The critters have a social life

Now that the critters are threenagers, their social life damn packed ok. Hahaha.


Here’s them on a weekend trip to Singapore last week!  Got their own room and everything – we pushed their beds together so they wouldn’t fall off in the middle of the night wtf.

I’m serious though!  When I was a kid their age I don’t remember having friends WTF. The earliest friend I remember was in Standard 1 and she didn’t friend me WTF. #consideredactuallynofriendsla

But I am really liking how this year Fighter seems to be getting really close to his classmates.  He tells me about nearly all of them regularly so it sounds like they’re really close knit and just friends without any ‘adult’ considerations.  Besides Chase, he used to be close to girls only *cough* but teacher told me this term, he’s also mixing well with the boys!  Can tell also cos he mentions boys’ names now a lot more hahaha.

Penny is still quite oblivious la but she consistently mentions… Mia’s name hahaha. Mia is Chase’s sister and she’s the only kid Penny’s age whom she sees regularly. So I think she adopted Mia as her best friend already hahaha.


Here’s a very happy Penny.  Fighter was staying over at his grandparents’ so it was just me and her!  Decided to take her out for a mommy daughter shopping date.


Mochi’s happiest days are always when she has me to herself hahaha.


Poney just launched at Pavilion so we went to check it out and go shopping. See this girl so big already can pick her own clothes and insist on carrying it herself.  Not bad leh her taste!  Love this print and style.


Mini shopping buddy #2.  Hahaha very fun actually! Me and Sieu Ee shop together a lot but this is the first time we brought the two girls out with us solely to shop.

This Lollipop enjoying her lollipop lol.


The two girls checking through their haul (also checking to see if mommy’s wallets got enough cash wtf)


After that… French Sole it was. :X  Ok so the story is I decided to implement a clearer dress code for the Colony team.  I made a list of things that would not be allowed in the office – ripped jeans, shorts, open toed shoes – and realized those are 90% of my own wardrobe WTF.  Shot myself in the foot there hahahaha. But I must also be professional la! And I wear my French Soles to death so I wanted to pop by and see if got any sales wtf.

Here’s Mia and her mommy shopping and drinking (bubble) tea. Am I a good photographer or what!? Although my Instagram feed would beg to differ wtf.


This Penny saw us taking shoes to try on and she also wanted to follow. *sheep.

Then she proceeded to choose the ugliest shoes in the shop HAHAHAHA. Seriously!!! French Sole has really nice shoes but this is not one of them. And out of all, she managed to find the most off looking pair hahahahaha. The shape damn bad la!

Good taste in clothes but not in footwear apparently wtf.

Meanwhile, Fighter’s outing…

Backstory: Over the school holidays, one of the moms wanted to arrange a movie date for the class.  She suggested movie, then lunch and play date at one of the child friendly cafes.  For the first time in my mom life I was like  because I cannot ponteng work the entire day la hahaha.  I thought I cannot take Fighter already but my savior and Everything Buddy TM said what’s the problem she’ll just take Jude along with Chase.

So before work, I dropped him off at their place.  Below are photo updates from Sieu Ee.


Having a midmorning snack before the movie with Chase and Mia.


Strapped in their car seats and ready to go!

I love the friendship between these two boys. T3T  Every time they see each other, they’re super joyous T3T They’ll hug each other and jump up and down then they’ll both hold hands and run off together hahahahaha.  How come this goes away when they grow up T_____T Stupid men and their machoness wtf.


Getting more snacks with Auntie Sieu Ee before movie starts.


Hahahaha these two *hearts in eyes


Met up with some of their classmates already. Why this photo like so full of love one!! T____T


Never see each other a few days only must hug until like this or not…


All ready with their chips and popcorn. ^^  They were watching Cars 3 btw.


I swear to god Chase is the most kuai child I have ever known.  He takes care of Jude soooo well I think even better than me WTF.  He’s feeding Fighter chips here. (whereas confession: when my kids take my fries I feel like fighting them for it WTF)


At the kids’ play area at lunch.  Bumped into their Chinese teachers in Benbino and they rushed over to play with the kids.  Such dedication T3T If it were me, Imma be like eh why school holidays also want me to work meh hahahaha. Lao shis genuinely love them I think. 🙂

I wish I could have been there to witness for myself the interactions between Fighter and his friends.  But all the other moms told me he was so easy to care for, and I think he really enjoyed this taste of independence, going out with his friends without his mommy around.

My babies are really growing up. T_____T


But luckily they still want me.

  • Charmaine | Architecture Blog

    So cute how Fighter is friends with Chase and Penny is friends with Mia! And you are friends with their mum! Haha!

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Tan Shereen

    when my kids take my fries I feel like fighting them for it +1 lol…