My Eliza Doolittle story


Oh yea. Age. FML.

I was going through Google Images looking at old photos (what? Don’t tell me you don’t do that wtf) and mourning the loss of my youth hahahaha.

But then my youth also came with outstanding looks like these:




I wasn’t that ugly la right. *lying to self

But I definitely needed work done. Hahaha.

This is the story of my makeover.


Me at age 11 or 12.  At this time of my life, the epitome of high fashion to me was this faded Flintstones tshirt that used to belong to Mummy Ooi, and a psychedelic pair of bicycle tights.

Growing up, all through high school my definition of dressing up was a large tshirt and some shorts or knee length tights. *grim smile.  I don’t remember what made me like that combo so much, but I really liked it and wore that for every tuition class hahahaha. It’s not that I didn’t care about fashion though; it’s that I really thought this was damn fashionable hahahaha.

However, I had very little in the way of vanity back then.  The only time I was slightly vain was when my best friends got their ears pierced when we were 12 and I so badly wanted to do mine too.  We were standing outside Poh Kong already, all ready to go pierce.  But at the last minute, when Fat Her Ooi heard about it, he balked and absolutely forbade it.  I don’t remember what his reasoning was but I do remember crying bitterly all the way home and sulking about it for days. Hahahaha.

(I ended up piercing my ears at 16.  Because Ooib went out one day and got his ears pierced WTF.  #rebel.  It was beyond Fat Her’s control then and would seem horribly unfair if my brother could pierce and I couldn’t. So I finally got my earrings.)

So what made me change?  What made me get into makeup and dressing up?

The answer is: boys.

Or to be specific, one boy. Hahahaha.

We started dating at 17.  In high school hierarchy, he was one of the popular kids and I was a happy nerd wtf.  He really liked me for my awesome personality but he was also embarrassed because his girlfriend wasn’t hot.

So I tried.  I bought new non-tshirt clothes.  I started wearing skirts.  I learned how to walk in heels.

When we broke up, I was heartbroken but a part of me was relieved.  I’m not a hot girl. I’m not Bobo wtf hahahaha and I never felt comfortable with what I was wearing; I only wore those outfits because he liked them.

However, that experience opened me up to different styles of dressing up.  I started to look beyond my usual big tshirts and learned how to coordinate trendier and unslutty outfits wtf.  And when my family hosted some Japanese exchange students, they taught me the basics of makeup.

I started with just mascara and tweezing my eyebrows, but over the years my repertoire of makeup expanded to what it is today.

I started with beauty and makeup and clothing for the wrong reasons – to impress a boy.  And puttering around with makeup and hair products may not be up everyone’s alley; you should do what you’re comfortable with.

But for me, dressing up well gives me confidence.  I broke up with my first boyfriend right when we started college.  I was devastated but by then I had already figured out my personal style, and I uhh didn’t look so bad anymore.  And guys started noticing me. *heart flutters wtf

What I’m saying is… looks are not everything.  But looking good can make you feel good, and nobody should judge you on that. 🙂

That said, here’s the ad part of this blog post. 😀  A TV show called How Do I Look Asia which focuses on giving makeovers to ordinary women for that extra boost of confidence is currently in Season 2 right now!  It’s sponsored by Marigold Yogurt Drink, a brand committed to looking good and feeling good, and they’re running a weekly contest on Facebook.

If you can recreate the #MarigoldYogurtDrinkDance and upload a video of yourself dancing on Facebook together with the hashtag, you could win weekly prizes of full day pampering spa sessions.

Do you have a makeover story to share? Leave a comment 😀

  • Elle Cheong

    I was never really into makeup or skincare much until last year. I had a really bad case of eczema that came along with bad breakouts. I kept scratching and it left an ugly pigmentation and scarring on my cheek. I started looking at YouTubers to find out recommendations for brands etc to help me out because my confidence was really down and I wanted to use makeup to hide it but over time, I learnt that skincare is the best foundation first so I started really getting into skincare and then used makeup to cover up the flaws and enhance some features. Now I even talk about hauls and my favorites on my own youtube channel. I guess sometimes, you just need a push to move…

  • Atika Sikun

    Growing up I was a very bubbly and outgoing kid, but very little self confidence when it comes to self-grooming. I had crooked teeth, big gum to begin with. I was taunted, mocked every day and sometimes I gave in and told myself I will never be beautiful. But then over the years, I slowly learned on how to look presentable right after I got my braces done. Took off my braces two years after, and got myself a boyfriend (lol). Got too comfortable and started slacking off on being presentable (I got too comfortable with the boyfriend back then). When I broke up, I finally realized that I need a fresh new look for myself and got rid of my old (comfortable) clothes which I wouldn’t let go due to sentimentality. and make up just top it all off 🙂 I learned so much with my friends and from make up tutorials online. so yay me!

  • Hanna

    That sounds like an awesome idea for having a tv show. You are still gorgeous! –Hanna Lei