Have you checked up on your health lately?

The older I get, the more aware of our mortality. Of me and Fatty’s health. All the more crucial right now because the Two Critters TM are entirely dependent on us. At morbidly emo times, I’d think what if I passed away right now Fighter would maybe remember me faintly but Penny would probably no memories of me at all! Then I’d be sitting on a cloud (or in flames underground wtf) getting sadder and sadder cos I’d miss out on being there as they grow up wtf #overthinking

This thought is worse than me and Fatty getting a divorce hahahaha.

Anyway, I am adulting so hard now yo. As part of my relatively recent role of responsible mom and wife *cough*, I subjected myself to a full blown health screening, courtesy of Beacon Hospital.

Beacon Hospital is a small hospital tucked away in Petaling Jaya and it was my first time there.  Made my way to the health screening department….


And found a cosy waiting area filled with quirky furniture lol.


And this! A buffet breakfast spread hahaha very thoughtful! Since most people there are probably fasting in anticipation of their checkups, the Beacon people prepared this breakfast station for us. 😀


I was totally eyeing the curry bao wtf.


The screening I’m doing is called the Ruby Women Wellness Lite (<40), for women aged below 40. It’s super comprehensive la! With blood tests (that required FIVE vials of blood from me omg), a full ultrasound for abdomen, pelvis and breast, an X-ray, vision test, BMI, ECG, Lung Function Test (which I think I only borderline passed :X), pap smear, and a doctor’s consultation.

I was also screened for diabetes, cancer markers, anemia, gout, and infectious, and autoimmune diseases.  Also assessed for heart, liver, thyroid issues, among others.


Turquoise is the new black lolol. Everyone is given scrubs to wear and women are thoughtfully also given a scarf to drape over our shoulders and chest for max modesty wtf.


While waiting your turn for the various tests, Internet stations are thoughtfully set up for patients to while away the time. ^^


Doing my BMI screening where I found out I’m actually 1 cm shorter than I thought FML.

Anyway everything is clear with me. I got my full medical report on the same day itself! Which is a very convenient perk of Beacon health screenings, no need to come back to collect report.

Except that my cholesterol is slightly high. T_______T A few years ago not like this one T______T I don’t even really eat a lot of terribly unhealthy foods and I generally avoid fried foods anyway although McDs is a weakness of mine. The consulting doctor said a large part of it is genetic *stares daggers at Fat Her*

Aih anyway good to know la so I can monitor and take charge of my own health.

Beacon Hospital is running a Time Ticker Deal promotion right now and certain health screenings are now offered at special rates.

a. MSCT Heart Scan – RM299

This screening is specially dedicated for individual aged 40 years old and above. MSCT Calcium Score is a non-invasive medical test of obtaining information about the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the Coronary Arteries. This is a Parent’s Day promotion that focuses on screening for heart disease.

b.      Bone Dexa Scan – RM29

This package is specially dedicated for individuals aged 40 years old and above. A bone dexa scan measures how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a segment of bone, to detect osteoporosis and to predict the risk of bone fractures. This is a Parent’s Day promotion that focuses on screening for osteoporosis.

c. Father’s Day Comprehensive Health Screening – RM899

This medical check-up caters for elderly parents  50 years and above. This package focuses on screening the major issues faced by elderly people, like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and glaucoma.

d. Mother’s Day Comprehensive Health Screening – RM999

This medical check-up caters for elderly parents 50 years and above. This package focuses on screening the major issues faced by elderly people, like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and glaucoma. For women, it includes screening for female cancers such as pap smears and mammograms.

The cool thing about Beacon health screenings is that you can purchase whichever health screening you’re interested in on the website itself.

Just add to cart like you’re online shopping. 😀

After that you can also make an appointment for your health screening on the website.  Just create an account (if you haven’t) and log in to your account.

And click on Make An Appointment.

Aaaaand I have a discount code for you guys! It’s limited to the first 500 customers but just key in this E-coupon code AudBHM when you’re buying your package online to get RM500 off HERE. (code expires 31 July 2017)*

*T&C apply:

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  9. I agree to let Beacon International Specialist Centre to contact me by email, SMS, Whatapps or phone. I can stop receiving all relevant promotional communications at any time.


Take care of our health guys!

This post was written in collaboration with Beacon Hospital.