Hao lian we finally got a Dyson!

Be honest.

When you were a kid, did you ever put your face very close to your mom’s table fan to feel the breeze, and say “Luke, I am your father” because a fan was essentially a homemade voice changer?

And now if you’re a mom or dad, do you ever get butt clenchingly nervous whenever your toddler goes near the standing fan because they might sneakily put a finger in through the slots when you’re not looking?  Or their hair might fly in and get caught? Or they might breathe in dust stuck on the spokes and develop asthma? Not to mention that these standalone fans are a b*tch to clean?

I’ll be honest.

As kids, these fans were fun.  Who doesn’t want to magically sound like Darth Vader whenever they go near a fan?

But as adults with responsibilities, these fans while useful, are sort of a safety nightmare.  Not only do we have the obvious risk of kids putting small body parts in, the ease with which they accumulate dust seems to be a health hazard of its own too.


So a Dyson fan is the obvious answer.   I’d always wanted to get a Dyson fan – streamlined design, doesn’t take up space and looks sexy as heck in your living room. HAHAHA.   But it was always a bit out of my budget so we never got around to it. Today though, Dyson has created their newest product – an air purifying fan. DSC03535

That’s right guys.  This is the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier.  It looks and functions like a traditional Dyson bladeless fan, but comes with air purifying capabilities to boot. It comes in two colors – white/silver and iron/blue.  I picked iron/blue because our house is super colorful already (with toys all over) so it should match hahaha.  


Air purifiers have become a sort of staple household item in Malaysia, no thanks to the haze.  Don’t say haze only, indoor pollution can be a bigger problem than outdoors too.  Warm and humid bathrooms = mould and bacteria, pets moult fur, chemicals and smells from household items, not to mention a whole lotta dust.

There are different kinds of air purifiers on the market, but if you’re shopping for one, get one with a HEPA filter.

Sorry to throw facts at you hahahaha but Dyson Pure Cool Link features a unique 360° glass HEPA filter (located at the base here) which can filter up to 99.95% of ultrafine particles – pollutants and bacteria as small as 0.1 microns.  Plus its active carbon layer filters toxic smells and fumes too (babai baby farts!)

This baby comes with a remote control too for easy operating.  Actually the whole thing is very simple la, buttons on the remote control are self-explanatory, and it starts with a push of a button. My favorite thing though is that the remote control is magnetized so it can be placed on top of the Dyson when not in use.  So nifty hehehe. Fighter especially is obsessed with the remote control though; he keeps plucking it off the air purifier -_- I’m so scared he’ll really lose it one day FML.

But actually even if lose hor, it’s okay! Because….


My phone can also be the remote control. :O :O  I just downloaded the Dyson app, linked my air purifier to the wifi and I can basically operate my Dyson from anywhere in the world (as long as got Internet).

Imma wait for one day when Fatty is home alone and he’s so going to get freaked out HAHAHAHAH.


Using the app, you can:

  • Check the air quality in your home – sei lo, why my air quality only fair better turn up to level 10
  • Measure and track air quality daily and weekly
  • Set timer and schedule for air purifier to turn on and off
  • Remote control – includes turning on and off, adjusting fan levels, setting timer, turning on and off oscillation, and setting night mode on.



The Dyson features ten levels of air purification – level 10 is expectedly louder of course but nothing jarring.  For a closed room, a constant of 4 is recommended. There is also an automatic mode – the Dyson senses the air quality and switches on the appropriate purifying level.

And there’s a night mode too where the LED light dims and the fan’s whirring is kept to a minimum – so the babies can er… sleep like babies. LOLOL.


Penny: Then my baby can also sleep like a baby?

It’s especially important to note that the Dyson filters out 0.1 microns sized particles — 0.1 microns means it’s small enough to enter our bloodstream and babies and children with their still developing organs and systems are particularly at risk.  So yea I hope you sleep well Penny!


Fighter and Penny love the “new fan” as they call it!  Their mommy loves it too, don’t need to say hahahaha.  I love how sleek it looks and how it complements our interior decor.  It looks like a centerpiece more than an appliance leh!


This will be the start of our Dyson collection. :)))))

This post was written in collaboration with Dyson.

  • Brendan Lee

    i’m sold. where to buy this in penang? or does dyson ship to penang?

  • fourfeetnine

    I think Dyson is available at various electrical appliance stores!

  • Brendan Lee

    Great. Will pop by harvey norman to take a look. Thanks!