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Top Tiah Toys’R’Us Toys

OMG my alliteration title hahahaha. #nailedit

So Fighter’s ultimate wish nowadays is to either a) go to the playground or b) go to Toys”R”Us.  And he very presumptuous one, when we make a trip to Toys”R”Us – whether it’s to buy someone a birthday present – or just to spend a magical afternoon there browsing, he assumes he will be getting a present. :X And Penny who follows whatever Koko says at any time anyway, will also look at me with hopeful eyes, hoping for a toy, any toy!

But no denying Toys”R”Us is magic for little kids and it’s the best place to get a birthday gift, especially when we’re in a hurry hahaha. *I* remember the joy when Mummy and Fat Her Ooi let us go to Toys”R”Us when we’re at the mall. And now my kids are enraptured by the same sense of wonder and joy.

So today I thought I’d write about our favorite toys from Toys”R”Us.  Each child likes different things obviously, but this is a list of the toys that people have given us, or that we bought ourselves that Fighter and Penny, that they both really love and have played with for a long time.  In other words, the most value for money toys hehehe

1) Leap Frog My Own Leaptop Laptop

Coincidentally Fighter and Penny BOTH received this as presents for their first birthdays.

leapfrog blue

Leapfrog pink

So now we have two – one blue, one pink.  I considered selling or giving one away before I HAHAHA realized the stupidity of my plans wtf. They fight over everything now bless my nerves so I’m so glad we kept both, especially cos they both really love it and play with it until now. Mostly when I’m working on my laptop — they’ll pull out their respective Leap Frog laptops and lug them around seriously like the world’s smallest salary men and women.

2) Lego Duplo


Fighter has tons of these Lego Duplo sets and Penny is slowly building up her own collection too.  And Lego is not cheap ok hahahaha. But they’re worth it cos… when have you ever seen a broken piece lolol. They’re great quality and Duplo blocks are big and easy for toddlers to manuever and set in place.

Penny’s attention span is still non existent wtf but increasingly I see Fighter playing with Duplo bricks for long periods of time, just building towers or houses over and over. ^^ I can imagine him continuing to play with Lego as he grows older and I’d be happy with that!

3) Baby dolls

Not really Fighter, but this little girl here.  She’s mostly very samseng and hyperactive and a terror wtf but she loves and is so gentle with babies! Whenever she sees a baby…. she just calms down, goes all quiet and spends ages just sitting or standing next to the baby, gazing at it.

Once she met baby Kei  and she tried to feed Kei her marshmallow before we hastily pulled her back, much to her disappointment hahaha.

So baby dolls are the best buy for Penny!  She plays with Koko’s toys a lot but she also loves her doll stroller, and she’ll sit with her doll, feed it, undress it, let it poo on its potty and a dozen other tasks before she gets bored.


Feeding her doll today. Some more before feeding she’ll blow on her spoon hahahaha. Then she’ll use her spoon to “wipe” drips off the doll’s chin like how we do for her hahahahha

4) Just Like Home Baking Set

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 5.14.54 PM

Ummm… You think I’m going to say it’s also Penny’s favorite, but no it’s Fighter’s. :X Ever since he started playing with proper toys, he’s loved masak-masak. We have a toddler sized kitchen at home – complete with an array of miniature pots, pans, plates, bowls and whatever utensils you can think of – and the kids play on it every single day I kid you not!  

One of the newer additions to their kitchen is the Just Like Home baking set that Fighter got for Christmas. He fell in love with the mixer (maybe cos it looks like mine) and it was a bit pricey but we got it for him and he loves it and still plays with the set until today.  Helps that the mixer really works like a real one la hahahaha. Recently he’s graduated to putting uncooked rice (errrr) into his masak-masak bowls and measuring cups and carrying it around wtf.  

Maybe he’ll grow up to be the next Jamie Oliver lolol.

5) Play Doh

play doh

OMG the kids have countless sets of Play Doh and it’s never enough! Fighter got a huge Play Doh dessert set for Christmas too. Getting to play with Play Doh is like striking gold for them wtf. Penny usually follows whatever Fighter loves so she’s into Play Doh too lol. I think they play with Play Doh nearly every day (if I let them) and they’ll mould, shape and tear it for ages. I say nearly every day cos sometimes I don’t want them playing with it cos sometimes it breaks into little pieces and gets everywhere. But mostly what Fighter likes to do is tear them into little pieces and lay them in bowls or plates and leave them there like dishes.


And he never wants to put it away cos he says he’s not done playing and they dry up. -_- It’s the bane of my existence wtf cos Play Doh is not cheap leh hahaha and homemade dough doesn’t last that long either (although there is a more reasonably priced brand from Toys”R”Us called Universe of Imagination).  But the bottom line is, he loves loves dough and I suspect it’s tied to his love of masak-masak too hahaha.

So why I listed out the kids’ favorite toys from Toys”R”Us is because it’s March Deals time!

From March 7 to April 17, Toys”R”Us’s catalogue is featuring RM20 discount vouchers for beloved brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Leap Frog.  So if you’re planning to shop now to keep the kids busy this school holidays, now is the time lolol. The catalogues are available in stores so the next time you drop by Toys”R”Us, just pick up the catalogue and cut the vouchers out. ^^

I wanted to give something back to my readers too, and Toys”R”Us has given me 20 metal water bottles to give away to you guys! I actually quite jumped at the chance to collaborate with Toys”R”Us and I’m sure many of you have sweet memories of this store too.  So this is like a thank you from us hehe. Just comment here what your favorite toy (or your kid’s favorite) from Toys”R”Us is/was and leave your email!

