Zwitsal and babies

When Zwitsal first approached me to collaborate, I felt a strong sense of deja vu!

I was like what brand is that?  Why do I not remember seeing it around but yet it sounds so familiar!?

Did a quick Google and found this image on their website.

ZOMG I have seen this before! In my grandparents’ house in Penang!  Like 27 years ago or something believe it or not.

I remember this packaging very clearly from when I was a little kid, growing up in Penang. Our grandparents took care of Ooib and me and I actually remember seeing this baby powder lying around the house lolol.  It’s a brand my grandparents used on me as a baby!  Which is why I was on board for this hahaha.

To be honest, I don’t remember seeing Zwitsal on shelves recently so I was happy to find out more.


Zwitsal sent me their full range!  The baby shampoo, baby bath, baby lotion, and in the travel kit, more baby bath and baby shampoo, as well as floral scented baby powder, baby oil and a rubber duck!


Busy bee helping me arrange wtf.

Zwitsal products are made out of natural ingredients, pH balanced, hypo-allergenic, and are an extra soft formulation, making it safe and gentle on sensitive baby skin.


So I ran a bath for Penny to try out the products.


Baby shampoo on.  (Erm Penny is holding tight on to her favorite thing in the pack)

I love the smell of the products actually!  You know how you can tell if artificial scent has been added to hygiene products? Hint: They smell too perfect.  Like lavender smells super flowery and sweet, orange smells very fruity and tangy that kind wtf.

The Zwitsal products smelled… complex.  Like layers of subtle scents combined evoked a natural not unpleasant scent.  Made me think that artificial fragrance wasn’t added. 🙂 Turns out they contain celery, candlenut and aloe vera!


Baby bath was a watery milk which lathered up softly.  Penny’s skin is super sensitive and prone to eczema and it didn’t seem overly dry afterward either which is another plus point.



This though, is my favorite of the bunch.  The baby lotion.

Because it comes formulated with citronella oil! Which means I KEEL YOU MOSQUITOS. No la not kill la hahahaah but citronella is a natural mosquito repellent and comes in most natural mozzie creams and sprays.

It also contains chamomile extract which is supposed to help with itching.


Penny being very interested in the lotion hahaha.


We haz a winner!!


I really like it that the baby lotion contains citronella. 🙂 We have a tough time with mosquitos near our house but I would like the kids to have outdoor time daily for fresh air and sunlight (also so they tire out and sleep faster WTF) so this lotion is really handy!

It smells like fresh yummy citronella too so I just slap it on them and let them roam.


With no worries! Hakuna matata!


Us and the two beautiful lights of our lives 😀


This post was written in collaboration with Zwitsal.

  • RO

    It is very hard to find their products anywhere, especially the Natural Bath 2-in-1. I have written to them numerous times to find out who are their local distributors in Negeri Sembilan, but they have never responded to my emails. it’s a good product.