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The diaper history of us

MamyPoko, it has always been you.

From Day 1, even before I had my first child.  MamyPoko was the first pack of diapers I bought and stored at home, waiting for the day when a Fighter would pop out and start using them. Lolol.

I don’t even remember why out of all diaper brands, I chose MamyPoko. I probably heard good things and went with it.  It also probably helped that MamyPoko is from Japan and I’ve always thoroughly approved of Japanese products hehehe. And although I do use different diaper brands and found some to be really good as well, I still always fall back on MamyPoko — it is still our default diaper brand.

Photographic evidence 1. (Fighter wearing MamyPoko Extra Dry)

Photographic evidence #2 (Penny wearing also MamyPoko Extra Dry)


When MamyPoko’s Air Fit range hit Malaysian stores a couple of years ago, I immediately snapped it up.  Did you know that MamyPoko Air Fit is the flagship line for MamyPoko, and won No. 1 Mom’s Preferred Choice for 3 consecutive years? Now you do hahaha.

Air Fit is different in that it’s made in Japan and imported directly to Malaysia.  I was in a supermarket when a MamyPoko promoter girl approached me.  She handed me an Air Fit diaper to test and ZOMG the softness of it!? I was sold. :X

I bought two packs and have never looked back since wtf.


Air Fit diapers are always printed with Disney’s Winnie the Pooh which is damn cute and pretty can. They come in two colors – pink and blue – so these are obviously Penny’s haha.


The inside is cottony!  It’s softer than Extra Dry (blue packaging) and feels really breathable but works great to keep babies’ bottoms dry.  It’s also designed with wide leg gathers (see the top of the diaper) so no gap is left behind i.e. no leakage. These gathers are also soft and comfortable enough on babies’ skin.

My kids wear these Air Fit pants to sleep (and they sleep 12 hours straight) and we don’t have a problem with leaking either. ^^


Penny showing off her Air Fit before bedtime hahaha.


Penny and her Air Fit diaper peeking out HAHAHAHA.

MamyPoko is giving away 1,000 Air Fit Love Gift Packages which include a tape/pants diaper pack and other goodies! Just like the MamyPoko Singapore Facebook page and fill in your details in the link HERE.

Promo ends 6 Sept!

This post was written in collaboration with Mamy Poko.