AudBaby Audvertorial

Imagine all the people

The other day, Fighter and I had a conversation. It went like this.

Fighter: Mommy! Are you a princess?
Me: No… I’m not a princess. But baby is a princess!
Fighter: Baby is a princess! And Mommy is a princess too!
Me: Oh okay I am a princess. How about Jude? Is Jude a prince?
Fighter: No I am a king.
Me: Oh sorry you’re a king.

A while later…

Fighter: Mommy, where my husband?
Me: You don’t have a husband, Fighter. You’re a boy. You’d have a wife, not a husband.
Fighter: Where my wife?
Me: You don’t have a wife yet. Next time when you’re big and you have a wedding, then you’ll have a wife.
Fighter: (digesting new information) I go to wedding dinner and I have a wife.
Me: Hahahaha you can’t go to anyone’s wedding dinner and get a wife. You have to have your own wedding next time.
Fighter: Next time when baby is a princess and I am a king I marry baby.


I had to keep a straight face and say: “No baby is your sister. Your wife will be another girl, a pretty girl who can be your princess.”

And that’s the extent of Fighter’s story telling hahahaha.

I was hoping he could craft a story out of his imagination for Disney Junior Asia’s Animate challenge.

Does your child love telling stories and comes up with extravagant fabulous tales?  (Um not telling lies la hahaha but making stories and adventures up)

Disney Junior will pick a story and bring it to life!

To Animate Your Imagination,

  1. Visit
  2. Tell Disney Junior your child’s imaginative story using one of the following three themes: Pirates, Princesses, Space Adventure
  3. To help Disney Junior imagine it, you may even share a photo of their drawing, or a video of them narrating the story
  4. Tune in to Disney Junior to see the animations!


Disney Junior sent us a nice big package to assist in storytelling!  Fighter thinks it’s his birthday present hahahaha. IMG_20160606_110315

Loving all the goodies!  There’s a box of paints, a pack of brushes and sponges, a set of Sofia the First stamps, Crayola crayons and washable marker pens, a magnetic drawing board and even a Dinosaur coloring and sticker book.

I asked Fighter if he would draw a picture of a princess and he brightly said YES.


….. IMG_20160606_110658

Hmm very abstract. Stand aside Picasso wtf.

Okay Fighter is still a little too young I think.  He definitely has the imagination but not the words and mental capacity to string them together even if he did.  So we’ll wait for the next time but for you guys with older kids, make their dreams come true literally on Disney Junior!

Visit Disney Junior to participate.


With my prince and princess.

This post was written in collaboration with Disney Junior.