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Shopping haul from Kyoto

Here’s my shopping haul video from when we were in Kyoto and Osaka! Sadly I am super auntie now so less clothes and makeup this time, and more baby stuff! Sorry young girls, you may not be interested hahaha.

If you’re planning to grab baby food while in Japan, check out supermarkets and drug stores. I got all mine at a drug store (kusuri-ya). A popular one is called Matsumoto Kiyoshi. ¬†You may be able to find baby food in Don Quijote as well, but as I didn’t manage to go, don’t take my word for it wtf.

For the other stuff I bought, if you’re interested, here’s where to shop.

Kids’ Vans (also Fatty’s matching adult Vans and tons of other sneakers) : ABC Mart


Gyaru and Shibuya style fashion (Kyoto/Osaka area): OPA Kawaramachi in Kyoto, OPA Umeda, Umeda EST. Also Hep 5 in Umeda although I didn’t go this time.

Jelly magazine – any konbini wtf