The inspirations for our house

I realized I haven’t actually written at all about our renovation process!  When we were going through it, I thought OK I’d write after everything is finished and tadah I’d have nice pictures to show wtf.  But then I realized that actually I have a lot of things to say dammit wtf.  So Imma break up my blog posts into a renovation series! *crickets chirping wtf

Hahahaha I have no idea how many of you guys are interested in home and decor blog posts but whatevs wtf.

Today’s post is gonna take no effort at all to write wtf cos it’s actually about the decor inspiration behind our house.

I feel like most people in Malaysia tend to go for the contemporary look – indeed, the portfolios I checked out when we were shopping for designers all contained pictures that look like this.

Nice but not really for me cos I prefer something more comfy and homier.

But maybe this is a bit much wtf.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Traditional style which is too fussy for me too.

This was the style that I really wanted to go for!  It’s called Transitional and it’s basically a good blend of Traditional and Contemporary.  So you have cushy, more traditional looking furniture but you also have cleaner lines and simple silhouettes and a more muted color palette – usually in shades of grey and blue I notice.

But then we started work on Colony and as I researched and absorbed more, my style changed much to the chagrin of our designer hahaha.

In the end I wanted something like this.

I know this style by “Parisian apartment” but who knows if it has any other name.  Most of Paris was rebuilt in the 19th century so their apartments feature a lot of ornate molding and paneling, fireplaces and mantles.  Contrasted with sleek modern furniture and lots of art work and even some antique pieces, it’s a striking combination! To me la at least.

The elements are – elaborate moulding and paneling, artwork, slightly rustic or antique furniture, and chandeliers!  And usually parquet floors, especially in a chevron pattern.

As for kitchen, I love this kitchen by Emily Henderson!  The tiles and the color of the cabinets and the semicircle (?) handles….

For Penny’s room don’t need to guess what kind of room I wanted la ok hahaha. Penny actually loves pink too so it was a no brainer, only need to figure out what kind of pink style to give her.

This was one of the inspirations.  Muted pink with grey.  Ooh pink with mint was another alternative.

This one is a brighter option!  I considered this cos the kids have toys and books obviously and those are usually quite colorful.  I was thinking it would be easier to style her things this way.

Okay this one only cos it’s sooo sweet.  It looks like an illustration from a kids book can?! Like Secret Garden or something.  But it’s a bit too saccharine for me la and doesn’t really suit Penny cos she’s so gangsta.

For Fighter’s room I went back and forth quite a bit!  Fighter is older so his preferences are more developed but at the same time, he’s quite fickle.  And I didn’t want to focus on a particular cartoon or character like Batman or Star Wars cos he will definitely outgrow them at some point.

In the end I decided on a intergalactic/starry sky theme for his room. Navy walls are not that childish and can be adapted as he grows up.

AND THIS IS SO DAMN GORGEOUSSSSS.  But I don’t know where to find any of the pieces here hahahaha.

This too!  Dark grey walls work equally well as a starry night sky and the moon light is so beautiful. T____T If anyone knows where to find something like that please tell me wtf.

Anyway that’s about it. In the next post I shall reveal whether my vision came to life in our house or not hahahaha.

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