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My son is four!!!!

So Fighter turned four last Saturday.

Seriously four years!? Lemme count my white hairs. Okay still zero phew wtf.

Anyway this blog post is about his birthday party.

We’ve actually never did a proper big birthday bash after his first birthday, to which we invited like ALL our friends and family lol. Here’s a recap wtf.

1st birthday! Party theme was the Beatles because Jude. ^^

Also I think this was the day after I found out I was pregnant with Penny and was still in shock wtf.


2nd birthday. Haven’t recovered from the first so just anyhow brought cupcakes to school for him and called it a day lolol.

Third birthday I decided to celebrate it at an underprivileged kids’ home.  Ordered cake, party packs and Happy Meals and we had a party!

For his fourth birthday, I decided to finally do a proper party for him and his friends because (a) he’s finally old enough to appreciate what’s happening and (b) he finally has friends WTF.

(hahahahahah cos when he was younger friends didn’t seem to matter as much as now ma. last time Chase was the only friend he needed wtf)

So two weeks before his birthday, I got to planning.  It was easy to pick a venue this time because Colony!

I already knew what theme I was going to do – Psy and KPop. (earlier in the year, a strong contender for party theme was Ben & Holly but it petered out wtf)  Fighter is a huge Psy fan and has been listening to – and dancing to – his songs for … I think got one year already? And recently he’s branched out a bit beyond Psy to other KPop acts like Girls Generation, Hyuna and even MC Mong wtf.  So this KPop theme was a no-brainer la.

I designed an invitation – in shades of blue, Fighter’s favorite color (or so he says wtf) and a mustache on it because of Gentleman, a Psy song and also what Fighter calls Psy – and sent it to his classmates’ moms. Everyone responded very enthusiastically to the theme, I suspect because we’re all sick of Batman and Star Wars and Frozen parties hahahaha.

Asked the Competitive Aunties for baker recommendations and Hui Wen responded…. saying Soiree Lab wanted to help me style the party!!! Maybe they have no faith in my skillz wtf.  She and Teeny basically took over all the pretty things for me – decor, cake, and even party pack bags.  All I had to do was fill the party packs, invite the people and order food.

Let the photos do the talking!

I went to Colony two hours before to set up with Soiree Lab.  Meanwhile, Fatty and Grandma were busy prepping this critter and his sister for his big party.


I picked out this shirt and pants for him to wear before I left.  He was sooo excited about it!  Although two days before, he asked me for an Iron Man party WTF. I pretended I didn’t hear.


This was what greeted Fatty and my parents and the critters when they arrived!

Fighter went crazy! He shouted, “Gentleman!” then spying his name, “Jude!!!”


And when he saw this display his eyes popped out and he shouted again, “Gentleman! Korean words!”

Hahahahahaha as if Korean words is a holy miracle like that hahahahaha.


Looking at the cake in awe.

And yes, he’s wearing a blue Psy jacket from Gangnam Style. Hui Wen found a blue kids’ blazer and stitched it up to really resemble Psy’s.  When he saw it and we put it on for him, I think he went to heaven.


The birthday cake.  The figurine on top is Psy-ghter lolol. And the signs on it (and on the backdrop) say things like “Fighter Oppa” and “Happy birthday” and “Sarangheyo” hahaha or so I’m told wtf.


Cookies and cupcakes!


Personalized party packs! Hui Wen painstakingly cut the hair and glasses and stuck them on the paper bags. :O  Different shaped sunnies for the boys and girls.


Also personalized water bottles with Psyghter and Jude on them.


They also made these fan signs but we forgot to use them wtf.


An extremely happy Psyghter.


And his sister hahaha.


Shiok with his Gangnam Style jacket.



Psyghter eating these great egg tarts I accidentally found in Petaling Street.  Story later.


Party in full swing!

Rented a bouncy castle which was one of the best investments. Kids loved it and it was in use non stop.

Okay since the food table is in this pic (on the right) lemme story you about the food. So basically due to some er mistakes of mine that I shall not mention, on the day before the party, I ended up with no catering WTF.  I was on Petaling Street to get some stuff for the party when I found out and I stoned there for five minutes wtf.

