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Hello from Croatia!

Yup, I am in the beautiful region of Istria in Croatia!!!!  On a tour of Istria by #shareistria with Xiaxue, Peary Pie and Rachel Wong right now….


Ohai wtf. While I miss the kids, they seem perfectly fine without me wtf.


Hahaha terrible Fighter is laughing with his mouth full. I’m trying to do a daily vlog of each day in Croatia because I wanna save and remember everything that happened.  The tour schedule is very well thought out too and I think the vlogs will be a great guideline for what Istria has to offer for anyone who’s thinking of going!

So here! Day 1 is here.

Proper blog post with photos probably when I’m back!  


  • TySh Vixx

    Tell me if you come to Portugal! =D I would love to meet you all! =D <3