Making tamagoyaki (the recipe you don’t want to follow)

So I’ve recently been very inspired (by Pinterest no less) to put more effort into Fighter’s meals.  He eats well enough but I figure by making his food cuter, he’ll be more inclined to master eating with utensils rather than his fingers, and be more willing to try new foods.

Too cute!!!

So I went and got myself a bunch of cute food-making tools.  Cutters and moulds and presses, decorative picks and even a cute elephant shaped wooden plate.

He’s not a big fan of eggs and he automatically refuses all round white objects thinking they’re eggs. -_- So I theorized that if I made eggs unrecognizable to him. he’d try them and realize how yummy they really are.  And hopefully he’d be an egg lover convert wtf.


Thought I’d make some tamagoyaki *casually

I already have all the ingredients – eggs, dashi, mirin, sugar, soy sauce – and it doesn’t look too hard.  At least the recipe says it’s not hard wtf.


Even have my own little helper!  He was super excited watching me crack eggs and very eagerly helped me dump in measured ingredients hehehe.

Basically the recipe calls for mixing the eggs and seasoning together, then pouring the egg mixture into a frying pan.  When the egg starts to set, I should roll it up using chopsticks or a spatula. Easy peasy.


NOT. FML. Egg keeps breaking up! My motor skills suck or what ah with chopsticks also cannot, spatula also cannot roll nicely.

I was starting to think this is actually a recipe for scrambled eggs wtf.






Why is it every time I make food and it turns out ugly it always looks like a penis?! This one some more like charred and belonging to a zombie.’


Got look better if I cut it up? Feel free to lie.



I salvaged some dignity by using my new panda mould to make a cute rice panda. You know, to make up for all that d*ck egg. T____T

How? The egg can pretend is bamboo?

Well at least the panda was a hit hahahaha. Fighter squealed, “Bear!!!” and proceeded to demolish it. With his hands. -_____-

Oh well baby steps hahaha.

More cooking adventures coming soon wtf.

P/S: I know what I did wrong already anyway.  I should have used a non-stick pan instead of a steel one, and put the heat on lower.  And not added too much dashi cos the egg was mega salty sorry, kidneys. -_-

Original recipe from here.

  • Christine

    I used to fail alot times until one day I saw an Indonesian chinese friend using crepe pan to make it. It has flatter edge and easier to roll. You can try it!

  • Shimwiwon

    I shouldn’t have read your post in the office. HAHAHAHA. Anw, Not bad also lah Aud! (Y)!

  • Cheryl Lim

    you can put more oil in the non-stick frying pan. so that the egg won’t stick on the pan like that. And use low heat, so that the egg won’t burn easily 🙂 Hope you’ll get better result next time ~

  • Noppi Neko

    The same thing happened to me, I made scrambled (not) egg on non-stick frying pan BUT it was high heat (1800 w, like for hot pot) OH BOY WHAT A JOY EATING THE BROWN PARTS

  • fourfeetnine


  • fourfeetnine

    apparently by right if it’s non-stick, we don’t need to put so much oil. mine was stainless steel so i ended up putting a LOT of oil. T_T

  • fourfeetnine

    hahahahahaha I give you, you eat or not?

  • fourfeetnine

    Oooh I dunno what’s a crepe pan. I’ll go see!

  • gaejihyo

    LAUGH DIE ME =))
    I once made tamagoyaki too. Act pro some more adding carrots and green beans into the mixture. Only to realize when it’s done, all the veggies are still raw T_________T I didn’t boil them at first thinking that cooking them with egg will make them edible. It’s not wtf.

  • Shimwiwon

    no harm trying XD

  • florence

    my success method was to get a wet cloth beside the stove, and when i’m ready to pour the eggs i move the heated pan to place on the wet cloth for the pan to cool down a bit, then put it over the fire again to pour 1 layer of the eggs in. then before i pour second layer i move the pan to the cloth again to cool down a bit before going back to the fire. repeat each layer like this and you will get nice yellow color no chaoda! oh oh and put mayonnaise inside the eggs more yummy!