Luckily I happened to be parked in front of a store selling egg tarts and other Asian pastries so I bought a bunch. Then I was planning to order some Korean fried chicken and cook Korean instant noodles and be done with it hahaha.


But!  Hui Wen who’s good friend owns Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, a fried chicken restaurant from Seoul in Pavilion, got Chir Chir to sponsor our party!  So means we were set!  I’d never tried Chir Chir before so it was quite a good opportunity too.


Their Honey Butter Chicken is their specialty and really good!


But Spicy Chicken has my heart wtf.

Their food was really good I’m so glad we got them for the party. <3 Thank you Chir Chir!!!


Javier came in theme too!


With our mommy gang – Aud Lim, Juvyn, Sieu Ee and Chileng.


Oh yea I also hired a clown!  Maybe not so much a clown than a balloon artist who also organized and ran games for the kids.

Instead of the usual clown outfit *fear* I told him to come dressed as Psy to fit the theme.

When he arrived (in sunglasses and a black leather jacket wtf a bit out la but passable), I told Fighter that this was Psy.

Fighter’s eyes widened and then he frowned. “Mommy. I thought Psy got white skin?”

Cos the clown is Indian shit me la hahahahahahaha.

The clown overheard and gave this cover line, “Uhhh uhhh. Because Malaysia is very hot. So I got burnt.”


But clearly this was enough for a newly minted four year old, because Fighter turned to me, eyes shining, and said, “Wow Mommy. Psy really came to my party.”

T___________T I don’t know whether to laugh at the adorableness of it or cry out of guilt for bluffing my son wtf.


Tanned Psy gave him a balloon gun which he was very pleased with.


Class photo with Tanned Psy and class teachers.

It was all chaos after that. What did I expect with a party full of preschoolers hahahaha.


Until the bouncy castle also nearly deflate WTF.  Kids went wild bouncing in there and wrestling omg.


One of the games was the kids had to mummify their partner with toilet paper.  Here’s Chase and Fighter attacking Chase’s dad hahaha.


And this is the resulting mess wtf. Luckily the next game is who can pick up the most toilet paper lolol.


Another game was the kids had to feed the adults a milk bottle of juice hahaha. Here’s birthday boy and his partner.


And me and a Mochi. Drinking from a milk bottle is hard -_- I have newfound respect for the critters wtf.


Hahahah I love this photo actually. Lay See and Javier intently working on their bottle. Sieu Ee and Kay also damn intense.

But those two at the bottom? These two damn kiasu hahahaha. I think they won.


The kids waiting while another game was being set up.


Oh just a picture of my very cute baby.


Fighter eating with one of his friends Kyra whom he mentions like all the time lol.



Family photo + cut cake time!


Group shot with all the school mommies! We’ve really watched each other’s children grow up. :’)


Penny with Baby Whisperer Chileng.  All babies love Chileng! Even lansi babies like Penny wtf.  Although CCL why your balloon looks so obscene HAHAHAHA.


My feet propped up after the party was over.  I wasn’t even wearing heels and my feet were aching like a mofo omg. All that running around and staying on my feet and making sure everything and everyone was okay.

But would I do it all over again? Hell yes.


To see this little boy light up with joy at the sight of his idol, to hear his favorite songs blast over the sound system.  To see him so excited when he sees his friends and teachers.  To see him stand tough in the bouncy castle even and play hard with his friends – when he used to shy away from slightly rough behavior – even that touched me hahaha.

I’m so glad I decided to do this party and that I chose this theme. And that Soiree Lab did such a great job!  It really made his whole day. T3T

Dear Fighter,

You are now four years old.  You are an extremely precocious little boy.  You are so attuned to people’s feelings, seeking them out if you think they’ve been hurt or pushed aside. You speak like a lawyer sometimes, coming up with hilarious but always possible excuses to explain yourself.  You love your sister and always share with her and look out for her even though she doesn’t do the same for you.  You are friendly to everyone, stopping to say hi and talk to even strangers.  I think your EQ must be super high cos you sense what other people are feeling and adapt to them.

The past four years with you have been a blast.

I love you,


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  • Such a great fourth birthday party! It’s so cute and funny how Fighter is obsessed with kpop, haha! So young already teenager taste. xD

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Soooo cute!! Getting big so fast! Happy birthday Fighter! Enjoy!

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