  • Mrs Pip

    Wah…..great discount from Toys r us…
    I remember I bought a lorry and a roller compacter from Caterpillar Brand in Toys R Us ..
    It is not cheap, but the price goes with the quality, so I am happy with it.
    The kids always love the Caterpillar , so if there is a discount to grab, of course will add another machineries from this Caterpillar brand.


  • Betsushi

    My favourite toy from Toys “R” Us was and still is board games. I’ll always buy every single board games once it’s available there using every single cent of my pocket money and I’m still keeping all of them to date (I’m 26 years old now already). Now I’ve graduated to more ‘adult’ board games. However I still visit Toys “R” Us from time to time with my toddler nephew in my attempt to start him young on board games.

  • Cryst Lau

    My fav will be the Sylvanian families!!! and am brainwashing the kids to love them so i can buy more! hahahahh *badmom*

  • Mei

    My kid’s favourite toy is the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, so much so that we have 2 of them! My eldest boy (3.5y) still plays with it and we’ve had it for 2 years now. It’s definitely value for money. And it will be handy for my 1yo when he gets bigger too! #somuchwin

  • Lih Fong

    you should try” Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse”. is a glowing seahorse plushy with different lullaby and tunes that is so soothing that put you to sleep anytime!hahahahha. go get it and try!

  • Jme

    Fav toy would be Vtech First Step Baby walker

  • Jo Ann

    My 2 yo can’t get bored with her play doh sets too! She has an ice cream set, and another set where she can stamp alphabets on her play doh and also make different expressions in the preprinted face. That’s the only thing that would keep her occupied for hours! But we do have the same issue as you as she is always tearing it into bits and pieces or her colours got all mixed up in the ice cream machine so now she has “poo” coloured ice cream that she always pretends to eat :X would love to receive one of those bottles 🙂


    My email is:

  • Mabel Chow

    My child loves the leaptop too 🙂

  • Carrie Chow

    My 3 yo now love Thomas & Friend in Toy R Us. Just last Saturday we were in Toy R us at Jaya Shopping centre and the little one grab a dozen of train and end up i bought a set of railway for him.

  • Irean Kong

    Me and my niece loves the pink Nerf guns from Toy R Us, quite scary but it’s fun! 😀

  • Sam 李

    My Nerf Gun! I’ve always wanted it ever since i was a kid but my parents thought the price is too steep.. I finally got one last year and i love it to bits!

  • Tan Pei Shi

    My boys currently favourite toys from Toy”R”Us are Thomas and Friends series and the sand box with mould set. They like all sort of vehicles and they like to play sand at beach side.

    My email ~

  • Joycelyn Chin

    My son loves his play doh sets too! He could play with it for hours!

  • Esteem Construction

    My favorite toy would be Barbie Doll when i was young but it’s always so expensive so instead of buying one real one from Toys”R”Us my mom would end up buying those paper-made doll and I enjoyed playing them with matching different kind of clothes.

  • JOU

    Lego, Lego, Lego always our favorite.

  • Sunaly Sian

    My boy favourite toy are hotwheel cars.

  • amor roa

    My Kara loves her Fisher Price Stacker toya 🙂

  • EL

    Barbie dolls 🙂 Always love dunking them into water

  • Joanne Smei

    My child love the baking set from Just Like Home 🙂

  • Ee Lin Goy

    Mine love all the cars from hot wheels.

  • Lee Ying

    Oh definitely the DUPLO SETS!
    The kids would spend a good few hours to build the same thing over and over again.

  • Dee

    Hot wheels for my boy. He never can have enough cars ! He usually tries to swindle a complex car racing track from us if we go to a Toys R Us. And most of the time will not leave empty handed — he will leave with bare minimum of at least one HW car. It’s a real treat to have a Hot Wheels car collection.

  • Nancy Voo

    My one year old daughter like to play the Fisher Silly Sounds Puzzle. She play every morning before go to nanny’s house and night time after back from there. My email address is

  • Cynthia Tom

    Hello there! My favorite toy to play with was a $25 Barbie Dreamhouse that my mother brought for me on my 7th birthday. She took my siblings and I to Toys R Us and asked the three of us to pick our presents haha. I remember I didn’t want to sleep that night because I didn’t want my mother or father to return it. I still have the original box it came with and stored it in the garage for memory sake.

  • alohamolly

    My two boys love the Captain America Magnetic Shield & Gauntlet at Toys”R”Us.

  • Katrina

    My three boys love the countless Lego sets we bought from Toys”R”Us. From Lego Duplo Batman, to Lego Ninjago to Lego City and even Lego Mini Figures!

  • Lynn Poh

    Hi Audrey. My son’s favourite toy from Toysrus is Duplo. He gets excited everytime he goes to his playroom because of the Duplo bricks we keep in a big container. He would stack bricks up high and tells us it’s a tower. Also asks us to build train tracks, bridges, tunnel and play with him. Lego Duplo is a really good toy for fine motor skills development too. ❤

  • Nadia Nurazleena Azman

    I think you can rehydrate the dried up bits of play doh by mixing it with water and kneading it like dough until you get the correct consistency. My SIL gave me this tip but I have yet to try it out. Hope it works!