A serum that doesn’t feel greasy

I think I’m actually quite hardworking when it comes to taking care of my skin (face skin la my body skin is suffering and my shins look like there’s scales hahahaha).  I do the whole rigamole – double cleanse, tone, eye cream, moisturize, sunblock.

But one thing I never got into was serum.  Serum is the step after toner and before moisturizer and is supposed to add ‘oomph’ into your skincare routine by providing extra moisture to your skin.

But the thing is….most serums are damn greasy. D: Because their primary role is hydration, most of them leave a greasy, sticky feeling on my face which I hate.  Apparently it’s supposed to be like that but I cannot get over having a sticky face with my hair stuck to my nose or whatever hahahaha.

So I’d always skipped serum la.  Just applied my moisturizer and prayed for good skin hahahaha.

But here we go.  Finally a serum that’s not oily!!!!


Introducing Madrex VCx100 Future in Serum. 

It’s a Japanese brand!  While Korean brands are crazy innovative these days, most Japanese brands I’ve tried are solidly reliable and well suited for our skin, and I stick with them over the years.

But I’ve never heard of Madrex before.  Maybe because it’s actually quite atas (cos I always use drug store brands hahahaha), having been used on Paris runways for the past 5 years, and is apparently the choice of many famous makeup artists in Japan!

Madrex has a range of color cosmetics and specialized skincare, and they approached me to review the VCx100 Future in Serum. 😀  They just launched in Malaysia but it’s apparently very big in Japan already.

I didn’t know anything about this serum when I first tested it out.  It didn’t even occur to me that it was a serum because…


Consistency is watery, like toner with an orange tinge.  The orange actually reminds me of Vitamin C hahaha.

I normally drop a tiny amount each time – smaller than a ten cent coin or 2-3 drops and pat it on my face after toner.

It absorbs in quickly and the main thing I noticed is that….


Madrex, are you guys sure this is even serum lolol.

I follow up with my usual moisturizer and sunblock and I don’t feel more sticky or greasy than normal.  😀 😀

It’s main component is Vitamin C, which is proven to have brightening properties!  Also contains hyaluronic acid which I love cos I find it adequate for my dry skin, and again doesn’t feel greasy.

The VCx100 formula has a molecular structure that’s 1/100 times smaller than normal which means it can penetrate deeper and faster.  Maybe that’s why I felt it absorbed quite fast hahaha good for mornings when I have to rush to drop kids at school.  The structure is also more effective cos ordinary vitamin C tends to be unstable and does not penetrate skin that well.

So Future in Serum not only hydrates, it penetrates the skin, targeting problems like fine lines (me!!!) and large pores (not me but good to know lol).

I’ve only been using it over the last few days so it’s hard for me to tell whether it’s really effective or not.  But I’ll say this.


Today I was a parent chaperone for Fighter’s school field trip.  We went to a park and had a picnic hahaha very cute ok.  Normally I tan easily and unevenly fml even after sunblock btw, and after excursions like this, I come back with my face all gray and patchy super FML one!


But today…. Touch wood ok but I am seeing a tanned, rosy and EVEN face in the mirror even after suffering for hours in the heat!  I’m not sure why, but the only thing that’s changed is that I’m using VCx100 Future in Serum.   So if you’re wondering if it’s effectively brightening? I think so. 🙂

If you’re interested in getting one yourself, head over to and use my codeMDX4F9 until 30th April 2017 to enjoy RM20 off every RM100 purchase!

This post was written in collaboration with Madrex.

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