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Eating in London

Today there’s a lot of crap going on in Malaysia but I will not dwell on negative things for the time being.

Realized I haven’t blogged about our London trip yet! So here goes. Our London trip in photos.

Disclaimer: We didn’t do anything besides visit museums, eat and watch musicals. Which actually sounds like a lot but for whom Malaysians, shopping is king so it’s quite fantastic we didn’t do that hahaha. Because this was when the ringgit dropped like sai and we couldn’t justify buying anything (except baby clothes uhhh). So a lot of our trip was about food!


Best business class to fly is MAS to London 😀 Thank you Malaysia Airlines for the flights 🙂

First thing we did upon landing was go out for English Breakfast! This was at a chain restaurant near the apartment we stayed in so it was decent but nothing to write home about (or remember the name wtf).


Notable because I know who is John Keats. Hahahaha. *philistine


Then Fatty had to get his Chinatown fried noodles fix. -_- We are so Chinese wtf.  I ordered Singapore curry mei fun that looks enough to feed Fighter’s class wtf.


Popped by Selfridges because I love the book section!!! Can browse forever if not for the dragon breathing down my back: “JUST BUY ON KINDLE!”


As a true blue auntie, I also spent ages in the Home section.




DOAN BRUFF. Their kitchen and baking products are gorgeous! Why do we not have prettier things here *laments


Obligatory trip to Borough Market.  Where we bought Malaysian curry for lunch yea I also wanna punch myself hahahaha. In our defense the curry is super fragrant and not really like anything we have here.


Pretty pastries.  There’s always something nice to see at Borough. DSC_0370_1

Then we took a walk down to the Shard, which wasn’t open the last time we were here!  We were meeting our friend Jay for lunch.


The restaurant is called Oblix and we were there for their Weekend Brunch.  It’s a three course meal; starters and desserts are buffet style, they give you champagne, and you order your main from the menu. Starters was just ok but my main was pretty good!  I had lobster tagliatelle.  Price wise, it was £50+ per person. The view is stunning!  If you have a chance, go to the Shard!


Also went to Portobello Market since I’ve never been there.

Uhhh waste of time to me. -_- I’m not into weed, rusty secondhand goods or handmade souvenirs meant for conning tourists so I really didn’t like it.  Although we did see this cart of old books (with some first editions) which was quite nice.

2015-08-16 06.24.57 1

This was worth it though! Passed by streets of these pastel houses on the way there.  

2015-08-16 12.08.19 1

Can I haz a pink or mint house too?!


On another day, we went to Wild Honey!  We wanted a Michelin restaurant experience but couldn’t book Gordon Ramsay hahaha. So we picked Wild Honey. If you want to try Michelin, you can find Michelin places for lunch – they often have lunch menus which are quite affordable.  For Wild Honey’s set lunch, we paid £30 each.


Gorgeous plating *hearts in eyes

(cuisine is French by the way)


Preliminary bread.  I ate and bread crumbs and dust fell all over the table like a hooligan wtf.


My starter was rabbit!  First time eating it and I really liked it! Tasted like chicken lolol no really.


My main which was fish… dammit I forgot exactly what already #failedfoodblogger Fish with white beans and chickpeas!


Fatty had the beef which he actually said was okay la not the best he’s ever had.  But the plating <3


My dessert was so good! And I’m not even a dessert person.  Fatty had the lemon meringue with ice cream which he said was quite good, but my raspberry tart was awesome! I ate the whole slice. O_O Dollop of cream and all. O_O


Then after that they asked if we wanted tea and I was all like sure! Green tea would be great. Be warned.  Do not order the tea if you want to keep it to £30. Because the tea is not included and it cost me £6 for this pot of green tea wtf.

It came with some chocolate cakes that honestly looked so weird I didn’t dare to try it.  I did nibble at the small chocolatey pieces scattered on the board though and they tasted like pieces of wood itself. ಠ_ಠ  Maybe I ate the decor. ಠ_ಠ Overall it was still a pretty great experience.


Also went to their toilet and bombed it sorry Wild Honey.

Had some intense diarrhea the entire week there FML.  Maybe I’m not used to the hard water.

Then for dinner we went to another Michelin star restaurant zomg.  We met up with “Fatty’s handsome friend Alex” who took us there.


It’s called Roka and omg I think it was actually the best meal we had in London this time.


