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FamilyMart is in KL!

WARNING: Photo heavy post (does anyone even care now with today’ internet? Lolol)

A couple of months ago, I heard from Fat Her and Fatty that FamilyMart was finally hitting Malaysian soil, and that it would be brought in by the two Fats’ mutual friend, Lik Khai, of QL Resources.

Lik Khai asked if we would come support him and write about it.  I said sure! Just pay me in onigiri HAHAHAHA.

[I have been waiting for this my entire life *dramatic.

Japanese convenience stores or are one of my favorite things about Japan (and I suspect most other Malaysians who visit Japan too).  Every trip I’d make multiple visits to FamilyMart to stock up on random necessities (or trivial limited edition items) and buy lots of food.

In Japan, I basically subsisted on a specific brand of bottled green tea and I’d buy these like mad.  Every morning I’d get to the nearest konbini and buy green tea and onigiri for breakfast ahhh bliss. <3)]

Anyway on the day of the soft launch we got our butts over to FamilyMart in Midvalley (North Court, first floor).


My family at FamilyMart hahahaha geddit wtf *crickets. With Lik Khai. ^^

Fat Her and Mummy Ooi were there too!

FamilyMarts in Japan tend to carry a bit more stock I think but our Malaysian one carries a blend of Japanese imported or Japanese style products and items made for local tastes too.


Here’s the candy aisle.


Happy kids in an aisle filled with snacks on one side, and personal care items and stationery on the other.


Um… what is this Penny? How about we put it back? :X


Some of the snacks available.  My kids as babies love Tamago Boro which translates to egg balls.  They’re mildly sweet and melt in your mouth even I love them hahaha.


This is …an entire freezer of Japanese ice cream. !!!! Lik Khai’s favorite hahaha.


Trust the Japanese to come up with this.  They sell ice by the cup so you can just buy a drink and add ice for an ice cold beverage.


No Penny you’re not having a soda.


Maybe the most beautiful display in FamilyMart hahahaha. Lots of milk tea AND my favorite unsweetened green tea.  I never know why Malaysia just isn’t interested in bottled tea unless it’s sweetened *pulls face

So finally FamilyMart has unsweetened green tea!  Their in house FM brand has it at a cheaper price too. ^^


Penny choosing her drink – strawberry milk hehehe.


Fighter is happy with his choice – chocolate milk.


My’s favorite!


Their display of fresh meals.  FamilyMart food comes freshly made from a central kitchen and is delivered to their stores daily.  🙂

There’s onigiri and bentos.  And their bentos range from more traditional Japanese fare (rice and katsu) to spaghetti carbonara to even mee hoon and nasi lemak! I can see myself dropping in to pick up lunch on the go if I have no plans and I think it’d be perfect for people in a rush like office workers too.


Got a sweet tooth?  They got you covered.


From sponge rolls to pudding to even strawberry shortcake in a cup. 😀


For a healthier option, sandwiches are also available.  These are chicken teriyaki!  The bread looks softer and whiter than usual because it is!  It’s specially produced by FamilyMart for their sandwiches yo.


And… dim sum if you’re in that kind of mood.


If you’ve just finished your diet lolol. Fried goodies galore!


And this. Oden!  Which is a favorite Japanese dish and is offered in konbini in Japan.  In Malaysia, we have the original version and tom yam for our spicy taste buds!


Fat Her’s a fan.


There’s also a selection of FamilyMart branded snacks – cookies to chips.  Bought a ton of these for the kids. 😀 IMG_20161201_110518-01

While I was going around snapping photos, these two were struggling to open the drinks fridge. -_-


Got them a Yan Yan and here they are, sharing the snack. <3 IMG_20161201_114118-01

Oh let’s not forget their selection of baked goods!  Convenience stores here normally sell packaged buns made in factories which can last quite long and uh I’m not a fan hahaha. I prefer freshly baked bakery style pastries which is what FM has. ^^ Recommend!


FamilyMart prepared all these for us to enjoy OMG.  No need to buy lunch already hahahaha thank you guyssss.  Spoiled for choice please.  Got different coffees, sandwiches, bentos, salads and dressing, (and on the opposite end, fried goodies), Oden and lotsa types of drinks.


Fighting over who gets to hold the basket so they can buy their snacks and toys. >_>


Here’s me attacking the unsweetened green tea fridge HAHAHA.


The nice thing about FamilyMart is they have a small section with tables and chairs so you can buy your food and go sit down for a quick meal.  No more hunching at some plant pot outside with your cup of instant noodles lolol #truestory

In Japan, people use the seating for a meal on the go.  But in KL, people use it as a mamak HAHAHAHA seriously saw people who look like they’re having parties at FamilyMart already wtf.


Like this fella here. -_- Using the table as her leg rest wtf.


This baby… got discount or not?

All the stuff at the back belong to us! Hahahaha I would have bought more too but I controlled already hahaha.

It’s nearly ridiculous how much fun we had at a convenience store hahaha. But the kids definitely had fun too (from the photos).  I’m really glad that Family Mart is now in Malaysia and they’re upholding their Japanese standards pretty well.  Malaysians will now have another, better option when shopping !

FM plans to open 300 outlets within the next 5 years so we’ll be able to shop everywhere soon. ^^ Their next outlet is slated to be in KLIA2!

This post was written in collaboration with FamilyMart.

  • Belinda Ng

    omg. will FM come to sg? =) my die-die-must-go place when im in tw & jp! xoxo

  • The Anonymous Executive

    Great post! Need to visit soon 🙂