Hanging out with Penny

Fighter’s first week of school is over and done with! As a treat, I got Tim and my parents to be there after school on Friday to surprise him. He’s still not very happy about school though although he definitely cries for shorter periods now.

Meanwhile, Penny is extremely happy because she gets my full attention to herself every afternoon now with her Koko off at school wtf.

The truth is, until today I still struggle with balancing my time between the both of them.  It’s hard because I am Mochi’s number 1 choice by far wtf.  Most of the time, she cries if she can’t get to me and she’s always been such a bad sleeper that my nights are spent mostly with her.  As a result, Fighter now associates nanny with certain things – sleep and night time, and sometimes when he’s upset or sick too.  For everything else it’s still non-stop mommy wtf but I do feel it when he prefers nanny when he’s sleepy.

In the day time, I try to spend more time with Fighter though.  So maybe him going to preschool is good cos it means there’s a few hours in the day that is dedicated to Penny too (and for my work so I don’t need to stay at my laptop at night) (which is what I’m doing right this moment wtf go figure.)

Anyway enjoy!

And if you guys have any ideas for videos besides vlogs please leave a comment!

  • Elisabeth Eli

    At last how did you make peace with yourself that Fighter sometimes prefer Nanny ? I need advise too as my heart is really struggling that my 1st son seems to prefer our Helper too. Since baby 2nd arrived, helper play more with him so i am very devastated that even in the early morning when he woke up, he quickly want to go to helper’s room T___T

  • fourfeetnine

    It helps that Penny is very sticky to me hahaha. I noticed that there’s certain things that Fighter prefers helper and certain things for me. Like he may want Fighter at night, but every second of the day he’s calling me and going, “Mommy…” for everything. I just tell myself that kids need more than one important person in their lives… and I’m glad my helper loves Fighter.

  • Elisabeth Eli

    Thank you for your sharing! It does make me feel better