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Yachting off Pula City

Day 3 of Istria!  We went yachting!!!

I have to say the itinerary was amazingly planned by the guys at Tourism Istria.  They basically got to know us via our social media channels (not as creepy as it sounds please hahaha), guessed at our personalities and preferences, and came up with this kick butt holiday itinerary for us which is basically everything we like – beautiful places, great food, a lot of opportunities to take pics wtf and a lot of relaxed fun, and even some shopping.

This was the yacht we had.  It set sail off the marina in Pula and tours the archipelago around the coast.

I REALLY DROVE (? steered? flew? maneuvered? what’s the word for it?) the boat!  Wendy was very unnerved though and kept nagging me to hand the wheel back to the captain hahahaha.

We were greeted with snacks and wine (but of course)

Overexposed but still beautiful.


Overexposed but still beautiful. Lolol.  With Marko, Goran and Oliver, the wine guy.

Leo, where are you!?

Learning about wine from Oliver wtf.  Sadly my brain is a sieve and I only remember there were three types of wine there – sparkling, red and rose lol.

With Pear. Her every outfit also on point one!

Me and Wendy erm being very mature lol.

The water was insane – so clear omg! Pear’s camera captured schools of fish ok!  And we also threw bread crusts into the ocean which the fish gobbled up.  (see more in my vlog!)

Somebody trying to be mermaid lolol. But the rock very sharp hahahahaha.  I was so scared she’d lose her float and have to swim back to the boat by herself!

Back on land we went for lunch!  We were on the coast so it only made sense we ordered seafood – which is all crazy fresh!  This was  sardine and octopus appetizer.

OMG this looks like mee tai mak or what hahahahha. Incidentally, I love mee tai mak hahahaha.  This was fresh homemade pasta with seafood in a cream tomato sauce.

This was the second course.  Croatians are so good at chilling I tell you.

The main course!  All sorts of seafood goodness in one platter – more sardines and octopus, plus shrimp and roasted potatoes and a very yummy garlicky spinach.

Back at our hotel, catching the sunset (which was at 8.30 pm wtf)


Trying out Snow app hahaha.


Oooh outfit details before I forget.

Denim jacket – Topshop

Bralette – H&M

Tutu skirt – Nasty Gal

Vlog up ahead!

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    i love your tutu/bralette combo!