Highly recommend the pork ribs and lamb.  But the best dish hands down was the black miso cod.  It beat Nobu’s flat. O_O

Must must go if you can!


Alex also took us to his private club for tea and dessert.


Me and my Fatty <3


Really nice ambience and a nice place to chill. Unfortunately for dessert I ordered some chocolate ice cream concoction with hazelnuts (which I love) and it turned out to be a Magnum studded with nuts. ಠ_ಠ Their marketing win liao lor.


Oh this is proof I went to Primark and came out empty handed.  I couldn’t deal with all the crazy shoppers inside hahaha.  Lines to pay circled the store! O_O

Ok told you our trip was mostly about food.


We also tried the Breakfast Club.


Interior is quite quirky and eighties.


I guess this is what a teen’s bedroom wall might look like?


My hot chocolate came in a cute yellow smiley face mug.

Fatty and I had the English Breakfast and berries pancakes to share.  The English was okay la (can’t really go wrong with it) but the pancakes were amazing!

Again I don’t eat dessert  but I ate a lot of this wtf.


Pancakes with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  Drizzled with maple syrup, cream and powdered sugar omg.

There are mixed reviews on Breakfast Club depending on location.  We went to the one in Soho.


Went to Carnaby Street and bought sneakers for everyone (except Penny sorry Penny let’s learn how to walk first.)

2015-08-17 04.56.51 1

Spent a full day at the Imperial War Museum too.  It’s free entry and very worth it hahaha.


Walking around Leicester Square at night…




The next day was musical day!

Went to watch the Book of Mormon…


and Matilda!


As a kid I really wanted to be Matilda hahaha.

Matilda was okay la.  It’s a purely British production and the child actors were fantastic!  Production and set were good too but I didn’t really feel the songs.

Book of Mormon was hilarious though!  One of my favorite musicals now hahaha I really recommend it – super witty and funny and endearing.


Stumbled upon Shake Shack in Covent Garden so we die also had to have it!  Shake Shack in NYC was the best burger I ever had so I had to succumb and uhh bend my no beef vow for this. T_T

So not worth it. T_____T London Shake Shack doesn’t hold a candle to the original New York one.


We were out the whole day cos we caught two musicals hahaha.  So I brought my pump and nursing cover to pump milk.

Got weird stares from the Middle Eastern family next to us. T_T Sorry la but no baby rooms around, would you rather me hog a toilet?




Gorging on ice cream ahhhhh after London my fat percentage really went up when I weigned in at Marie France hahaha. 


At the Disney store in Covent Garden hehehe Tsum Tsum!


Another friend took us to Hawksmoor in Covent Garden. They’re renowned for steak but I was back on my no beef vow hahaha so I had the lobster in garlic butter.  Really yummy too!


Roast Scallops with White Port & Garlic, and Potted Beef & Bacon with Yorkshires.  Both very good as well!  (You can tell I copied and pastes this from their website wtf)

And those were the highlights of our trip!  It was a really good trip.  We didn’t do much except hang out and eat but we finally managed to spend time together as a couple and not as a mom and dad.  And we really needed it! 🙂


On the way back to Malaysia to see the critters.


Our shopping haul LOL.  Seriously all for the kids only. I think I raped nearly every Zara in London wtf.


  • Maple SHuh Hong Kok

    I like your outfit in black white strip sleeves top, and the wide red skirt pair with the converse sneaker!! and your eyes really look so cute~~ cant believe I have seen you (via social media) through the moment when you jsut gave birth to fighter, when you legs was so swollen. until now you look just stunning.

    LIterally the lyric from Bruno Mars ” her eyes her eyes…(i forgotten what it is). you inspire me that I can be pretty if I want!

  • Elisabeth Eli

    I remember you don’t share your food, cmiiw. So did you share food while in London (as the portion must be very big everytime)?

  • nana0709

    Those weird chocolate cake things are called Caneles. They are nicest fresh out of oven I hope you did get to try them in the end. 🙂

  • fourfeetnine

    Uhhh not that big until I cannot finish my portion HAAHHAAH

  • fourfeetnine

    OH ARE THEY NICE? I didn’t eat any omg so noob hahaahaah

  • Elise Mooijman

    So many new things to try for me in London after reading your post! Highly recommend you to try Camden Lock Food market and Jamie’s Italian. Both are AMAZING!

    X The Beauty Suitcase