New vlog!


New vlog up!  I am so efficient cos this vlog was filmed in Dec, more than a month ago HAHAHA.  Just pretend Christmas is around the corner ok and enjoy!

(Title is pretty self-explanatory, in a nutshell: Fighter gets a haircut, Penny refuses to cut her hair, and the kids open one Christmas present each cos we were going back to Penang for Christmas and didn’t want to lug the toys all back.)

Oh and bonus handsome photos of Fighter for all you aunties out there.

2018-02-11 12.43.59 1

Entau bah wtf.
2018-02-11 12.44.00 1

OMG dunno why his smile like this I’ve never seen this expression on him before in his four years hahaha.

2018-02-11 12.44.00 2

That’s better.

  • RO

    Btw Audrey, when did Fighter got over his fear of Sato San? I don’t think you blog about that mile stone 🙂