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Hair’s a solution for you

So if you’ve been reading my blog since before the beginning of time, you’d probably be well versed in my hair woes. T_____T

My hair has always been straight, fine and limp.  Then you know my penchant for coloring my hair right. I color it nearly every month and although Hikky gives me beautiful color and she takes care and treats my hair very well, the chemical treatments definitely take a toll la.  So my hair is also quite weakened now and frizzy. :X

And worse, sometimes I kena dandruff!!! Or dry scalp or something la I don’t know. But sometimes when I reach up and scratch my head, snow falls. FML.

At the same time, I also have oily scalp. Scalp, y u troll me!? Suddenly dry suddenly oily wtf. I normally combat this by switching shampoos regularly cos somehow product seems to build up less in my hair and I get more volume.

So hello, new shampoo and new conditioner.


It’s my first time trying out this brand! Botanist is an award winning shampoo and treatment range from Japan and is available in all Sephora outlets in Malaysia!  I love the packaging already *hearts in eyes*

! No wonder the packaging so cute and minimalist. <3

It’s ingredients also can say minimalist with 90% consisting of water and natural plant derived ingredients.  For example, the shampoo is silicone, sulfate, and paraben free.   Also, vegetable extracts are selected to bring back the natural hair elasticity, and refresh and cleanse the scalp.


So if you’ve got dry and itchy scalp, or dandruff (like me aughhhh)


Or a smelly head (like Penny HAHAHA she super poor thing when she sweats her head becomes so smelly I want to faint)….

IMG_20170620_154942Give Botanist a try ^^

(HAHAHAHA I am aware this pic is super corny! But I ran out of ideas hahahah.)

Anyway I gave it a try. The apple scent is actually quite heavy but after the first whiff I didn’t really smell it anymore.  The shampoo, being made of more natural ingredients, didn’t lather as easily as I’m used to but it gets the job done la hahaha.

The treatment is really good! I expected it to not be as ‘effective’ so I pumped a lot into my palm. I really didn’t need so much cos it smoothened my hair like crazy! I hardly needed to drag it through my hair.


Hair after wash. 🙂

In a nutshell, Botanist is not one of those high tech shampoo and treatment ranges that promise like…miracles. Hahaha. But it’s a decent, clean, light product that does what it’s supposed to effectively – clean my hair and leave it soft and smooth and feeling fresh. ^^


Botanist retails for RM78 each at all Sephora Malaysia stores and Sephora Malaysia Online.  Comes with a gift with purchase while stocks last!

More info available here at Botanist Official.

This post was written in collaboration with Botanist.