Of Hide & Seek and swimming


So yeah like I said, I’d decided to stop vlogging but I think Imma try to stick to at least one vlog a month now.  Cos I realized that Fighter and Penny basically use my vlogs for mealtime entertainment WTF.  Hahahahaha. They think it’s hilarious watching themselves and to be honest, it is pretty awesome having video footage of the kids at their various stages of childhood.

Once a month is absolutely doable la. 😀

So hello Tiah TV is back!


  • Suraya Akhbar

    YAYYYYYY I was inspired to do my vlog for (about?) my son but was so bummed when you decided to stop. Now you have restarted but i still havent made any haha

  • Maryam

    I’m sooooo glad you’re back!! 😀 If I could turn back time, one of my wish is to purchase a great camera and vlog 🙂 I used travel to so many amazing places back when I was studying in Europe. While blogging and photography do make me rekindle those wonderful memories, nothing makes me happier than discovering the old videos recorded on my phone which transport me back to the memory and literally make me relive those happy moments. Videos are such blessings – we can capture not only the smiles, but also the movement, the tone of the voice, the little laughters, the weather and even the silly little jokes that can’t be translated into written words. It is also fun to later on discover some things that we did not initially realize while filming the video. So happy to see Fighter and Penny’s laughters immortalized on your Youtube channel!! XO