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Having faith in face

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This post is going to be very straightforward hor.  How many of you ladies use facial masks regularly put your hands up?

*arms stay firmly at my sides wtf

I’m not too bad at my skincare routine.  I NEVER go to bed without removing my makeup, and I always do the usual three steps – cleanse, tone, moisturize.  Also apply eye cream religiously because big eyes means big eye bags, big dark circles and big wrinkles wtf.

But when it comes to masks…. they all stay packed away in my drawer. :X

I receive tonssss of masks from friends or from brands and I hardly do anything with them.  I even usually reject when online shops ask me to review.  They always seemed like such a hassle – put on and then cannot do anything for a while waiting for it to be done.  And effect also not very obvious I might as well just slather more moisturizer on.

But then Faith in Face approached me… and I was a sucker for their packaging hahaha.

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Faith in Face is a brand that originated in Korea. They are now available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand and from April onwards are now here at all major Watsons outlets in Malaysia as well.

They’re launching with their range of hydrogel masks – the five pictured above.

So here’s my review of Faith in Face.


This is what the mask looks like! (ignore my fingers dunno what I was doing)

It starts off like any other mask – rip the outside packaging and pull the mask out.  The mask itself is wrapped with sheer pieces of paper to protect it and keep the essence in.

My first impression was that the mask is damn heavy.  Much heavier than other masks I’ve tried before.

Second impression is that not only is it heavy, it’s also very slippery.  It was in fact a little tricky to pull out of the package.

Why? Because the mask is not made of cotton or paper but a thick smooth bouncy, gel-like material.  Later on I found out that this is a hydrogel mask.  See the picture above?  You can see it’s slightly shiny and gel-like.

Because of the hydrogel material, the mask actually contains more ‘essence’ compared to other types of masks, and stay moist and hydrate the skin for longer.

Over the course of a week I managed to test out the different masks.  These are my favorites!


HOLD ME TIGHT is a lifting and firming mask.  It promises to let you hold on tight to your youth! Sounds like something this auntie needs yo.


Carefully put on the mask… It actually comes in two pieces – one for the top of the face and another for the lower part.  I’m guessing it’s so it will be a better fit generally.

Then I chilled with my book for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes I removed the mask and noticed the mask is noticeably lighter!  Either that or I buffed up in the last half hour wtf.

The nutrients from the mask had actually left it and absorbed into my skin which is why the mask was thinner and lighter after I was done!

Massaged the remaining essence into my skin and then carried on with my usual makeup routine.

CIMG3934 1

Verdict: Skin felt moisturized but not much different from usual days.  But then when I applied my sunblock and BB cream, I noticed my makeup glided on more smoothly than usual.


Wah so young already! Am I dreaming? *pinches self / *pinches young cheeks wtf


HOLD ME TIGHT contains copper tripeptide that helps firm and liven the skin, and rooibos and red ginseng extract, a popular Korean ingredient which works to reduce stress and improve firmness to the skin.

2. After Shower Look


I was pretty excited to try this one out!  I like the feeling of my skin when I just get out of the shower – all damp and soft, very shiok and can bluff myself it feels like Fighter’s skin wtf.


Again put on the mask for 30 minutes and relaxed (all this done while babies were napping)



Here’s a close up of my skin after removal of the mask and massaging the essence in.

Skin didn’t feel damp per se hahaha.  But that might be because all nutrients were absorbed by the skin, because it felt… QQ.  Don’t even know what the proper English word for it is… bouncy?



Yes haha.  Expectations of damp, soft skin not really reached, but my skin felt pleasantly bouncy and firmer to the touch.


AFTER SHOWER LOOK comes with an intense hydration formula of Hyaluronic Acid, a moisturising super-agent, and natural Camellia Oil that locks in moisture.



This would turn out to be my favorite!


Did my usual mask application.  Here I put on only the top part to give you a sense of what it looks like.


Done!  Love this mask!  At first I didn’t notice anything but after I finished doing my makeup I noticed… my skin damn glowy can!?

You can expect a mask called NOURISH ME to come with tons of moisture/nourishment for the skin which is what I expect lends my skin that slight shine afterwards.  Realized when I was taking photos that it looked damn healthy and radiant. 🙂

NOURISH ME combines Ceramide 3, which generates a protective layer over the skin and is one of the most important lipid compositions of the stratum corneum, with Broccoli Extract and Olive Oil.


We have a winner!  For me at least haha other people may have different results or opinions. depending on their skin type and conditions.

Interested in trying out Faith in Face for yourself?

I’m giving away a Faith in Face hydrogel facial mask goodie pack!


Just follow the below steps:-

Step 1: LIKE Faith in Face Malaysia FB page & share my blogpost up on to your FB (Screenshot both)

Step 2: Email the screenshots with your name, contact number, IC No. and address to

Step 3: Winners will be announced via Faith in Face FB page on 31 May 2015. You’ll also be notified by call & email on how you can redeem your prizes!

There’re only limited Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask Goodie Sets to be redeemed – every 10th participant who emails will be the lucky winner!

*Faith in Face is now available at major Watson’s outlets at RM11.90 per piece (inclusive of GST)


Learn more about Faith in Face on their Website and like them on Facebook  !!

p/s: Website is in Korean language, so visit their FB Page for English information


  • Ksenia CamomilleBeautyTime

    Hydrogel masks are the best!

  • disqus_BdOLC1pcNm

    Goodness Aud! You have such pale and delicate skin that it’s translucent!

  • Yap Joy

    hmm.. i thought most ladies use facial mask sheets? i use them twice a week. have tried many brands. by far obviously sk2 is the best, but the most expensive too lol

  • oka

    Hey Audrey, have you heard of 橋本環菜? She was described as the 千年に一人のアイドル by the Japs. She looks exactly like you! オォォォ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

  • guest

    hey aud dont mean to be mean or whatever but are you really so pale that all your veins stand out in stark relief on your chest in the picture with the hold me tight mask?! sorry but i kenna stun tio by that… you’re like a vampire!!

  • Tenshichn

    hydrogel mask seems to be getting popular now! i guess it’s better coz they don’t absord the goodness back into the paper if overtime! haha…