cutter for my birthday so I was also dying to use it!  The box proclaimed it ‘the last cookie cutter you’ll ever need’. IMG-20150223-WA0041   WTF is this shit LOLOL. I was like either this is not the last cookie cutter I’ll ever need or I’m the last person who should be using this cookie cutter hahahaha. Turns out it’s the latter FML.  Used it wrongly and my third batch of cookies are uglier than ever. Suet and Bobo went ahead with the scones… IMG-20150223-WA0043 The recipe called for sifted flour.  Here they’re using my tiny sieve from Daiso – think they hated me cos it took forever to sift the flour hahahaha.


This was after lunch so I was still munching on my Mcds fries and ‘supervising’ wtf. They said I damn annoying cos I was just eating and offering un-useful advice – “Put less sugar! I like more butter!”



Ally brushing on egg wash on the scones.


Raisin scones done!  Turned out pretty good for a first attempt!

And then the doorbell rang.  And Hui Wen clattered in with armfuls of flowers and balloons and other random props. D:

2015-02-23 10.13.57 1

Voila the final set up!

I was so surprised cos I really expected a baking session with shorts (I was still wearing pajama shorts wtf) but the girls really outdid themselves. T_________T

2015-02-23 10.14.09 1


Look at this gorgeous set up!  They even had a poster with ‘baby shower’ written on it and borrowed an Ikea frame from me to put it in wtf.  Pink deer figurine is from Hui Wen’s house hahahaha.2015-02-23 10.14.00 1

And tons of fresh flowers and other pretty decor.

2015-02-23 10.14.04 1

Apple crumble made by Ally! 2015-02-23 10.14.01 1

Scones made by Suet and Bobo!  Savory pastries underneath were brought by Hui Wen.

2015-02-23 11.17.17 1

Tuna sandwiches by Bobo!

2015-02-23 10.14.12 2

Macarons bought by Sherlyn!  My fugly butter cookies underneath not even bothering to take a close up shot of them wtf.

2015-02-23 10.14.05 1

Hui Wen even brought the white tea pot WTF. Pink tea cups were given to me by her and Bobo for my birthday hehehe.


Thank you girls for putting in so much effort and making me and Bump feel so loved. T_____________T Bump better be a girl WTF.  Cos my baby bump is very sharp and neat la I kept asking my doctor “confirm still a girl ah?” wtf.


Cheesie came with Junya later too!


With Hui Wen <3


And Ally. <3

Meant to take individual photos with everyone but got too caught up with eating. :X


Got one with BB Junya though who looked very stoned fml.2015-02-23 10.13.55 1

The babies meet!  When I see Junya I remember how Fighter used to be!  Like still a bit floppy and sweet and not as strong willed.  Fighter is a sturdy toddler now and very adamant in his likes and dislikes sigh.  2015-02-23 10.13.58 1

Anyway Fighter noticed Junya fiddling with his animal puzzle and I think he was trying to show off as a big brother – he very quickly pulled all the animal pieces out from the puzzle as though trying to show Junya how to do it lolol very show off.

2015-02-23 10.14.03 1

Then the puzzle got music one!  Music started playing and immediately Fighter dropped the puzzle and started clapping hahahaha automatic reflex. -_-2015-02-23 10.14.08 2Playing with Junya ok.  But if I or nanny carry Junya, all hell breaks loose. T_______T  Can’t see properly in this picture but Fighter is actually shouting and staring angrily at a stunned Junya. T____T

His jealousy is so horrible! It’s actually getting worse the older he gets.  Nobody can carry any other baby except him wtf.  Nobody can even leave the room without him getting antsy wtf.  It’s like all of us must be around him at all times. -_-

Worried for Bump now fml.

Oh well Fighter is just going to have to suck it up.  And all of us will just have to close our ears when he screams wtf.

2015-02-23 10.13.59 1
Anyway it was a fabulous day, thank you guys. T________T I have the most awesome friends yo. We don’t get together often anymore cos of all our hectic schedules, especially not in such big groups so it’s even more fun when we have a reason to!  Makes me feel like a carefree student again when we can hang out for hours on end doing nothing.

(Only got to do it this time cos at home and all baby necessities are there wtf)

  • Dayze

    First time here. Congrats on the pregnancy! Such lovely friends you have there 🙂 Beautiful decos as well! Have you thought of a name yet? 🙂

  • Lisa M. Babler

    Sounds very fun! Don’t worry, Fighter will adjust to having a sibling around. Just sounds like normal toddler fussiness (and probably because he has been the only child all of his life so far).

  • rachel

    In the picture where fighter is scolding junya, junya is holding fighter’s hand as if telling fighter to keep calm haha.

  • fourfeetnine

    hahahaah ya junya himself is really damn calm too

  • fourfeetnine

    yea i’m hoping he adjusts faster since being so young he’s had a shorter time being an only child 😛

  • fourfeetnine

    yes! but we’ll only announce it after she’s born 🙂