Seeing Hello Kitty

Sorry I haven’t done an update in a while that didn’t involve videos!

Fighter fell sick last week and missed half a week of school.  I took Fighter for his hepatitis booster shot and Penny for her pneumococcal jab and she also developed a fever and a running nose.

And then it was my turn to fall sick.  So all in all, it was a very busy week.  Also had to clean up our house for a new group of guests, take Fighter to school, and had a couple of meetings too.

Oh and all right.  I find vlogging so fun right now I’d rather edit videos than write blog posts for the moment HAHAHA.

Here’s the newest video.

One weekend we took the kids to a Hello Kitty exhibition. I used to be a huge fan of Hello Kitty (and still am) so I still have tons of merchandise lying around so Fighter loves Hello Kitty and has adopted most of them as his own. If you’re curious to know how many times he screams ‘Hello Kitty!!!!’, watch this!

See you guys soon!

  • Mukena Frozen

    Congratulations Ends same week … I also really liked dolls Hello Kitty

  • KYspeaks

    How does hello kitty talk without a mouth!