Feel the Burn


It could be always slouching over my phone….


Hunching over my laptop…


Rushing all over for Colony….


Or all that lugging around 12-kilo children (sometimes two at a time)…

But it’s resulted in major back pains at times. T3T Mostly in my upper back, shoulders and even neck. *cracks neck

I’ve been dragging Fatty with me for massages recently cos sometimes it gets so bad my back aches lead to migraines I suspect. T3T Massages seem to help but ain’t nobody got the time (or pockets) to keep going for massages la. Crowdfunding meh wtf.


Well, this is a great alternative! Hahahaha.

As a kid, I used to get “growing pains” (Fighter gets them now too FHL) where the bones in my legs seem to ache, especially at night. I used to rub Yoko Yoko over my legs and it helped, so I’m well acquainted with it.  Kept calling it Yoko Ono to annoy my mom and it worked hahaha.

Anyway, now adult also still using Yoko Yoko!  Because now Yoko Yoko also has a heat therapy back pad for pain relief on the back.


Inside each box comes two heat pads, each wrapped in its own foil bag.  Once you rip open the bag, the air activates the pad and it starts heating up.


The pad is has a 3 cell shape for better, more flexible coverage I suppose.  One side comes with adhesive with which you stick on the affected area.


I’ve been using it on my lower back cos that’s where my pain comes from normally.  Each pad lasts very long – longer than I’d expected! I applied it in the afternoon and after dinner it was still warming up my back hahaha.

I gotta say – it’s awesome having a portable heater on you. Hahahaha. Heat therapy improves blood circulation, so by warming the affected area, the volume of blood flow increases, which in turn increases the supply of oxygen and the removal of metabolic waste, leading to less pain and better healing.

I guess that may be true – but the warm feeling on my back is just shiok la hahaha. Every time I lean back, the heat pad presses on my back and the heat intensifies and it feels SO GOOD omg hahaha.


Yoko Yoko Heat Patch is not a cure nor a miracle of course. But what it can do is make you more comfortable especially if like me, you get aches and back pain often.



This post was written in collaboration with Ammeltz Yoko Yoko Heat Patch for Neck and Shoulder Pain.

  • David Wong

    sticker? can we cut it into three pieces for three different affected areas? It is available at the Guardian or Watson and the price?