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What I made myself for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day Ooib and I took Mummy Ooi out for a nice lunch. ^^


Here’s a family photo wtf. But…. my kids are 3.5 and two respectively. I asked them for a Mother’s Day meal and Fighter gave me a plate of carefully hand pulled Play Doh. While Penny meowed and tried to lick my arm. >_> So I gotta make my own Mother’s Day meal la until they’re old enough to handle fire hahaha.   IMG_20170504_171634-01

So I decided on the simplest meal possible – that’s also guaranteed the kids will love. 😀  Prego recently launched a new chicken mushroom sauce so that’s what we’re working with today! I prepared some chopped onion, chopped garlic, sliced mushrooms and minced chicken.


Salted and oiled a pot of water and put the pasta to boil.


Mommy’s little helpers wtf. All decked out in aprons some more hahaha.


But honestly not very helpful. Hahaha.


Really not helpful at all.  In fact, I have to carry this fella and still handle the pan! And honestly I am the worst at cooking hahaha. 


Anyway the steps to making pasta are easy peasy la (although this dish got no peas wtf #dadjokes)

    • Add a little vegetable oil to the pan and heat up
    • Fry chopped garlic until lightly brown
    • Fry chopped onions
    • Add minced chicken and fry until cooked
    • Add mushrooms and keep stirring pan wtf










IMG_20170504_173252-01 IMG_20170504_174051-01

  • Last step is to add the Prego sauce. If you’re serving 4, the recommended is two cans but since it’s just me and the kids, one can sufficed.


Mix well until the sauce is piping hot.


And that’s it really. Plate it over the pasta and serve!


Wah these two monsters must be really hungry hahahaha.


Hehehe they’re loving their dinner.

Anyway, Prego is having a Mother’s Day contest.  Just cook a Prego Meal for your mom and win her a custom made dress worth up to RM1,000 on this Mother’s Day.  More details on their Facebook here.


This post was written in collaboration with Prego Malaysia.

  • irsah

    Ahhh Prego… my kids just luvs them… it’s super easy to prep & serve too.. 😉

  • Khairunnisa

    I’ve always used Prego’s sauces everytime we cook for spagetti. My favourite are traditional, tomato basil, and fresh mushroom. What about yours?

    I’ve never seen Prego’s Fettucine before o.O Gonna try it next time.