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Over the weekend we were at Ming and Patty’s wedding in Bangkok.

We already planned not to bring kids cos it was just a weekend and I thought it might be too difficult and stressful to lug them there with us over just three days.  But then I found out it was no kids allowed so yay guilt alleviated hahahaha.

Nice to be on our own for a while!  I was looking forward to uninterrupted sleep but er that didn’t happen wtf.  Fatty and I were very relaxed though.  Until we were at the airport to come back and we were debating whether to extend the trip WTF.

But clinginess to the babies won wtf.

Anyway it was a beautiful wedding!  One of the most well planned weddings I’ve attended.  No surprise considering it’s Ming’s wtf.

Let the photos do the talking!



In the airport waiting to board.

The suitcases are our wedding present to Ming and Patty!  Suitcases symbolize their long distance relationship and always having to travel to see each other.  It also represents the journey they’re embarking on together as a married couple. 😀  Nice lehhhh so symbolic hahaha.

We bought Rimowa suitcases and commissioned a local graffiti artist Cloakwork to jazz them up.



Arrived at the hotel, The Siam which was breathtakingly beautiful!  Ming booked the entire hotel for the wedding so in the corridor downstairs were all their wedding photos taken in Iceland all laid out.


The corridor inside our suite.  Super nice and won’t mind staying there again… but also super expensive wtf thanks Ming lolol.IMG-20150616-WA0015


Sitting area…IMG-20150616-WA0016

Sinks. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – our house next time will have double sinks!



Suite is massive!



Bath area.  Not bathroom cos it’s partitioned off with drapes only.


What I loved about the #mingandpatty wedding was that it was so intimate and personalized!  It was small and they managed to personalize so much of it to the guests.  Like this welcome gift basket.  A personal letter addressed to us, a Bangkok guidebook they designed themselves based on their own experience, traditional fans for the heat, mosquito repellant etc.  So lovely!



Celebrated Darren’s birthday…

Then after dinner Wendy and I made a run for Talad Rod Fai but we underestimated how far it was wtf.  Our hotel is by the Chao Phraya so we traveled like 45 minutes to get there and no time to shop much FOL D:



Next morning up bright and early for the traditional Thai engagement ceremony.  Wah lau everyone so dressed up I also feel underdressed in this outfit wtf.



With proud momma of the groom Mummy Tong.  She’s so glam and elegant I wanna be her when I grow old lolol.



And Jia Yi, sister of the groom 😀


All the hemsem groomsmen. (why Fatty not here wtf)



Thai engagement ceremony starts with a ‘gatecrashing’ session too!  The groom and his entourage bear gifts and approach the bride’s family and go through some hurdles to get to the bride.



The hampers they carried were very elaborate and pretty!  One fella had to carry a hamper of sand though FHL must be damn heavy hahahaah.  Not sure what the sand represented – land ah?



Finally got the beautiful bride!  Patty is soooo pretty here!!



Receiving flowers and gifts from a representative of the Thai princess. D:  Actually I also dunno why wtf but someone told us one.



With the parents, while waiting for the auspicious time to exchange vows etc.



Oh sorry hahaha.


With Lay See!



And Wendy and Huiwen!



And Arya of Nuffnang UK! He said he always looks weird in selfies.  Like now he looks like his photo taken with a fish eye lens although no fish eye lens around at all HAHAHAHAH I GOTTA AGREE HAHAHAHAHA.



With the Sayres hehehe.


Vows done, time for tea ceremony!  Same as us!  The happy couple with Mummy and Daddy Tong.



Then a very nice part of the ceremony – guests poured water over the couple’s hands as a blessing. 🙂 Sooo quaint and it feels like such a lovely gesture.

After that it was over and we went for lunch.



At Fatty’s favorite noodle place.



Then for massages! Thanks Pat (Nuffnang Thailand partner) for taking us around. <3



Then on our mission to get enough sleep we went back to the hotel and napped wtf *loser



Woke up and got ready for the wedding dinner!

Dress from Miss Selfridge!  Bought at the last minute cos my old dresses are still too tight for me FML.

Very nice but I don’t think I’ll wear it again so…. does anybody want to buy a preloved dress HAHAHA.  It’s still a New Arrival and only worn once!  Email me at fourfeetnine [at]!



Wow at the decor.



Registration table with our suitcases as decor lol.



Congratulations Tong family!!


With Wendy.  So glad she was there and we could go out together!   We’re also the only two in short dresses wtf dammit must level up already.

Some more I dunno was I packing blind or what but I forgot half my stuff!  Didn’t bring lash glue, concealer (OMGWTF), hair curler or any hair accessories at all!  Thought I’d have to go for dinner with bird’s nest hair but thank god for Wendy who had hair pins I could use to simply pin up my hair. Turned out ok from the front just don’t see the back hahahaha.



With Beatricesays hahaha first time meeting her and she’s so pretty!



With Kathleen, Ming’s friend from HK, Pat and his super cute girlfriend! She’s super pretty and cute leh! If I’m a guy she’d be my type WTF. *creepy

2015-06-14 08.25.08 1


With table mates Lay See and Kelly.IMG_20150614_204638


Sorry again. Hahahaha.


Gorgeous table decor.


Wedding speech.  Hehehe very happy for them la I think they’re perfect for each other.  Ming and Patty, may you have a wonderful life together filled with love, happiness and lots of kids. Lolol.



They flew Cole Page in to perform!  He’s not very famous I guess but he’s amazing.  He does a lot of work with Manchester United and performs at VIP functions at Old Trafford.  We saw him last time and I loved him hahaha.  Good choice guys wtf.



Pranked some of the best men by making them come onstage with him to duet hahaha.



Surprise performance by popular Thai artistes New and Jiew.



I dunno them obviously but clearly they are super famous.



Main course!



One more with Mummy Tong and Jia Yi!



After party where this bride and groom rocked the stage.  Dunno where they get their energy from Fatty and I concussed after our wedding dinner hahahaha while our friends went to party.DSC_0004


New & Jiew were there too so we took pics with them like groupies hehehe.

And that was the awesome wedding of the year.

CIMG4172Oops last one of the Short and the Fat.


  • Tatiana Mitchell

    That has to be one of the most unexpected, random and amazingly dramatic weddings I’ve heard of as of recent. Really awesome! The dress was great and you looked beautiful.

  • nefuhs

    Hello Audrey! this must be the wedding of the year! may I ask where is the noodle place you all went for lunch? thank u!

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    This is so lovely:

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