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Penny’s first kiss


Last weekend we attended Fighter’s friend Chase’s birthday party.  Chase is a huge fan of trucks and fire engines so it only made sense that his mother, Sieu Ee throw his party at a fire station!

(I promise this story is relevant to the title wtf)


Fighter and Chase are kind of like BFFs. They’re among the more talkative kids in class and therefore gravitated towards each other I guess hahaha. It also helps that both are friendly and unaggressive and peace loving wtf. S o sometimes I bring Penny with me when I go pick Fighter up from school and Chase always seemed very interested in this bald baby in my arms. He would shout, “Penny Penny!” whenever he saw her hahaha. But he and Fighter are so good friends and Fighter would also point out Chase’s baby sister when he saw her, so we chalked it up to mutual interest in their best friend’s family. Anyway, leading up to his birthday party, Sieu Ee told me that Chase would ask, “Is Jude coming? Is Penny coming?” And we mothers laughed about it to ourselves. But then this happened. DSC02836

Penny was sitting next to her Koko on the tarpaulin when Chase suddenly plopped down next to her.

Next thing I know, they’re having a very pleasant conversation in Babylish wtf.


And then!  Suddenly they both looked away while smiling shyly WHAT IS THIS HAHAHAHAAH. DSC02844

And then later on the firemen distributed uniforms for the kids which explains Penny’s coat and Chase’s jacket.


Then this Chase came up to Penny and tried to hug her!!!

Look at them!  While Penny stared tenderly into his eyes hahahaha.

So that was encounter #1.  Fatty, Sieu Ee and I were falling about ourselves laughing at their antics.  How come so young already he knows that he’s supposed to like girls? How come he knows to hug her?

It’s the school holidays  now so some moms arranged for a play date yesterday.  When Chase saw Penny he immediately ran up to her….


…and started tickling her WTF hahahaha.

But his tickling not very effective la cos Penny just stared at him in a mildly surprised manner and just watched him continue tickling her shirt wtf. But Sieu Ee told me that before the play date Chase was telling her, “I want to tickle Penny.”

Then when Sieu Ee asked him why he likes Penny, he said because she is cute hahahaha.


And then! No photo evidence cos we were all stunned but somehow Chase put his hands on Penny’s face….

And kissed her.

On the lips.

Penny’s first kiss gone liao! Hahahahahaha.

Fatty better buy his shotgun early wtf.

Here’s a vlog of the fire station birthday!

  • msbulat

    soooooo much cuteness in one post. i die.

  • Donna

    baby romance!! so cute laaaaa…… more #chasingpenny stories pls… #melt