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Twinning Fighter and Mochi with KL SOGO

This is very high up on the most fun ads I’ve ever written list. Hahaha.

I think some of you guys may already know from Dayre and Instagram but recently I’ve been collaborating with KL .

Sogo is a department store chain from Japan.  Did you know it was established in 1903 as a retailer of used kimono? :O

Anyway Sogo has been in Malaysia since 1994 but with the number of malls we have in KL, I’d forgotten about it.  When I was a kid though, my parents would take me and my brother there on weekends; I remember standing in the lobby watching this huge magnificent cuckoo clock slash mechanical dancing dolls and animals contraption ring out the hour while my mom shopped.

But since working with them, I’ve visited the store and found out Sogo still has a lot to offer – ranging from assorted brands of kids clothing to kitchen wares to cosmetics –they literally have a lot of offer.


Fighter in the Disney Princess dressing room wtf.

Which is why this post! I want to show you guys what is available at KL SOGO and that it’s a pretty good shopping destination (especially for kids stuff cos that’s where I spent the most time hahaha).

The children’s section at 4F has a good number of brands under them.  From Pumpkin Patch to Disney Babies to Poney to Philips Avent.

Fighter trying out a Ducati jacket.

Before Chinese New Year, I made another trip there to get new outfits for the kids. 😀



Wah got sale everywhere!

Let’s face it.  Our generation (in Malaysia at least) isn’t used to shopping in department stores.  It was more our mothers’ thing but honestly, department stores (with good selections) can be very convenient.  Different brands and choices all in one place and it makes for very easy and quick shopping.


These qipao style dresses are from a brand called Peter Rabbit.  I’d never heard of Peter Rabbit before but their stuff are nubbad leh!  And after 50% off these qipaos are super affordable.  Fabric is good too – some sort of brocade for the bodice, and chiffon and tulle skirts.

Regret max cos I bought dresses for Penny from Tesco already by then. D:


Love this top and cardigan combo! Snapped it up for Penny.


Which shirt is the nicest shirt?

And then I spotted this.


*stifles scream*

Super duper cute la!!!! But I got dilemma.  

These are crib shoes so not like can wear them for a long time.  She’s nearly walking already some more. But but but they’re so cute! I posed this question to my Dayre: To buy or not to buy?


Ohai dere. *furtive look*


Sorta went crazy in the shoes section.  On the bright side I got everyone’s shoes settled.  Including mine wtf.

The black and pink Nikes are mine!   The good thing about being 4’9 is that I can wear kids shoes which are cheaper. *smug


Got these super swag pair of limited edition Adidas Superstars Star Wars for Fighter!

Okay fashion show time.  Let me show you guys what I got.


Penny in this teeth achingly sweet top from Trudy and Teddy.


*beauty queen wave*


Peter Pan collared crop top from Peter Rabbit.


My pretty baby.

2016-02-12 04.12.21 1

Fighter’s entire outfit from KL SOGO.

Shirt and shorts from Poney
Shoes from Adidas

2016-02-12 04.03.41 1

I love this outfit! Especially for CNY!

2016-02-12 04.12.21 2
Also love how Fighter has accessorized it HAHAHAHAHA.

2016-02-12 04.02.44 1

Shirt from SEED

2016-02-12 12.17.37 1

Another shirt from SEED!  Their sizing quite small cos Fighter is wearing size 3 here.  Other brands he can still wear 18 months lo. -_-

2016-02-12 04.03.40 1

Twinning (sort of)!  Both in white and neutrals.  

2016-02-12 04.03.40 2

Penny’s blouse and cardigan around her shoulders are both Poney.

Her khaki skirt is Trudy & Teddy.

2016-02-11 12.38.21 2

I got these matching jackets for them!  But Fighter the Horrible totally refuses to wear any jackets. -_- So I have to do flatlay wtf.

2016-02-12 04.03.41 2

Unrelated but here’s Fighter pooping HAHAHAHAHA.


And that’s it for CNY. (I got so many for Fighter especially he hasn’t finished wearing also :X)

Happy Chinese New Year from us!!!!!

This post was written in collaboration with KL SOGO.