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5 reasons why my phone was my BFF this Chinese New Year

I know it’s after Chap Goh Meh but happy belated CNY guya!

So what did everyone do?  Us, we spent it in Penang like we do every other year, doing things that everyone else does on Chinese New Year.  We actually extended our trip to 1.5 weeks so that Fighter and Penny could spend more time with their grandparents.

With so much time on my hands, it got me to thinking: my BFF this Chinese New Year is my phone hahaha.  Not that I have no friends ok hahaha its cos I didn’t grow up in Penang*defensive wtf.


While my phone is my constant companion every day, here’s why it was especially useful during Chinese New Year.

1. To ‘chup’ Chinese New Year goodies


Beech, these only appear once a year ok.Peanut cookies, pineapple tarts, nga ku galore, but they come in (mostly) limited supply especially if you’re gobbling them down for breakfast, lunch and dinner. *shifty eyes

So I do what I have to do.  Nonchalantly place my phone on top of a jar of snacks and automatically people reach for another jar.  Voila! A whole jar of your preferred snack to yourself. Hahahaha.

2. To call to coordinate who has reached relatives’ houses already


Very useful!  Instead of waiting around for people to visit, can just call them up and check ETA. Penang is crazy jammed every CNY so I kept calling my parents also — whether they arrived at my grandparents’ already, whether they’re at the temple for prayers already, where to find parking etc.

3. To discreetly check Reddit/Huffington Post/Whatsapp/Dayre 

Erm when relatives are all still talking but you’re between conversations and everyone else is busy, I discreetly position my phone under the table and scroll through my messages hahahaha. Uh not very encouraged though because CNY should be a time to focus on reunion and family.  But it got me through some boring spots hahahaha.

4. For everyone to call and text me Happy Birthday!!!


Go shorty it’s my birthday!!!

My birthday sometimes can be quite sien cos half the time it falls around CNY and everyone is too busy to really celebrate with me.

But my phone was my lifeline to friends and it was really nice to receive posts and texts and calls from friends and family and to know I’m remembered. 🙂

5. To take CNY OOTDs and family pics!!!

Actually I was one of the weirdos who didn’t love CNY.  I didn’t like the heat, the traffic jams, the stress of rushing from visit to visit, and the pressure to ‘give face’ to relatives, juggle time with different families and relatives etc. But this year I’m actually growing to like it more.

Maybe because we have a ‘complete’ family now and seeing how Fighter was so happy to be around his grandparents and cousins, and how the both of them brought so much joy to everyone. Everything seemed less obligatory and more because we wanted to, everyone had fun and ate a lot and it was nice. 🙂

And the best part is…. got two kids and their CNY outfits to take pretty pictures of!

I guess like I said we have a complete family now so it was sooooo much fun planning their outfits and dressing the kids (and myself; Fatty can handle his own) up and taking lots of photos to commemorate Penny’s first CNY.

As you all know, my rose gold Huawei Mate S is like the ultimate selfie and OOTD phone cos of its awe inspiring beauty mode wtf.


See? Thanks to technology I look like I’m 15 hahahaha.

Spamming CNY pics now!  Really put my phone camera to good use cos I went snap crazy this CNY.

CNY chor yat family photo!  Everyone in obligatory red.

Mommy’s qipao: Kiss and Tell
Penny’s qipao: Tesco
Fighter’s samfu: Tesco
Daddy’s shirt: Super Dry (Dad is the most atas one wtf)


Chor yee! 

Mommy’s qipao: Azorias
Daddy’s shirt: Uh recycled from Day 1 *shifty eyed
Fighter’s shirt and shorts: Poney (Sogo)
Penny’s qipao: Tesco


Chor sam was my birthday!

We didn’t do much but Fatty got a cake and I blew candles at home with my three favorite people.

Mommy’s mandarin collar top: Kiss & Tell
Mommy’s mom jeans: GYDA
Fighter’s tshirt: Next UK
Fighter’s jeans: Beau Hudson
Penny’s outfit: Poney (Sogo)


Haagen Dazs ice cream cake hahaha.


Asked this fella to selfie with me on my birthday but he purposely closed eyes hmph.


Okay that’s better! Hehe taken on chor yat.  Made him take pics with me cos we’re in traditional clothing but actually he daaaamn grumpy about wearing this; he wanted to wear tshirt and shorts. -_- Had to keep tantalizing him with ice cream if he wore this.


With my pretty Penny. OMG my genes are really good she’s so cute (although she looks nothing like me wtf).


With my Fats.


More OOTD pics of the kids.  These adventurous duo twinning in Baby Gap rompers.


Fighter comforting Penny cos he thinks he wore it better.


Both of them going crazy snacking on love letters.  Too bad they got no phones to chup their kueh kapit hahahaha. Matching outfits from Baby Gap as well. OKAY MY TURN TO OOTD NOW.


It’s not #motionootd  but it will do. Hahahaha.

Outfit details:

Top and skirt: Monki
Shoes: Nike
Phone: Huawei hahaha

Dress also Monki hahaha erm what happened was I was really bored and there was a sale at Monki.


So there you have it.  My BFF hahaha.


Still cannot get over how pretty it is too!

This post was written in collaboration with Huawei.

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  • Sunnybs Ooi

    I phone, apple computer, so expensive.

  • maple shuh hong

    I like ur post, so cute!!

  • Syamsid Dhuha

    HAHAHA First of all , I like the situations when you said it in every each brand and where’s to find all those outfits . haha . I read all your post and I’m quite confuse whose “fats” actually ( It’s kind of mystery but after I read them all ).. “with my fats ” Problem solve – your husband . What a mystery cute fats indeed . 😀 . This is the proof why is the smartphones is important these days . It’s quite expensive to have BFF like that , but it’s worth to have one . Nice post btw

    syamsid from